Indie Joy: Two for Two at Montclair’s Wellmont

This week ended strong at Montclair’s Wellmont Theater, with two consecutive sold out shows, two top-notch opening acts (Surfer Blood and The Felice Brothers), two of the most beloved American Indie bands and — it must be pointed out — two nights of guitarists playing with their teeth (we love you, Jimi Hendrix). Both Death Cab for Cutie and Modest Mouse gave performances that made their respective fans scream loudly with amplified glee for hours, and for some, “float” above the heads of the wildly jumping audience in the kind of magical moment you only find at rock concerts.

You can hear the Grammy-nominated song for the audio quality here, but check out the crowd surfing and stage diving that Modest Mouse inspired when they performed their upbeat anthem “Float On” (stick with the short video below to at least :54 seconds to see the good stuff).

As the band’s lead singer and lyricist Isaac Brock says, “Don’t worry even if things end up a bit too heavy we’ll all float on alright.”

According to Wellmont officials, some big, newly-booked shows will be announced on Monday. If the fact that the Jayhawks‘ September 14 show just went on sale is any indication of what else is to come, we’re in for a wonderful autumn of music, right here in Baristaville.

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  1. We are so lucky to have the Wellmont here, and although there have been some stinkers (can you hear me Neko?), there have been some brilliant shows. My top 3 – Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, David Byrne, and LCD Soundsystem. Although my wife says Lucinda (the first time) would displace Byrne. No accounting for (my) taste.

  2. Wow- now THAT’s what I call Surfin’ Safari! Thanks for posting that, and glad I wasn’t up front at that show.

    I will be up front for The Jayhawks though, where there will be lots of singing along but not likely to be any body-surfing. (Though I have seen Gary Louris jump into a crowd before, so you can never be too sure)…

    Agree w Pat that the David Byrne show was outstanding! My other top choices from the many I’ve seen would be Al Green and Bonnie Raitt.

    Make sure to check out the Fall Lineup for the Outpost in the Burbs, celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary season of great concerts and community service.
    September shows are The Acoustic Strawbs on September 7th and Joan Osborne on September 28th! Tickets are on sale now at

    Gail Prusslin

  3. So mad I missed Death Cab– a favorite at the the prof house.

    We said Wilco there- a GREAT (and LONG) show. How long? Had to call the babysitter and say, “don’t worry, we haven’t forgot about ya.”

  4. Loved Death Cab – caught them at Beacon a couple months ago. Almost went again – orchestra is amazing.

  5. I agree with msmoger. Death Cab was fantastic–as they are every time I see them. But the sound wasn’t the best. I’d never been to the Wellmont before, so I wasn’t sure if it’s always like that or not.

  6. That David Byrne show was indeed terrific. But Wilco still stands out as my favorite Wellmont show ever. Especially loved the Big Star medley–what a lovely tribute to Alex Chilton, who had just passed away. And yes, that Neko Case show was terrible. BTW…a great show will be coming to town in May. Laurie Anderson w/ the Kronos Quartet will be coming to the Kassar Theater at Montclair State Univ. in May. Tickets just went on sale. And for $15, you can’t beat the price. You can probably get in the first three or four rows if you buy them online now.

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