Name that Lime in the Coconut Cocktail

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but here’s my number so, call me—-maybe?

Now, a half sane person would have kick-started this post with lyrics about “a lime and a coconut and mix it all up,” but I have never claimed to be even one-quarter sane. After driving 600 miles to Michigan and back with my two kids, my childhood friend Stacie and her three kids in a BAMFT–I am clearly zero percent sane. The video below is about #3 out a total of 768 times we sang along with “Call Me Maybe”. Eleven hours of hearing this song, along with “Are we there yet?” 8 zillion times may very well be the motivation behind my “Greased-up Slip-n-Slide of Death“.

So if you are wondering how to get that song out of your head–or any annoying song out of your head–I suggest you drink heavily, and then drink some more.

What says, “I’m cooking in the 100 degree heat and I don’t feel a damn thing?” like a lime/coconut, mostly boozed-up beverage? Nothing. Hell, I’m bullet proof, nothing to lose. Fire away.

So, let’s go make a drink-clink and use my favorite local rum Brinley Gold. What? You didn’t know we have a family owned rum company right here in Baristaville? Well, we do. And this stuff is smooth, delicious and very well priced.

Here is what you will need:

  • Brinley Gold Coconut Rum ( Mango or Lime works as well)
  • Fresh lime
  • Seltzer
  • Ice

This is how you mix it up:
Pour one jigger of rum into a tall glass filled with ice. Squeeze-in a wedge of fresh lime and fill the glass with seltzer and stir. Now drink up, Carley.

This drink is crisp, fresh and light. If you have some mint taking over your plot, try adding a sprig to your drink. I AM NOT A FAN OF RUM but I absolutely love this brand. It’s so good I can actually drink it straight up!

  • Brinley Gold Rums available at: Angelbecks,  Town House Wine, Bottle King, A&P Wines & Spirits and Shop Rite Liquors
  • Fruit glasses set of 6-$36
  • Bamboo cane drink stirrers -$16
  • Metal fruit tray-$10
  • Owl carved from a coconut( a perfect gift for Barista Georgette Gilmore, she loves owls and coconuts)-$26
    All available at  Garnish

Now B-ville let’s give this bevy a name. EXTRA POINT FOR REFERENCES TO ANNOYING POP SONGS.


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  1. I’m too busy watching the TDF. Especially “Le Wiggo” as the French call Bradley Wiggins who is still in yellow. Since he’s a fresh limey, I’ll call this drink Le Wiggo.

  2. Thanks, zephyrus. Sure, shorter may be better. But must be enjoyed during “Medication Lime.”

  3. I am tied between Nellie’s “Rum Flew Over the Coconut’s Nest” & Jerseygurl’s “Cocoloco”. I suppose the judge should consider how it sounds to screech or bellow the drink order in a noisy crowded bar. In which case “Doctor! Dooooctor” might be a contender, if it is sung.

  4. I do love owls and coconut, and I also love lime. This may be my favorite of your cocktail’s Holly. I think you should name it Georgie Girl. 😉

  5. Thanks, Spiro. I liked your circus one….

    Always a lot of great entries here…. I love “Name That Drink.”

  6. Hey GG I heard you were a wild one!

    10 points to me for using that annoying song (a song I love and run to) 20 points to Nellie, Spiro has 19.5, Kit is at 33 because she is on another planet where I want to be.

    MM has 16 pts and everyone else has 5-9.5 pts.

  7. Aah…The “Name That Drink” Olympics…Or Lime Dancing with the Commenters, however you want to look at it…

  8. Why thank you, Walleroo! I wasn’t aware I was on another planet — I’ve always though my planet was the same planet as everyone else’s planet. Although I do have a family of little humanoid mushrooms under my porch, who wave rhythmically and wildly and shout thin little leftist aphorisms in tiny high voices, as opposed to a kangaroo in a pink shirt who offers up random non sequitors….

  9. Crap: ‘thought.’ The mushrooms are singing the correction to the base-line of ‘The Lime in the Coconut.’

  10. I’ll wait until vodka is the featured libation, when I can trot out the Simon and Garfunkel “Hazy Shade of Winter” reference (“drinking my vodka and lime…”).

    Till then, I vote for Nellie’s.

  11. Holly is my puppet, Kit. You’ve probably noticed by now that she doesn’t really have any of her own opinions. So you may as well thank me.

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