Hellish Monday Morning Commute?

Clever Commute reported the bad news early this morning:

[NJTT-MBNTN] No service into NYC. All trains going to Hoboken. PATH cross honoring (07:43 AM)

and things got progressively worse

[NJTT-MandE] Hoboken so crowded cops have stopped letting passengers down the steps until they can clear the terminal out some (08:44 AM)

[NJTT-MBNTN] Lines for PATH crazy. Go outside and take 126 bus to Port Authority from Hoboken (08:49 AM)


[NJTT-MBNTN] 9:12 fr Bay is heading to NYP after all (conductor) (09:23 AM)

It wasn’t just the trains. Decamp had issues, too:

[Decamp-33-66] 8:54a 66 from mt Hebron and valley is a no-show (09:05 AM)

[Decamp-33-66] 66 broke down in route 3.time to upgrade the buses Decamp (09:31 AM)

How did you fare? Or did you bag it all and work from home?

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  1. They diverted the trains to Hoboken, where we were delayed half an hour waiting for a track. There was apocalyptic crowding on the Path platforms; we were herded onto the work trains by PAPD armed with assault rifles.

  2. The 7:05 from Glen Ridge managed to be the last train through the tunnel before things got really bad. We were still a half hour late into penn station, but it can always be worse. They mentioned computer related issues being the cause. I am betting on the system being windows, and affected by the virus that hijacks DNS. Props to the NYC-MTA for using OS2 Warp for the kiosks, that system will never garner enough market share for a hacker to want to take it down.

  3. “we were herded onto the work trains by PAPD armed with assault rifles.”

    You were directed at gunpoint to get on the PATH train?

  4. Just a little hint when MTD is diverted into Hoboken. When the PATH is crazy crowded like it was today, walk right outside the train station and hop on the NJT 126 bus to the Port Authority. I managed to skip the long lines for the PATH and after only a 2 minute wait, I hopped onto an air conditioned bus and even got a seat.

  5. JG, its back to normal now, but I have found that when it is bad like this in the morning, its usually even worse in the evening.

  6. Seriously, I saw the crowds trying to get down the stairs, walked outside, saw the buses, thought “Well, my office *is* right around the corner from PA,” hopped on, and was at PA in 20 minutes. If they’re cross honoring, I’m taking the bus from now on.

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