How Did Christie Do With His Keynote Speech?

Cartoonist Rob Tornoe’s quick take on Christie’s Keynote speech.

Was Christie’s RNC Keynote speech a self-serving 2016 presidential run speech? According to Rachel Maddow,  “He waited 1800 words into a 2600 word speech to even bring [Romney] up.”

Or do you agree with former New Jersey Governor Kean who said “Chris Christie supplied the thrust and the fuel for the rocket to take off.”

Take our poll….

(Cartoon by Rob Tornoe)

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  1. I like the Governor, despite concernedmtc’s scrupulously and impeccably deliberated conclusion that the world is as black and white as his (or her) brain, and that people akin to Yours Truly Spiro or the kindly MellonBrush hate! HATE! H A T E ! the big dude.

    Actually, concernedmtc’s comment reminds me of a bad outtake from Star Wars… you know
    ” feel the hate, it feels good, etc”.

  2. concernedmtc, Why do you feel if people don’t agree with your opinion its hate? Isn’t being able to voice an opinion something that makes our country great? Your attempt to pre-empt any criticism; which was solicited by the editors is weak tea. In a debate your post would be dismissed as Argumentum Ad Hominem; an attempt to poisoning the well so to speak.

    That being put to bed, here are some points that from the keynote that i’ve heard discussed 16 minutes passed as Christie talked about his personal history and New Jersey record before he mentioned Mitt Romney’s name, the entire speech took 24 minutes.

    Here is the “liberal” media’s take on the gov’s speech as reported in Politico:

    • Fox News anchor Chris Wallace noted how long it took for the speech to mention Romney and called it “the most curious keynote speech I have ever heard. … For a moment, I forgot who was the nominee of the party.”

    • “I thought it was a tremendous disappointment,” added Republican strategist Alex Castellanos, saying the speech did nothing to advance the ball against Obama, or for Romney.

  3. Delivery wise, his speech was an order of magnitude better than Ann Romney’s, which I found painful to watch. The lilt in her voice and the words she chose to emphasize we’re all wrong. She’s even stiffer and more robotic than Mitt. I liked how Christie started pandering to the teachers, police, and firemen, as if he didn’t previously lie to them, cheat them, and publicly disrespect them.

  4. I thought Christie was OK, but in respectfully disagreeing with theprimrosepath, I thought Ann Romney did a great job and was a tough act to follow. Good speakers tonight, too.

  5. Most 2nd graders could walk all over Biden in a debate. Biden would be great on Leno’s “Point – Whats your point”

    Wasn’t super impressed with Ryan’s speech but I think the Republican’s have generally set a good tone.

    The mantra of less reliance on government, more presonal accountability, etc is kind of refreshing. It is a large ship to turn given we are culturally F’d but we have to start at some point.

    It will be interesting to see the DNC on the follow. What do they even say? Ok, forget about what you heard last week, vote for us, we sill send you bigger checks in the mail, cover more of your healthcare, pay for more of your education and give you more “shovel ready” jobs. Its pathetic and sad.

  6. stayhyphy, you forgot ” abandoning traditional values”, “taking away jobs from decent coal miners”, “leading us down the road to complete wreck and ruin”, and “hastening the end of civilization”.
    Time to brush up on those talking points, dude.
    PS whatever happened to Newt’s moon colony idea?

  7. Spiro, the moon colony idea has gone to live with the 9-9-9 plan and the $2.50 a gallon gasoline guarantee in the Land of What Might Have Been.

  8. Thanks, cro, I had forgotten about the 9-9-9 plan and the $2.50 a gallon gasoline guarantee – did those planks get yanked from the convention platform?

  9. Hey guess who is helping kick off the Dem Convention at the” Jumaha the DNC event”. None other than the Nation of Islam militant Elijah Muhhamed devotee, Grand Imam Siraj Wahhaj . The same Al Qaeda and Hamas supporter Imam with ties to the WTC ’93 bombings. You may or may not know him but here are few of his past words of wisdom he’s past along inhis 40 or so years as a radical Muslim. I’m sure you’re thrilled to have him kick off your big party.

    “If Allah says 100 strikes, 100 strikes it is. If Allah says cut off their hand, you cut off their hand. If Allah says stone them to death, through the Prophet Muhammad, then you stone them to death, because it’s the obedience of Allah and his messenger—nothing personal.”
    “white people are devils.”
    “As long as you remember that if you get involved in politics, you have to be very careful that your leader is for Allah. You don’t get involved in politics because it’s the American thing to do. You get involved in politics because politics are a weapon to use in the cause of Islam.”
    “I will never ever tell people don’t be violent that is not the Islamic way. The violence has to be selected. Islam is the only answer because it is only Islam that we do it for Allah. When Allah commands us to fight we are not stopping, no one will stop us.”

    How can your party be so clueless as to embrace this messanger of hate. Doesn’t Debbie Wasserman Schultz have a search engine on her computer? Dems should be outraged or are his beliefs more in tune with your party line than we thought?

  10. Look, its easy to not like or not to buy in to a lot of what the GOP is selling. The fact is, it comes with a substantial amount of near term pain.

    Its very possible that we as a country are not up to that challenge. After years of borrowing from the future we have created a ridiculous culture of immediate satisfaction and entitlement. How can you deny that?

    The idea now is to solve long term problems. Short term pain is inevitable and the longer we wait the more pronounced the immediate pain will be.

    The democrats need to offer something, anything. While the republicans have grand ideas (and thats all they are right now) that is more than what Obama has offered which is zip. Unless you count demonizing the other party, substance.

    Although I do understand that tactic, most strategists agree that after the past 4 years the only way for Obama to win is to run a dirty negative campaign.

  11. The only way any politician every wins is by running a dirty, negative campaign. What politician in recent memory has a shred of dignity worth voting for?

  12. Look, its easy to not like or not to buy in to a lot of what the GOP is selling. The fact is, it comes with a substantial amount of near term pain.

    Correction: it comes with a substantial amount of near term pain for certain people. For folks like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney, it comes with more tax cuts. Because they haven’t gotten enough of them in the past 12 years.

    After years of borrowing from the future we have created a ridiculous culture of immediate satisfaction and entitlement

    Stupid granny wanting her Medicare after working decades to pay for it! How dare she?!

  13. herb is basically the guy who creates all those email forwards everyone gets from their drunk Republican uncle, right?

  14. Herb, don’t let the facts get in your way!

    Believe what you want to believe!

    Who cares if it’s true?

    Keep it up and you can get nominated for Republican VP too!!

  15. nick, herb is a guy that does a great amount of research and doesn’t listen to his parties talking points everday as to what to say. You might want to try it. Once again, I am right.

  16. Well, as usual the Froth Patrol is out and about this morning.

    Congressman Ryan still has to defend his voting record – should be fun to watch. Biden will take him to the woodshed.

  17. When Fox News’s Chris Wallace blasts Christie for having 37 “I’s” in his speech and only “7” Romney’s” and 1 “Jobs”, one begins to wonder whether Christie may go the way of Sarah Palin: marginalized and deemed irrelevant by the sheer size of his own ego.

  18. Did you read the part that says, “This platform is non-partisan; meaning that it is not an endorsement of any political candidate or elected official?”

  19. Georgette what was false about Ryans speech? Lets see if you can rebuild your credibilty. I see your partisanshipo is rearing it’s head.

  20. Georgette , what are you talking about? It is an official event. BTW- If they want to have an event like that great, I’m talking about the speaker not the event. I’ll tell you what, hit the reset button and come back in a few hours after after you did your due diligence.

  21. And according to Fox News columnist Sally Kohn, Paul Ryan’s speech “was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech”, joining CNN & Washington Post in the same opinion.

  22. Herb, I don’t see it indicated anywhere on the two links you provided that this is an official DNC event. It may very well be, but you’ve done nothing to prove the point you were making.

  23. Condeleeza Rice was an embarrassment – baloney from a person whose administration could not keep us safe on 9/11

  24. Shorter herb: “you all won’t stop being partisan, but I won’t listen to what that woman says because she’s liberal!”

  25. Sally also said this:

    “Elections should be about competing based on your record in the past and your vision for the future, not competing to see who can get away with the most lies and distortions without voters noticing or bother to care…”

    Sounds to me like she has no recollection of how Obama won in 2008!

  26. Herb- HAte to burst the bubble on this one but the website states this:

    “This events page is intended to give local residents and convention-goers a comprehensive look at convention week activities and should not be considered an endorsement of any particular event or group by the Charlotte in 2012 Convention Host Committee or the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC). Official convention events are denoted with the Charlotte in 2012 or DNCC logos. All other submissions are user generated.”

    The events you are talking about have niether of the official Logos.

  27. Sorry Nerd…and yee naysayers who doubt herbie.

    (go to About Charlotte 2012 Committee or just read about them here)

    “About Charlotte In 2012 Convention Host Committee

    The Charlotte in 2012 Convention Host Committee is a non-profit, non-partisan organization established by the city of Charlotte to fulfill obligations of the master contract with the Democratic National Convention Committee. In addition to those obligations, Charlotte in 2012 works to engage the citizens of Charlotte and the Carolinas through business and civic opportunities, ensure that the Convention leaves a positive lasting legacy, and tell Charlotte and the region’s story to the nation and the world. For more information, visit us online at ”

    “to fulfill obligations of the master contract with the Democratic National Convention Committee.”

    Once again. I bring to you the Charlotte 2012 Schedule as per their contract with the DNC.

    I am right.

  28. Bottom Line : Romney has to win Florida or it’s all over – and that’s not going to happen.

    The list of Obama states Romney would have to win if he loses Florida is loooooong. But Obama could lose Florida and N.C. and Iowa and N.H., all states he won in ’08, and still win.

  29. Jeez, as one who happily engages in most political discussions. I’m slowly tuning most of it out. Sure I’ll comment, and may get into it, but the dumb nit-picking on both sides– choosing sources/polls/out-of-context comments that support a position then getting all “you’re so dumb, see!”, is getting boring.

    And I’m as guilty anyone to act like one comment, one link is THE PROOF needed to convince others of my point of view. Nah, most here are in his or her corner, claws out, ready to fight. And the fight looks like these last few posts— UGLY.

    The worst though is when good people Obama, Biden, Romney and Ryan– all seeking to serve their Country, all with accomplishments and faults are treated like they are the WORST people ever.

    I heard NPR’s Mara Liasson on Brian Lehrer earlier, she said Mitt has never struggled. Huh? Regardless of wealth, having a wife with breast cancer and MS is a struggle for any husband and family. Likewise, dumb Repubs who say Obama Hates America. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

    So, I’m promising to do better, and listen.

    [the prof has stepped off his soapbox, and returned to his corner, prepping his claws…]

  30. It’s amusing to me to see so many of the reliably “progressive” above posting as if Christie’s speech was provably awful, the Republicans have no real shot at the Presidency, Condoleeza Rice’s speech was terrible(and terming her talk “baloney” was ungallant at the very least, johnqp, perhaps even borderline racialist), etc., etc. I suspect so many posting above merely indulge in the wispiest form of wishful thinking, would love to somehow imagine themselves as “insiders.”

    But then, so many of those posting above supported Corzine for office (the lesson of which is that if you come to NJ Democratic leaders wth truly stuffed pockets, they will fall happily into line, and not once, not even twice but thrice!) against Christie. And may well be proven equally wrongheaded this coming November. Posting on this web site is never any guarantee of either wisdom or a talent for prediction. That should always be kept in mind, no matter how large the head of progressive sheep gathered here on any one thread at any one time.

  31. Florida was a close one in 2008, johnq. The RNC and Fox tried to scare the sh*t out of the old Jews down there by attempting to link Obama with every jihadist on the planet.
    It almost worked. Then McCain brought Palin on board and she scared the sh*t out of the old Jews even more than the RNC and Fox did.
    So Florida went to herb’s buddy, hussein maobama. No complaints here.

  32. Cathar – I was merely pointing out that Dr. Rice served as a key player within an Administration who whose foreign policies have proven to be such a major disaster for the USA. So yes, Condi full of baloney.

    But Racialist ??? oh please, spare me that one…!

  33. right spiro, like the dems old game of trying to scare the seniors that the the R’s will cut medicare…not working this time around ol’ boy.

  34. I think it would be wise for the Republicans to divorce themselves from anything to do with the Bush Administration. Just my 2 cents. His name conjures up such ill will–from both sides of the fence–and just provides fodder for attacks. This election should be about moving forward, new ideas, hope for the future, and all that jazz.

  35. Georgette,

    I’m behind !!

    Now i know where the idea that Ryan’s speech was filled with lies. The Obama campaign apparently is furious and responded via video and talking points. Your ahead of me on that one I never got over to the Huffington Post today. Well when you list the lies as I asked you to after you made that accusation I’m all set with rebuttals. Whenever your ready or should I just go on the Obama website to see your list?

  36. herb, the new game on your team’s side will be to convince Esther and Sam in Del Ray that the virtuous MItt Romney will bomb Iran quicker than that Obama guy, and that young Mr. Ryan knows exactly how to pay for it without adding to a penny to our national debt!
    That is some neat trick, you’d have to agree, herb. Perhaps Robin Williams as the Genie will help them out on this one?
    (Adelson’s casino profits will pick up the tab on the scary local ads in the meantime.)

  37. Herb – go to

    The events like the “Delegate Welcome Event” or “CarolinaFest 2012” have the official logo. Everything without that logo is user generated, like “Second City For President.”

    Prof – If someone is using a link to prove a point and that link is not only wrong but actually disproves the very point they are making, it is not nitpicking to make an example of that. It makes for a more honest political discussion, which I presume you appreciate.

  38. Nickcharles. The short term pain is inevitable. We can deal with it now, in a few years, or in a decade, but it has to happen, ask Greece. You are naive if you think that can’t happen here. Doesnt matter what your tax rate on the 1% is.

  39. Doesnt matter what your tax rate on the 1% is.

    Ah, yes. Short-term pain is inevitable for the working-class and poor, but don’t touch the rich folks’ wallets!! They might cry and not create jobs if they have to pay 4% more on their income above $250,000, poor things!

  40. Why should you touch the rich’s wallets?

    Where in the Constitution does it say government can take from one to give to another?

    Envious, pathetic slackers.

  41. A thoughtful, on-target and well-written post of 11:25 from the prof.

    How’s that for bipartisanship?

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