Drinks at Montclair’s Gastro-Lounge Pig & Prince


This is a Mexican Blitzkrieg, one of the “Lucky 7” cocktails served at Pig & Prince, which opened last night in Lackawanna Plaza.

After having dinner at Fin to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, my husband and I walked over to Pig & Prince for drinks at the bar. The Gastro-Lounge was packed with people of all ages dining, drinking and celebrating the opening of Montclair’s latest restaurant.

Pig & Prince is beautiful. From the restored architectural elements of the 1913 Lackawanna Railroad  Station, to the warm copper and orange details that give an amber glow throughout the room, it’s spectacular.

I can’t speak for the food yet, but my cocktail, made with cinnamon infused tequila, blood orange and ginger ale,  hit the spot.

Pig & Prince will have a Grand Opening weekend on September 7 – 8 and you can bet Baristanet will have a full review.

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  1. GG…Should have had a 3rd pic. Next time post a w/a pic of the interior filled with diners so we could see the decor, a cocktail is a cocktail!

  2. I disagree, PAZ. I want to see even closer in on the ice cube in the lower left. In the reflection, I think I can see a couple of hot babes sitting at the bar.

  3. And what’s with the name of this place. Pig I can see, we have plenty of those in America, but no Prince, except for the artist formerly known as.

  4. Pigs are hot !! it seems like 1/5 places in NYC opening have a Pig in it’s name.. pig and this, pig and that…for me there is only one pig and thats “beeb da beeb thats all folks”.

  5. As my 5 year old said the other night when she took a bite of the pork loin I cooked—”Pig is delicious!”

  6. Yep, herb, Porky’s da man. I mean…. da pig !
    To me, Porky and Elmer Fudd looked like twins separated at birth. But is Mr. Fudd a member of the NRA? He does like huntin fo a wabbit…. And Foghorn Leghorn is surely not a fan of Chick-Fil-A.

  7. Foghorn J. Leghorn one of the most overlooked looney tunes characters…

    What did the “J” stand for anyway?

    spiro, with that southern accent on Foghorn I think quite the contrary with Chick fil a

  8. Could we please have an indication of how much one of these cocktails costs?

    And I always also liked Porky’s girlfriend, Petunia. Whose most prominent feature was her…pigtails?

    Does anyone else remember Foghorn’s yong nemesis, “Henery” Hawk?

  9. Ah, doesn’t the “10” following the name of each of the Lucky 7 Cocktails indicate that each cocktail is, in fact, 10 dollars?

  10. Poked our heads in at Pig & Prince Friday night after dinner at Ah Pizz, not knowing it was opening night. The place looks beautiful, will need to come back for dinner. Best of luck, Michael and company.

  11. As cathar might be inclined to inform us, the “Pig & Prince” will surely serve drinks that lack split hooves and/or do not chew their cud, as per Deuteronomy 14:8. That’s the pig part, anyway. Re: the Prince part – who knows?

  12. Pig and Prince… the good the bad and the ugly.
    *Nice decor
    *Prince Edward Island Mussels
    *Sous Vide goat ragu and gnocci
    *Grilled and Chilled octopus: just call it a carrot salad with a dash of octopus.
    *Seared Atlantic Cod, forbidden black rice risotto, shallot fondue, sauce beurre rouge: disappointing, could use acid, bland and one note
    *Michael the so called “manager”. Apparently the staff has not been trained to understand what it means to be in a service based industry. We were surprised to learn that we couldnt take our 1/2 filled bottle of wine home with us due to state law. When we called Michael over to understand why and to share feedback about the service (the mussels were served without a spoon or small fork or a dish to place the shells in AND it took 20 minutes to get the waitress over to the table to address this) Michael’s response was to shrug his shoulders. Really? No “i’m sorry you were disappointed in your experience”, no attempt to acknowledge our concerns,nothing. He did however have time to stand 15 feet away from our table and discuss the matter with the other lack luster and inattentive servers gesturing in the direction of our table. Bravo Michael, GREAT leadership by example. Understandably, new restaurants have their kinks, but given how quickly restaurants come and go in montclair do you really want people like Michael representing your brand?
    To cap off our experience, when our party of 3 exited past the hostess stand and Michael, and no goodbye or thank you.
    In short I’m not expecting this little piggy to be around long but dont worry Michael, maybe you can manage a fast food restaurant in the plaza where we don’t have to spend NYC prices and the service expectations are a better fit for your skill set.

  13. Michael the Misinformed
    May a patron take from a restaurant an unfinished portion of wine in an alcoholic beverage version of a “doggy bag?”
    Yes. It is the policy of the State to encourage moderation in the consumption of alcoholic beverages. To permit a diner to take home an unfinished portion of the bottle of wine, rather than consume it all to prevent “waste” of his purchase, furthers that policy. Thus all unfinished bottles of wine may be re-corked and the patron can take them with him/her.

    Removal of other open containers of alcoholic beverages from the licensed premises, such as a glass of wine, a mixed drink, an opened bottle or can of beer, is still prohibited. Licensees should caution patrons using wine “doggy bags” that the wine should be placed in the trunk of the patron’s car while in transit because Motor Vehicle Law prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverage in a car and the presence of a container with its original seal broken in a motor vehicle (buses, taxi cabs and limousines are excluded) can give rise to a presumption that the unfinished bottle was consumed in the car.


    Kittykat – I suggest you revisit and demand your bottle of wine back – or complain
    Complaints made to the A.B.C. Investigations Bureau may be made telephonically by dialing 866-713-8392
    during normal business hours. Anonymous complaints are accepted.
    Complaints are also accepted by letter addressed to:
    NJ Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control
    Investigations Bureau
    140 East Front Street
    P.O. Box 087
    Trenton, NJ 08625-0087.
    In addition, complaints are also accepted through the A.B.C. Internet website at:

  14. Place is beautiful – food is okay. Service, well. The bread should come out before the meal. Along with utensils. The wait staff should be understand how meals are prepared. I hope the quirks are ironed out, that part of town could use a large successful venue. As Mies Van der Rohe said, “God is in the details.”

  15. We were considering dinner at the Pig & Prince, since we’ve never been. But after seeing comments here, and some of the more recent online reviews, I wonder if we should bother. Anyone have a feel as to whether the service has improved. Maybe just drinks instead?

  16. I’ve eaten there a dozen times and the service and food has always been excellent. Give it a shot. Pork dish is to die for.

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