Can Montclair Pet Owners Save Iggy’s Place?

Eddie won’t be pleased.

If Iggy’s Place, on Valley Road in Upper Montclair closes, which could happen soon should business remain at current levels, Eddie, a Chihuahua mix, will not be able to stop in during one of his daily strolls, relax and have a treat. His owner, a nearby resident, says she’ll be lost without the Valley Road store.

A tipster, who alerted us to the store’s troubles, says owner Danny Heaps isn’t making money and can’t afford to lose anymore. She added that Heaps fosters stray animals at the store and how it would be a shame to see the pet supply store close. Reader Scott Sorentino wrote about Iggy’s as a Favorite Place:

Owner, and animal lover Danny Heaps, knows how to run a tight ship. He’s got anything you could ever want in one compact space.

Danny’s community service in rescuing abandoned kittens and cats is astounding — the amount of money that he must spend on their shots alone is unimaginable. I see it as his labor of love.

What will it take to keep Iggy’s operating? We spoke to Heaps who says businss has fallen off dramatically in the last year. “It’s a funny thing owning a small business in Montclair. I never knew how hard it would be,” says Heaps. “The business is there to subsidize the animal rescue we do. I want to keep doing the rescue work, but I can’t afford to if the business continues to lose money.”

Heaps, who works in the music industry managing rock musicians and promoting high-end music camps, says the next few weeks will be crucial, but if things don’t improve, he would have to close the store in September. He’s hoping customers will support Iggy’s, adding that rents are high and there are too many empty store fronts in Montclair.

Heaps also encourages pet lovers to visit the store and see the five cats and a dog at Iggy’s Place who need a home. Pictures to come.

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  1. Me, too. I was sad to read this but I am not sure what can be done to help. He is competing against the big box stores (and the Internet) in a bad economy. My only suggestion would be for him to move to a location where the rents are not as high.

  2. Or, encourage people to buy local. I get lazy. I can buy from Iggy’s instead of Whole Foods. I’ll bet other people do the same.

  3. This makes me so sad! I feel like this end of town is losing its charm because of all of the store closings lately.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find a cute little pet store in my neighborhood, let alone one that even sold kittens. I find Iggy’s place to be clean, comfortable, and stocked with only the best foods. They carry Holistic pet foods like Wellness and many other high quality products.

    I am going to shop at Iggy’s this weekend to show my support, and encourage others to do the same.

  4. No mention of what business Iggy is actually in…other than that it’s store.

    Dane it’s right here in the text:

    how it would be a shame to see the pet supply store close.

  5. Small independent retail businesses must be very well-thought-out to succeed and this absolutely includes being financially sound. Once successful, a business owner can elect to use profits toward charity. It seems Iggy’s had it backwards, assumed profitability as a given and spent resources from the outset on charity. This is just not a recipe for long-term business success.

  6. I would feel badly for all the animals he could no longer help if he loses the store; Good idea though that he could get a store with a lower rent; that area in Montclair must be very high;

  7. Capitalism is the great leveler for profit businesses. Two years ago I ordered an expensive brand of dog food from Iggies. He sold me cat food and refused to take it back to the tune of 50 bucks. It was pretty obvious I had dogs as they visited the store frequently and racked up bucks in clothes etc. No more.

  8. I was in his store about 4 years ago, my cat Kiki was dying of kidney failure. He told me that there was no need to give her the IV fluids and consider putting her down, that I should try alternative medicines. What a fool he is. He isn’t a vet, so he should not give out advice like that. Some poor person might take his advice with dire consequences.

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