Butterfly Sightings In and Around Baristaville

Silver spotted skipper, Avis Campbell Gardens, Montclair

Sandy Sorkin snapped these two beautiful butterfly moments. The silver-spotted skipper was taken at Montclair’s Avis Campbell Gardens; the Painted Lady was photographed at Dekorte Park at the Meadowlands.

Painted Lady, Meadowlands

Gardeners at Avis Campbell see the Painted Lady there often, too.

Photographer and friend Fran Liscio sent in the photo of the small and beautiful Mylitta Crescentspot.

Mylitta Crescentspot

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  1. I have 4 painted ladies that recently emerged from their cocoon in my daughter’s butterfly kit. We are setting them free today and hopefully you’ll see them flying around Montclair.

  2. Down in Cape May we are on the monarch migration path. They are everywhere but the ones wearing the ,”Mexico or bust” tee shirts they picked up in Wildwood make me laugh.

  3. Yes, noticing lots of butterflies the last few days, and saw a goldfinch this morning feeding on my purple coneflower – pretty!

  4. I freaking LOVE butterflies. Thanks for reminding me to look at them. I had been so fixated on stopping to smell the roses I had completely overlooked the b-flies, which are all over our budleia. I’m going out in the backyard as soon as I’m done typing this with my thumb. I’d send a pic but Bnet doesn’t allow it. Seriously, whats up with that? If we were all allowed to post pix, do you really think any of us would abuse it?

  5. YES! The one on the bottom is an Admiral and my butterfly bushes were covered with them this morning. Took some wonderful pics. If you want butterflies in your garden, plant butterfly bushes. They like marigolds, too!

  6. Right Roo…..We can post pics on FaceBook, why can’t we post them here? Get rid of the preview button and make it a photo button.

  7. Sandy is a wonderfully gifted photographer. I look forward to his daily photos of butterflies and birds. A feast for the eyes, and I’ve learned a lot about birding from him.

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