Verona Romney Video Goes Viral

According to a post today in, a political video produced by Verona native Roger Chiocchi has gone viral.

“You’re So Bain,” a parody of the Carly Simon tune “You’re So Vain,” had received over 60,000 hits on YouTube as of this morning. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is the former head of  Bain Capital, a private equity firm that’s been much in the news.

Do you find it funny?

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  1. 60,000 hits is “going viral” to you? The average “funny” cat video gets like a million hits. Are you trying to drum up more hits by making a story out of a non-story?

  2. I don’t want to hear “You’re So Vain” for the 500th time, So I think I’ll pass on the video.
    But kudos to Mr. Romney’s campaign. They’re convinced they’ll find $800 million in private donations right in the middle of a lackluster economy.

  3. Careful Baristanet…..we residents want a fair approach to the election coverage. This is a political video. It’s important to provide local coverage of pro Romney or pro tea party or the equivalently cute but negative video about Mr. Obama in order to keep it real.

  4. President Obama and Mitt Romney are both very rich men (although Romney is richer) who have both accepted campaign contributions. So what is the problem here?

  5. “So what is the problem here?”

    —that’s a joke, right? i mean, to merely say “they’re both rich” in that lovely false equivalent way the Right has when “debating” issues can’t possibly be taken seriously, right?

    Let’s put it this way for ya—we know how “rich” the President is cause we can see his tax returns. we have NO way of knowing how “rich” Romney is cause he won’t tell us. there’s a “problem”…

  6. No, our politicians are lame. The poor, the middle class. We’ve been hobbled by capitalism at it’s most greediest inflatable corruptible corporate self. We have been flagellated by the best. Ham stringed by a system and made to feel like we just need some gumption to get ourselves out of this mess. It ain’t working.

  7. My point was/is that neither one of these men have our best interests at heart. They each have their own agenda, as do the political parties to which they belong. Don’t fall for the dog and pony shows. They are “not like us,” not only because they are in the 1% but because of their drive to be Leader of the Free World. There’s a bit of narcissism involved in such an aspiration. Neither one of them will be inviting me, jcunningham, PAZ, or DagT out to share a beer any time soon. Yes, I know we have to vote for someone in November. But whomever you vote for, don’t think you are going to wake up after the election and all of your problems will be solved.

    If some billionaire wants to write a big check and give it to Mitt Romney, so be it. The same goes for Obama, who has held more fund raisers (certainly in the NY metro area) in the past 3 years than any current former President.

  8. “They each have their own agenda, as do the political parties to which they belong….They are “not like us,” not only because they are in the 1% but because of their drive to be Leader of the Free World.”

    This is a good point, and I agree with it. However, not being like us and having their own agenda isn’t quite the same thing as having an agenda that is completely divergent from our own. Part of what we need to evaluate, looking at their lives up to now, is how those agendas they have align or diverge from our own.

    This emphasis on “like us” – inherited I believe from the 2000 election, and intended to hide from us a divergence of agendas – is worse than pointless. I don’t want someone like me in charge; I want someone a hell of a lot smarter, more aware of the world, and more capable of dealing with the army of small-minded lunatics – with more obeisance to Norquist than the US or their constituents – we call Congress.

    Perhaps we should be hiring a pre-school teacher for President, come to think of it.


  9. “But whomever you vote for, don’t think you are going to wake up after the election and all of your problems will be solved.”

    —personally, i find your lecture pedantic and unnecessary. really? all our problems won’t be solved? gee, thanks for clearing that up.

    if you don’t think there is at least SOME qualitative difference between these two parties, then you are just being willfully ignorant. they might support the same base of capital, but their views on social issues alone makes this a necessary ritual.

    and the fact that none of them will “invite me out for a beer soon” is just about the silliest thing anyone’s injected into a political discussion in a long long time.

  10. JCunningham — why so rude to Mrs. M? It’s fine to disagree with her. Heck, I’m a lefty liberal Democrat so I don’t (usually) agree with folks who are are on the right, but there’s no need to be snarky to one of our very favorite Baristanet posters.

    Also, just for the record, I am not an Obama fan either, and neither is my very lefty husband and very lefty family and friends. I voted for Hillary in the primaries, but voted for Obama in the main election ( just couldn’t vote for a Republican). That said, neither candidate is a good one, as far as I’m concerned.

  11. I don’t think Obama will “invite any of us out for a beer ( or any of Holly’s cocktails) soon.. “, MM, because, like many diehard patriots say, he’s a Moslem, and, as we all know, Moslems are forbidden from drinking alcohol.
    Oh wait, didn’t Obama have a beer with that cop a few years ago (the famous Beer Summit) , and another one in Ireland? Never mind. Maybe he’s a Lapsed Moslem. Is that better or worse?
    But then there’s this guy who told me he doesn’t want to vote for either Romney or Obama, but he insists he’ll force himself to vote for Romney because he’ll “vote for a Mormon over a Moslem any day”. And he was serious.

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