Caption This: Sea Creatures and Doll Parts Part 1

Most people spend their time at the Jersey shore swimming, walking, beach-combing or sunbathing. Me, I like to take apart dead sea creatures and add doll parts to them.

Mollusk you ask why? Because I can.

My photos have been going semi-viral (more like a sniffle) on the internet so before you can all say, “We knew her when,” let’s give them some home grown titles, sound bites or captions.


Doll parts available from Parcel.

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  1. 1. Shelley, isn’t your skirt a litte short?
    2. All hands on deck.
    3. Conch you do better than that?

  2. A) Clams 2: Shucked! (James Cameron)

    B) Crabman III: Return of Mr. Bluelumps (Sam Raimi)

    C) Concherella (Penny Marshall)

  3. 1. I left my heart in San Francisco and my head in Cape May.
    2. Your husband may be handy but he has nothing on me.
    3. Conch ya see? That’s how I roll.

  4. Cmon, cathar, prof, nerdherd, concernedmtc, deadeye, herb —–jeez, kick in a few ideas here, it won’t kill you – there’s more to life than politics, talk radio, religion, race, and carefully managed retirement accounts! Take a page from MM’s book! Nellie are you on vacation?

  5. Sea Creatures and Doll Parts: Perfect Together

    1. Head for Cover
    2. Chris Christie grabbing food at a buffet
    3. A Holly Folly

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