Holy Phony Smokestack, Montclair!

A tipster emailed us her thoughts on Montclair’s new cell tower, which is oh-so-cleverly disguised as a smokestack. It’s located at 219 N. Fullerton Ave, near Woodman Field.

The view from Essex Ave. across the field is quite something with the MONTCLAIR letters on the tower.  Other towns have their water towers proclaiming their town name.  But we have a “fauxstack” here in our town.  WooHoo!

Have you seen Montclair’s new tower of power? What do you think of it?


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  1. ….looks better than the fake pine tree version …that looks hike a mammoth hair dryer attachment…

  2. Hey, is this the stack that looks like it’s on top of one of the public works buildings?? ‘Cause I noticed it last weekend, and wondered, when the heck did the town put in a combined-cycle power plant??!!

    I definitely agree that it’s loads better than those scary fake-tree things!

  3. I haven’t seen the new smokestack in person, but it’s got to be better than Coniferous Communicatus.

  4. Montclair’s turning into Las Vegas. Can’t wait for the faux Eiffel to go up. What’s next…….Let’s cheer for a fake nuclear cooling tower!

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