Bloomfield Crime: Two-Month Long Investigation Ends in Arrest


08-13-2012 – On Linden Ave. a witness observed two males (1 white male & 1 black male) walk around a residence and enter the premises. They left the area in a white vehicle no further description.

08-16-2012 – On the 200 block of Grove St. the victim reports that a Pioneer car radio, 2 Tony Hawk bicycles, some DJ equipment, and 4- 20inch rims were missing from his storage unit.

8/17/2012 – On Golf Road a homeowner reported that at approximately 2:00 am, an unknown person entered her sliding screen door and stole an IPAD II off of the kitchen table.


8/17/2012 – On Abington Ave. at the intersection of Ampere Parkway a 1995 Honda, 4door, color white with N.J. license plates was stolen.


08-14-2012 – At 188 Bloomfield Ave. (PSEG) a victim reports that an unknown person(s) removed approx. 250ft of copper pipe valued at $2,000. Entry was gained to the property by cutting a hole in the rear fence.

8/17/2012 – On Waldo Avenue the victim stated that an unknown person stole a Federal Express package that was delivered and left on her doorstep.

8/18/2012 – At 2 Broad Street the complainant stated that she witnessed a black male steal her daughters bicycle while it was parked in front of Italia Pizzeria.

8/18/2012 – On Oakland Avenue the victim stated that an unknown person stole a package that had been left on her doorstep by U.P.S.

8/19/2012 – In Vassar Field a victim stated that while he was at the field an unknown person stole his I Phone.


08-16-2012 – On Newark Ave at the intersection of Baldwin Pl. a 2000 Honda Civic had its driver’s side window broken.

8/19/2012 – On Ella Street the victim stated that an unknown person scratched and dented her vehicle.

8/19/2012 – On the 100 block of Weaver Avenue the victim stated that an unknown person shot a bb into the front window of his home.


08-15-2012 – David Munjee of Bloomfield was arrested for Contempt.

08-16-2012 – Erick Baca of Bloomfield was arrested for DWI.

8/17/2012 – Octavious May of East Orange, N.J. was arrested for DWI.

8/18/2012 – Fausto Lillo Santiago of Newark was arrested for DWI.

8/19/2012 – Ricardo Castro-Salazar of Bloomfield was arrested for DWI.

8/19/2012 – Wilfred Espiritusanto of Boonton, N.J. was arrested for DWI.

8/20/2012 – Ivonne Intriago of Newark, N.J. was arrested for DWI.

08-16-2012 – Andre Paden of Orange was arrested for Burglary:

On August 16, 2012, Det. Lt. Joseph Krentz and Det. Thomas Fano of The Bloomfield Police Department CID Unit, along with members of the South Orange Police Department and a Detail from The United States Marshall’s Office ended a more than 2 month long investigation of numerous multi-jurisdictional burglaries, with the arrest of Andre Paden.

Mr. Paden is a 39 year old male from South Center St. in Orange, N.J. and has an extensive criminal record that includes 25 felony convictions for burglary and theft related charges.

The investigation extends as far back as June 13, 2012 when the Tropical Market located at 29 Dodd St. in Bloomfield was burglarized by a black male, who broke the window of the market with a brick and stole several cell phones before fleeing the area in a white early model conversion van. Since that burglary a male fitting that same description and driving the same type of van has been responsible for burglaries using the same M.O. at 55 Washington St., 160 Orange St., and an attempt burglary at the A&L Deli at 17 Maolis Ave., all in Bloomfield. He is also responsible for and being charged with burglaries in the Cities of South Orange, and East Orange. In East Orange Mr. Paden is additionally being charged with Eluding a Law Enforcement Officer (a second degree crime) related to an incident where he had committed a burglary in Bloomfield at 160 Orange St. on 7/31/12, then moments later, refused to stop for an East Orange Police Officer as he tried to make a motor vehicle stop of the suspect van after he witnessed the van commit a traffic violation.

The investigation spanning 2 months had Det. Fano and Det. Lt. Krentz spending countless hours collaborating with South Orange and East Orange Detectives as they went over video surveillance, interviewed witnesses, examined numerous pieces of evidence and followed every lead until everything led the arrest on Spring St. in the City of Elizabeth.

$ 70,000.00 bail was set for the charges in Bloomfield by The Honorable Judge Paparazzo and Mr. Paden was transported to The Essex County Jail Annex in Newark pending a court appearance or posting bail.

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