Montclair Central Office Looking Into Allegations Against Mt. Hebron Asst. Principal

Baristanet reports that Dr. Clarence Hoover, interim superintendent for Montclair Schools, confirmed that an investigation is underway to determine whether Samantha Morra, assistant principal at Mt. Hebron Middle School, enrolled her children in Montclair schools using a Montclair mailing address, when her residence is actually located in Little Falls school district.

Dr. Hoover told Baristanet that he received the same information Baristanet received from a tipster alleging that Morra had used an Upper Mountain Ave., Montclair mailing address to enroll her children in the Montclair schools, an address that is under Little Falls school district and tax rolls.

“All I can say is that we are investigating the matter,” said Dr. Hoover, in a phone interview with Baristanet today. “It’s a personnel matter.”

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  1. The tax records indicate that 639 Long Hill Rd in Little Falls is owned by a Ms. Morra who lives at 639 Upper Mountain Ave. in Upper Montclair. Very clever. Too bad the same property can’t be in two different towns at once. And how is it that this fraudulent information is allowed to be listed on the town’s tax records? Doesn’t the county/town know what addresses exist and which ones are complete fabrications?

  2. It’s purely an address for the convenience of the Post Office. The Upper Montclair Post Office delivers mail to the homes in the 600 block Long Hill Rd in Little Falls…each of these houses have an Upper Mountain Ave/Upper Montclair mailing address. The houses however are all in Little Falls, not Montclair.

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