Glen Ridge Police Department Joins Montclair, Bloomfied in a Drunk Driving Crackdown

The Montclair Police Department announced its participation in the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign last week and now Glen Ridge and Bloomfield have both announced they will be cracking down on drunk drivers too, starting next Friday.

Beginning August 17 and running through September 3, local and state law enforcement officers will conduct sobriety checkpoints and roving patrols, looking for motorists who may be driving while intoxicated.

A concentrated national effort, the campaign helps to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving through high-visibility enforcement and public education tools, including posters, banners and mobile video display signs. Launched nationally in 1999, the program works to combat drunk driving during some of the busiest travel times of the year, including the Labor Day holiday period.

In additon to the announcement, Lieutenant Fredric Egnezzo of the Glen Ridge Police Department offers the following advice from Law enforcement agencies participating in the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over 2012 crackdown:

  1. If you plan to drink, designate a driver, someone who will not drink alcohol, before going out.
  2. Take mass transit, a taxi or ask a sober friend to drive you home.
  3. Spend the night where the activity is held.
  4. Report impaired drivers to law enforcement.  In New Jersey, drivers may dial #77 to report a drunk or aggressive driver.
  5. Always buckle up, every ride, regardless of your seating position in the vehicle.  It’s your best defense against an impaired driver.
  6. If you’re intoxicated and traveling on foot, the safest way to get home is to take a cab or have a sober friend or family member drive you to your doorstep.

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  1. My issues.

    1.If you plan to drink, designate a driver, someone who will not drink alcohol, before going out…. I don’t know a single person that can do that. Except maybe Mrs. Herb and that is questionable.

    2.Take mass transit, a taxi or ask a sober friend to drive you home….herb is a beer drinker, no bathrooms on mass transit can cause extreme discomfort or embarassment.

    3.Spend the night where the activity is held….Not an option, as I said Mrs. herb doesn’t let me date. Booze and and a hotel is not a good combo. Although I am a faithful husband and love my wife unconditionally (unless she’s biotching at me) , I am still herb and it would tough for any women to keep their hands off me.

    4.Report impaired drivers to law enforcement. In New Jersey, drivers may dial #77 to report a drunk or aggressive driver…. I’d take a drunk over 90% of the drivers going down Bloomfield Ave weaving in and out of cars like a game of frogger while on their cell phones texting and a cig in their hand.

    5.Always buckle up, every ride, regardless of your seating position in the vehicle. It’s your best defense against an impaired driver… herb always follows the law unless I’m driving because my road skills are far far superior to the avergae human.

    6.If you’re intoxicated and traveling on foot, the safest way to get home is to take a cab or have a sober friend or family member drive you to your doorstep….thats why they invented teenagers, to pick up inebriated fathers from train stations.

    These suggestions are outrageous.

  2. You’re on the money, herb.

    #3 is certainly not an option for me. I’d find myself sleeping on barroom floors, apartment house roofs, and beaches. Not that i haven’t slumbered in all of those places on occasion, but as I age I find the pleasure of pillows and sheets to be damn near blissful.

    #2 — anyone who has ever taken the PATH train from 9th Steet on a Saturday night/Sunday morning knows that station is really the 9th circle of hell.

    #1 — I tried that once. At some point in the evening I learned that designated driver Tom had gone off with a female bar patron. With his car.

    #6 — Intoxicated and walking? I guess you could do that around here. Back in the old country we’d find a few stiffs every spring who had wandered off from the pub for a walk home and tumbled into a boghole.

    I’ll drink at home, thank you very much. Or at herb’s house!

  3. #7. If you’ve had a few too many and want to ‘rest’ before embarking on your trip home, do not sleep in your car. You can get a DWI without ever turning the ignition key. Ifthe police find you ‘resting’ in your auto and you are over .08 % blood level alcohol you can get a DWI that will have the same catastrophic impact on your life the same as if you were actually driving the car.

    Find a nice cozy porch with a wicker love seat or sofa to sleep on instead.

  4. Miss Dag, you’re so right! They both get a pass for being funny – 9th circle of Hell! HAHA Plus Cro would get an extra pass in exchange for a few Irish language lessons and stories about the magic isle!

    Mellon, I thought that only applied if the keys were actually in the ignition. You mean, if the keys are in my purse in the back seat, that’s still grounds?? Guess the alternative is to pull over, turn off the car, roll yourself out onto the grassy median, then lock the car behind you!

  5. Kay, that’s a good question. Perhaps a violation will occur only if the key is in the ignition. I’m not sure. An old friend of mine got a DWI for being passed out in the back seat of his car right in front of his house. For some reason, he just couldn’t make it inside to go to sleep. He was an alcoholic and chaos followed him wherever he went.

  6. This all reminds me of an amazing thing that happened in the 70’s to a girl friend of mine. Somehow she passed out behind the wheel at the intersection of Bay and Ridgewood Ave. She must have put the vehicle in park before she lost conciousness. A police officer tapped on her window to see if she was ok and realizing that she was intoxicated told her to go straight home. I still can’t believe she wasn’t booked for DWI, but then again she was attractive and maybe caught a break from cop who just didn’t have the heart to arrest her.

    These days you don’t catch breaks like you used to 20-30 years ago.

  7. In Rhode Island they used to post warning signs on I-95 saying “DWI check 1 mile ahead, be prepared to stop”. Then there would be an exit about 1/10 of a mile ahead that all the drunk drivers would get off at. Turns out that exit had no gas stations, restaurants or hotels… And that’s where the cops were having their DWI stop. Firs thing they’d do is grill you on why you got off the highway, and you really had no reason other than that warning sign you just saw.

  8. Oooh, Jimmy – very shrewd of them!!

    Back in the day in SoCal, aside from checkpoints, they also would hang out just far enough away from one of the local watering holes so as not to be suspicious. I think sometimes they also used a spotter of sorts, to give a heads up on which cars to check as they left the club.

    Mellon, I just did a quick look for info on sleeping it off and NJ’s law speaks to “operating” a vehicle and “intent”. Your old girlfriend would have been hauled in for sure. But if you are parked off the street or better yet in the bar’s lot having never even started the car, sleeping it off in the back seat with the keys in your pocket, you’d have a leg to stand on. Your chaotic buddy probably got in trouble because maybe the engine was warm, or he left the keys in the ignition, and because he didn’t make it into the driveway. So if you can’t make it to the front porch, then crawl under the car and sleep it off there. Might get a public intoxication ticket but that’s better than the alternative – potentially killing someone!!

    Of course the best solution is not to drive! It is hard to believe so many people continue to insist they are capable of driving while wasted. I’ve known people who actually claim they drive ‘better’ when they are a ‘little tipsy’. I mean, Really?? How about that guy from Vineland, reported on today, who got SIX DUI’s in the last 3 months?? Jeez, what a menace! Thankfully he’s going to actual jail for a year. (of course his attorney, who’s just doing his job, says it’s because the “system” failed him because he needs treatment and can’t afford it.)

  9. At least 10 years ago a friend of mine had passed out in her car after a party where it was parked on Franklin St. A cop came by, found her and told her to go back to sleep – that he had woken her up to warn her the only reason she wasn’t getting a DWI was because he could see the keys weren’t in the ignition. Why she didn’t crash at the friends I have no idea.

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