Montclair’s Mark Alexander Opens Campaign Committee for State Senate

Seton Hall law professor and former New Jersey State Director for President Barack Obama Mark Alexander announced that he filed paperwork today with the New Jersey Election Enforcement Commission to open a campaign committee for the State Senate in New Jersey’s 34th Legislative District. Alexander will challenge Sen. Nia Gill in 2013 primary. In a statement, Alexander said:

Now more than ever we need strong voices in the Democratic Party to stand up to Governor Christie’s conservative policies that are favoring corporations over working families, eliminating vital women’s healthcare programs, and jeopardizing our children’s future. I will bring a progressive voice to push Trenton to deliver more for our residents and deliver real results for middle class families. As a father, community activist, Presidential appointee,and educator, I will bring a new perspetive to the State Senate that can solve the problems facing New Jerseysians every day.

During my time as President Obama’s National Policy Director, I saw firsthand how government can be a force of good for all Americans. I want to bring a progressive voice offering fresh solutions to improve our schools, invest in our future, and put people back to work. Over the next several months I am going to be speaking with my neighbors, community activists, and elected officials about the problems they are facing on the grassroots level. This is the first step in bringing new representation to the New Jersey State Senate for every resident in the 34th Legislative District. By working together as Democrats, I know we can help reelect President Obama and lay the foundation for electing a new Governor that will put working class families ahead of corporate interests.

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  1. Nia Gill is terrible, I do not see this gentleman being any better though.

    Her questioning of Christies’ Supreme Court nominees was a disgrace.

    As well she was the Co-Chair of Governor Corzines campaign. Great judge of Character she must be!

    Gill also received a $52,500 patronage job as general counsel to the Essex County Improvement Authority, which Joe D controls for supporting Sweeney for Senate Prez.

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