Just Sold: 4 Windsor Place, Montclair

4 Windsor Place, Montclair
Is the real estate market beginning to recover? The Star Ledger says we should be hopeful, adding that real estate guru Jeffrey Otteau says this year is the best for NJ since 2007. Also mentioned: This recent high sale at 495 Park Street in Montclair as an example of a seller getting nearly the full listing price (the article also showcases this Park Street house near Lacordaire School that recently dropped its price to $935,000). Well, this week, 4 Windsor Place, Montclair, listed at $769,000, sold for $840,000. The five bedroom colonial on an Upper Montclair street, walking distance to Mountainside Pool, last sold in 2011 for $768,000. Taxes are $20,239; listing notes say house was on market for 18 days. Click through for more pictures of 4 Windsor and tell us — do you think things are picking up in the market?

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  1. I don’t think the market is getting any better, it seems to me to be getting worse. However, the top-tier of business and real estate is doing well – not that it does much for everyone else.

  2. I’m not a real estate expert but four (and five it seems) bedroom homes seem to be moving a lot better than the homes with three bedrooms.

  3. I don’t believe the Windsor Place listing signifies any change in the market. Every house is unique, obviously… and every buyer as well. But if a realtor can find a pair of “enthusiastic” buyers, the old sales tactics can still motivate such bidding anomalies. Believe me, getting a few listings to go for “over asking” is great anecdotal evidence of a “revived marketplace.” Unfortunately, the real numbers tell a much different story. Looks like a pretty house, though.

  4. Our house in Bloomfield went under contract in late May (for 95% of the asking price) within 30 days of it being listed. We priced it at the high end of the comps we saw for similar houses in the Brookdale area, and were quite pleased when it only spent a month on the market. Alas, we could not even think of asking what we paid for it in 2005, but remember two very important things: never follow Conan into the real estate market or into an exact change lane on the GSP. Quite a bit different from where we are now in Santa Barbara, CA, where there are bidding wars on short sales.

  5. Conan, you lucky devil. Sta Barbara? I did my college internship there and knew immediately it’s one of the nicest places on earth. Enjoy the good life!

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