Exotic Plants Blooming in Montclair

Did you know you can rent or buy lush palm trees, tropical foliage, and more than a dozen types of orchids on Maple Ave. in Montclair? Exotic Foliage is a wholesaler, but if you walk in off the street, they won’t shoo you away. I bought a cool looking, spiky bromeliad air plant there today for $6.

Plants from Exotic Foliage provide the backdrop for the Survivor television series, and have been featured on Law and Order SVU, and  many HGTV shows. You’ll also find their plant inventory at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Six Flags Great Adventure, and many celebrity weddings, sweet 16 parties, and bar and bat mitzvahs.

Exotic Foliage

80 Maple Ave.

Montclair, NJ




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  1. Fantastic spot. They helped alot with a Mother’s Day plant sale for our school. The store is the tippity-top.

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