Isaac Winds Likely Not Sweeping Christie From Tuesday Keynote Slot

One year after Hurricane Irene swept havoc through the Garden State, Hurricane Isaac’s anticipated landfall along the Gulf Coast has forced the Republican National Convention to delay, cancel or revamp some of their Tampa, Florida events. But while some governors and others have lost or forfeited spots in a schedule-shuffle, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s keynote is slated for a prime 10 p.m., nationally broadcast slot on Tuesday evening. He follows remarks by Ann Romney.

Down in the Sunshine State, the New Jersey presence includes 50 official delegates, 50 alternatives, and another 400 or so people who have decamped to a Tampa area hotel in support of the Governor’s entourage.

For those who want to follow his Florida doings, Christie is — or at least his PR folk are — all over social media, with a new Tumblr blog, Words With Christie, two Twitter accounts — @GovChristie and the just opened @ChristieKeynote — as well as his usual Facebook page and YouTube channel.

At the GOP/NJ delegation welcome event, Christie quipped, invoking his now-familiar if overused line from last August when Irene loomed, “They brought me down here on Sunday just in case there’s any idiots on the beach to tell them to get the hell off the beach!”

According to CBS, the quotable, volatile governor has no plans to play it safe when he takes the microphone for what will be the biggest speech of his career to date.

Meanwhile, back in Jersey, where many are awaiting Christie’s speech with either bated breath or palpable dread, at least one thing is certain: He won’t be advocating for self-service gas stations back home, on any exit. Phew.


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  1. No wind can blow him over…… get the jokes out now….

    I can’t wait for his speech. I hope he speaks of being a leader, and how leaders get this done in a bi-partisian way (NJ Pension, Tenure reform). Because despite some libs hatred (and desire for death) of Christie, he’s shown that he can work with others to accomplish goals. And he did it be forming relationships. As Reagan and Clinton showed, these relationships get big things done.

    Obama? Not so much: Those inflexible Right Wing Republicans in the “do nothing” Congress!!! (Shhh…. let’s not remind anyone that Obama had a majority his first 2 years… Shhh….)

  2. prof, once again your Obama hatred obscures the tiny little things we call facts.

    Obama courted Republicans for months and months when he first took office, but after the stimulus, the order came down: do not work with him. So they didn’t. This is hardly an opinion. The GOP basically admits it.

    And, yes, he had a majority, but they filibustered everything. He had a supermajority for about 50 days, and was able to get healthcare reform passed (which, remember, nearly every Dem president since Truman tried to do) during that time, until Cosmo model Scott Brown showed up and shut everything down again.

  3. Not the most gripping item with which to start any sort of news day on Baristanet.

    And could we have a cessation of weight jokes about Christie? I don’t recall similar stuff about noted Democrats. (Including Ted Kennedy at his then-heftiest, or Tip O’Neill at his most bibulous).

  4. We remember prof and liked the direction things were moving in those first 2 years. It was hard to focus with all the shouting over a birth certificate but some of us managed. It wasn’t until this current congress showed up and since day one have been trying to redefine rape that we think gee, they’ve gotten off track. Oh and yeah, they started this currently reported misogynistic crud day one, glad to know you approve.

  5. “Libs hatred and desire for death” of Christie?

    Oh, that must be that teacher’s union official who put out a stupid e-mail. While I am sure that there are some unhinged types who hate and wish harm to Christie, just as there are those who hate and wish harm to Obama, most who oppose Christie do so because they see a self-aggrandizing blowhard who has not made good on his ket promises — unemployment is up, home sales are down, property taxes have not gone down, et.c etc.

    The same folks who castigate Obama for not keeping promisies give Christie a pass.

    So while I certainly do not wish him dead or even ill, I would like very much for him to make good on some of his promisies here in NJ rather than spend time raising his own profile.

  6. Romney’s support is a mile wide and less than an inch deep within his own party.

    Christie ? Unemployment stats are at a 35 year high in NJ.

  7. nickc… several of your “facts” are actually opinions of yours. Just because you say it is a fact, doesn’t make it so. Obama’s courting for “months” is not a fact and the republican’s “filibuster of everything” is not a fact. I have said before on other comments, when two people refuse to bend to the will of the other the fact is they are both being obstructionist. Only your bias can allow you to blame one of the people when both are to blame.

  8. “Obama courted Republicans for months and months when he first took office”

    Yeah, when they first met with him to discuss the stimulus and he told the Republicans “I won , get over it” showed he was really courting them and they’d have input.
    It really doesn’t matter because he’s done anyway.

  9. “… put out a stupid e-mail…” cro, please tell us how one should offer a “legitimate” death wish? But I love how you dismiss this as what? Water-cooler talk?

    “… spend time raising his own profile.” That’s right up there with those who think if the President goes to Camp David he’s hanging with the kids, eating S’Mores.

    Our Gov has a prime speaking time. This is good for NJ. He gets to speak of NJ as a State open to business, where things get done. So yes. This raises his profile, but as his rises so does NJ.

    Which, coincidently is the OPPOSITE of Obama. Folks like him, his profile as a Nobel Peace Prize winner is high; yet still, unemployment is up, credit rating is down, stimulus did nothing (oh right, can’t prove a negative…) and America is as divided as ever.

    BUT WHO CARES—- Romney hasn’t released every single year of his taxes!!! And Christie is raising his profile!!

    Once again, Christie has gotten legislation passed by working with members of the “other side.” Obama?

  10. your words:
    “Unemployment stats are at a 35 year high in NJ.”

    so 35 years ago must have been higher unemployment.

  11. johnqp, I’ll guess that nerdherd just finished Gregg Allman’s fun-to-read autobiography. It seems that President Carter invited Gregg Allman to the White House the first day he was in office, and Mr. Allman stayed for dinner. It’s unknown if the idea came from Roslyn or Amy. although it’s pretty certain Jimmy’s brother Billy ( remember Billy Beer?) had nothing to do with it.

  12. Yeah, when they first met with him to discuss the stimulus and he told the Republicans “I won , get over it” showed he was really courting them and they’d have input.

    They did have input. To get GOP support for the stimulus, it was overloaded with tax cuts, and the healthcare bill was basically filled with GOP ideas (like the individual mandate, and no public option) to get their support. In response, they took the stimulus money and claimed it didn’t do anything, and then they sued to overturn healthcare reform.

    As for filibusters, it’s a matter of record that they have skyrocketed in the past few years, because Republicans decided they don’t want Democrats doing anything while they’re in charge. Country first!

  13. Opinion:
    “Republicans decided they don’t want Democrats doing anything while they’re in charge. Country first!”

    Nick its okay on here to have opinions, just stop calling them facts. By the way, cloture requirements have changed and it is easier today to break filibuster than prior to 1975. The number of cloture votes has skyrocketed, but that doesn’t on its face mean that the number of filibusters have increased. It may be true, but the only thing that has been tracked historically is number of cloture votes.

  14. The point is that it can be a political strategy to make another party look bad by trying cloture votes many times during a single filibuster knowing full well you don’t have the numbers to break the filibuster. Also, 3/5th is a more “doable” number than 2/3rd to break the filibuster, so you may be more apt to try and break the filibuster with this lower threshold. There may be the exact same number of filibusters on the floor and the appearance of far more cloture votes. Finally, the number of attempted bills should be considered when thinking of filibuster use. For example, take the filibuster to legislation ratio to see if there has been an increase in filibuster usage as a % of attempted legislation. Unfortunately, since cloture is the only data point tracked through history we are left only to our assumptions and personal bias.

  15. The above just put me to sleep – It is Congressional Republicans who are the real masters of obstruction – going all the way back to Newt.

  16. It’s my observation, nerdherd, that the opposition party tried to bog Clinton down with all that Monica Lewinsky stuff and then they tried to bog Obama down with all that Birther stuff.
    In both cases, IMHO, Congress strayed from the intended purpose of Congress (legislation) and, instead, willfully attempted to grind the government to a halt.
    It seems to me that this is the kind of behavior to indulge in when you’re completely out of normal ideas of good governance or, more likely, it you’re on some kind of personal grudge that has no purpose except, perhaps, revenge. Since the opposition does on occasion have a good idea, I’m leaning to the second option as likely to be closer to the truth.

  17. Who’s blaming ? Fact : Gingrich shut down the Govt in the 90’s under Clinton and the tea party mob almost did the same over the debt ceiling.

    Time to get your “nerdhead” out of the sand.

  18. Blaming one side just reveals your bias

    Ah, yes. Facts are only facts if both sides get the blame.

    The number of cloture votes has skyrocketed, but that doesn’t on its face mean that the number of filibusters have increased.

    Is there another explanation?

  19. Which members of congress latched onto “birther stuff” and used it bog down the process? That is a narrative that you clearly have bought into, but that doesn’t make it reality.

    When two people fundamentally disagree and neither is willing to compromise, who is to blame for the stalemate… both of them! The much feared Ryan budget went nowhere, is that because of “obstructionist” Democrats in your view?

  20. Nick, Johnq fell asleep when I described how the numbers could be inflated for cloture without an actual increase in filibuster use. So I won’t try again.

  21. “Fact : Gingrich shut down the Govt in the 90′s under Clinton and the tea party mob almost did the same over the debt ceiling.”

    Johnq, why do you keep calling opinions fact. I bet there are a lot of people with the opinion that the Democrats were to blame for that same shutdown in the 90’s and the near shutdown last year. Niether side was willing to budge in the 90’s, and both did last year.

  22. Another stroll through prof’s tortured “logic”.

    Yes, the threat was “water-cooler talk”. It was an idiot putting out an e-mail, something that is done hundreds of times every day in this country.

    But in your world, it becomes “proof” for your ridiculous assertion that “libs” wish Christie dead. The usual hogwash.

    The president, by the way, usually goes elsewhere when he wants to be high-profile, and of course since he is the president of the USA everywhere he goes its high-profile. And, every state he visits is part of the USA (all 57 of ’em).

    Christie, on the other hand, is the governor of NJ. So when he travels to make speeches in WI or CA or AZ he is raising his own personal profile. He’s certainly doing NOTHING for NJ in making these appearances.

    Sad that these things have to be explained to a presumed adult, but so be it.

  23. Big difference to me, nerdherd, is that the Ryan budget, however flawed, was a piece of legislation and well within the job of congress to debate.
    If you don’t like the birther example I used, perhaps
    I can suggest that you look at the 30 something times the House voted to abolish Obamacare. One vote would have gotten the message across, or maybe 2. You and your friends and neighbors picked up the tab for the other 29 plus voting sessions and the related expenses that they incurred.
    Anyway, nerdherd, suggesting that folks you disagree with have a flawed relationship with”reality” is a real stretch. But that’s what keeps Baristanet interesting.

  24. I did read that, nerd, and it seems like part of what you’re saying is that Democrats want to make Republicans look bad by increasing cloture votes. But you can’t do a cloture vote more than once if there’s not a filibuster, right?

  25. I hope Christie gives a rousing speech. Although I still like him, he does have a way to go in carrying out his promises to NJ.

    I hope the next POTUS is able to make a difference. We so desperately need that.

  26. You can start a cloture vote on “anticipated filibuster” not just actual filibuster. Also, a cloture vote can be called when there is overwhelming support for a bill and the majority wishes to limit debate on the bill. If a cloture vote fails, then there could be additional cloture votes on the same bill. So a single filibuster could lead to multiple cloture votes and is at the discretion (I think) of the Majority Leader, in this case Harry Reid. So the actual use of the filibuster may not have increased at all and the ratio of filibuster to legislation may be no different than in years past, but cloture votes could skyrocket.

  27. spiro , I’m sure you recall that it was your darling Hillary that first raised the birther issue in the ’08 primaries. Phillip Berg the Pa. Democrat Atty. General also filed alwasuit to keep Obama off the ballot in ’08 because he felt he wasn’t born in the US. Nice try though the lefties trying to pin this on the R’s. You guys don’t play so nice amongst yourselves either.

  28. so, nerd, your position is that there HASN’T been an increase in filibuster over the past few years?

  29. herb, you can do better than that!

    An anonymous supporter of Hillary’s sent around e-mails regarding the place of birth. Not Hillary. Making her responsible for that would mean, I guess, that Romney is responsible for everything some crank supporter of his puts out.

    Berg, who by the way was an assistant deputy atty. gen’l, not THE attorney general in PA, is a conspiracy nut who believes that 9/11 was an inside job and that there are aliens in Roswell.

    Go back to Fox and get some better stuff, please.

  30. cro speak to prof: “Sad that these things have to be explained to a presumed adult, but so be it.” Yet, you believe that the moment a Gov leaves a State for any appearance it’s “personal,” having nothing or no benefit to his or her home state, huh? You can’t really think that, but I guess you do…

    So, along with humming a Greenway ditty when you play tough with cathar, I’m gonna have Yakety Sax ( in mind when I read your comments directed at me.

  31. And herb, while we’re on the subject of “playing nice”, should we go back and revisit some of the lovely things said about Romney by Gingrich, Santorum, Paul, Cain, Bachmann and Perry?

    I’d include Huntsman and Pawlenty but they didn’t stay around long enough.

  32. Cro,

    I’ll say it once again. The issue was raised when he was battling Hillary and not by Republicans like the Left currently has people wanting to believe. You can say it wasn’t Hillary directly but we all know that things are released by the camps that the candidate doesn’t have finger prints on. Both sides do it so don’t give me that ‘one of her supporters’ line. You are correct about berg being an Asst. and yes he seems to be a bit of a whack job but he was a self proclaimed Hillary supporter and filed that lawsuit after rumors circulated. So you can knit pick but this issue was not raised by Republicans but Democrats.

  33. Perhaps you can explain the great “benefits” NJ has received from the Christie Never-Ending_Tour?

    Businesses flocking to NJ? Nope.

    Renewed respect for the Garden State from other Americans? Haven’t seen any evidence of it.

    People moving in to the state? Quite the contrary.

    But I await your cogent analysis of the “benefits”.

    While I read it, I’ll be humming this tune:

    And you needn’t worry about cathar. He’s down at the new pub trying to figure out how much drinks cost.

  34. Cro, Once again you are missing my point. I’m not saying candidates dont beat each other up in primaries, they do. My point has been that R’s didn’t create the issue and now for some reason that I think we all know , the left media is trying to tag it on R’s. I read Huntsman is speaking at your convention, you can have him although we’ll take his daughters haha. .

  35. Who says that this supporter was a lefty, or even a supporter for that matter. Things come out all of the time, and while some of it is done to avoid “fingerprints”, some of it is just crazy #$% that candidates know nothing about and don’t support. I don’t think that Bush was behind the John McCain black lovechild story in SC, but it came out. Does that mean he owns it?

    If some wack job put the birther story out, it was a mainstream segment of the GOP that ran with it. Trump. Limbaugh. Beck. Hannity. Bachmann. You R’s have earned the “tag”, and ol’ Mitt just continues to feed it as recently as last week.

    I didn’t hear about Huntsman. I did hear about Crist. But I’m betting you have the inside dope so I’ll take your word for it.

    By the way, did you know that Berg (” a bit of a whack job”) also filed suit against George Bush and others for conspiring to bring down the WTC?

    Good reference, my friend. He lends weight to your position.

  36. You might have a point, herb. The guy who made the biggest deal about the birther nonsense to date was Trump, who was not historically right or left wing, but who curries favor with whoever cuts him the best deal. As it turns out, his speech at the GOP convention was cancelled today “on account of weather”. Were they worried that the tropical storm would mess up his hair?

  37. Nick, it is fair to say that the number of times cloture has been used since the procedural change in 1975 has increased and it is also fair to say that cloture has been used more frequently since 2003, and steadily increased under Harry Reid since 2007, but you really can’t make the next leap from there unless you have more data. Sadly there is not. You might be right, but you might be wrong; the data is not there. Cloture motion does not equal filibuster and vice versa. Prior to 1975 you may have had 1,000 filibusters to every cloture vote and today it may be 1 filibuster to every 3 cloture votes, you don’t know because the data is not there!

    That is my position.

  38. Cro-

    “Trump. Limbaugh. Beck. Hannity. Bachmann”

    That is mainstream GOP? Only one of those is actually not an entertainer and I don’t think most people would consider her in the “mainstream” of the Party.

  39. Given that Bachmann is a serving US Congressperson who was at one time leading the polls as the GOP candiadte for president, yeah, I’d say she’s mainstream.

    Given that Trump was courted and visited and praised by each of the GOP candidates, yeah, I’d say he’s mainstream.

    Given that Limbaugh consistently scores in the top 5 in polls asking Republicans who the most influential voice in the party is, yeah, I’d say he’s mainstream.

    The other two? Who knows?

  40. “My point has been that R’s didn’t create the issue and now for some reason that I think we all know , the left media is trying to tag it on R’s. ”

    herb is exactly right—this whole disgusting play can be traced back to “D” primaries, which is often conveniently forgotten.

    but i’m not at all sure how that obviates “the liberal media” from “tagging it on R’s” RIGHT NOW, because the Republicans ARE doing it right now and the Democratic Party is, um, not. since you are an “R”, this lack of clarity must have something to do with an unhealthy focus on “creationism”…

    and speaking of media bias, what in the world does the NY Post, of all media outlets, have against tonight’s keynote speaker? can you imagine the anguished wails we’d be hearing from Herb if this had run in the Times? fascinating…

  41. So leading in polls at some point in Iowa, but ultimately losing Iowa makes you mainstream. I guess that makes Ron Paul mainstream too then right? Good to know. Hey, Didn’t Trump support Obama in 2008? That sounds mainstream Republican.

    What source do you have on Rush?

  42. Oh, right. Tangible evidence.

    How about I put what you wrote in Obamaspeak: “… as NJ weathers the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, Christie has managed to ‘stabilize’ employment and the business environment in the State.” (My quote.)

    I blame Bush!

    Still, Christie needs to be in NJ and NEVER leave the State!! Because no benefit comes from him, or any politician leaving his or her State. I agree!! NJ benefits more from him doing a Town Hall in Booton, than giving the Keynote Speech for a Major political party on prime time TV.

  43. Actaully nerdherd, Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll. First woman to do so. Ron Paul won nothing. Anywhere.

    As for Rush, the Harris Interactive poll is a good place to start.

  44. Well prof, I’d keep the day job were I you.

    And yes, that’s EXACTLY what I said! That governors must ALWAYS stay in the state and that keynote convention speeches are the same things as self-promo tours to AZ to support the immigration law! That’s JUST what I said!

    As usual, you make up your own argument and then wrestle it to the ground. But hey, you look good in a singlet, I’ll bet!

    But you’re right. Govs visiting other states provide a wealth of benefit to the folks at home. Just last week I dropped in to hear the governor of Idaho out at the Meadowlands. I’m thinking of moving to Boise as a result.

    Do you have any of those “benefits” to hand yet?

  45. Bachman got 5% of the Iowa Caucus. Ron Paul beat her. He also “led” in several “polls” for a short period. You were using “polls” to determine mainstream. I am pointing at that flaw.

    As for Harris Interactive, that isn’t the question they ask at all. What are you talking about? Rush shows up on the most liked TV/Radio personality for Republicans. But he also shows up in the top 5 for the Least liked list for Republicans. In fact, more Republicans dislike Rush 24% than like him 22%.

  46. Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll. If you don’t believe it, just ask her.

    I’m not using polls to determine mainstream. I’m looking at the fact that millions of voters went for Bachmann in her runs for the House and for the nomination.
    She is featured prominently in the convention program. Harris interactive did not ask “most liked personality”, they asked “most influential conservative”.

    What are YOU talking about?

  47. The Iowa Straw poll is meaningless, especially when she went on to get only 5% of the Iowa Caucus. She is not mainstream.

    USA Today 60 Minutes Poll:
    It is not a poll of Republicans and was not a question of GOP influence as you claim in you original comment above:

    “By a wide margin (26%), Americans consider Rush Limbaugh the nation’s most influential conservative voice.”

    Harris Interactive:

    Harris did not ask the question you claim. “Looking at a list of 26 current affairs personalities, when asked which three are their favorites,” You either don’t read what you link to or don’t care. Either way you are wrong.

  48. Cro, this is what you said.

    “Given that Limbaugh consistently scores in the top 5 in polls asking Republicans who the most influential voice in the party is, yeah, I’d say he’s mainstream.”

    None of your links actually back this up.

  49. How about I put what you wrote in Obamaspeak: “… as NJ weathers the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, Christie has managed to ‘stabilize’ employment and the business environment in the State.” (My quote.)

    Obamaspeak? That’s almost literally what Christie said when those new, bad numbers came out.

    I blame Bush!

    You’re not alone! New Washing Post/NBC poll has 54% of respondents blaming Bush for today’s economy, and only 32% Obama. But let’s never blame the guy who ruined everything, because that would be partisan.

  50. Nerd, this is getting tiresome. A 60 Minutes-Vanity Fair poll found Rush to be “the most conservative voice in America”, beating out sarah Palin, John Boehner, and Dick Cheney as well as Beck and Hannity. Conservative Voice, not conservative entertainer.

    If you want to insist that candidates make trips to NY to kiss Trump’s ring, that they refrain from criticizing Rush’s piggish comments, because these people are not mainstream, go ahead. If you want to believe that Bachmann is elected to the House and given prominent play in GOP circles and is a serious candidate for the presidential election, yet is not mainstream, have at it. You’re fooling yourself.

  51. So now Bush “ruined everything”, huh?

    nick, I can hear the strands of the Benny Hill theme behind your comments too.

    Obama’s just a nice guy “trying to clean up this mess from the car driven off the cliff,” huh? Again, even though he had a majority for 2 years. HE chose to do healthcare and left the economy to be saved by the Stimulus even though the Dems were in the Majority. He chose to offer no budget, no plan. No nothing. He chose to not meet with his “Job’s Council.”

    He choose not to lead at a time when American needs a bold leader- he was the guy, everyone was excited by his election, and instead of using this to inspire a nation by saying, “we’re going to the moon,” he pulled a Bush, and said, “go shopping,” leaving many to say, huh? And the Repubs to say, we can beat this guy.

    And two years later, they did. American, unfortunately, suffers because of BOTH parties.

  52. Again your claim Cro:
    “Given that Limbaugh consistently scores in the top 5 in polls asking Republicans who the most influential voice in the party is, yeah, I’d say he’s mainstream.”

    It is only tiresome because you can’t back up your claim.

    My point is that none of the polls that you are using to make your Rush claim was accurate to the point that you were making. All I did was go to the Harris poll that you cited and to the links that you provided. The polls either ask a broader population of Americans, do not specify what the Republican’s answers were (as in the USA Today link that you provided), or the question gives a defined list of entertainers as in the Harris poll that you cited. The Harris poll is off topic anyway because it actually was a poll of likeability not of influence.

    Also, Bachmann was at no point a “serious candidate for the presidential election.” She was merely a great lightning rod for the lefties to latch onto in the press. Again, she got 5% of the vote in the Iowa Caucus. She was out of the race before it got started. If you call that serious, then have at it, because I don’t.

    As far as Trump, they guy who ultimately won the nomination for the GOP was the one guy that didn’t go to Trump and kiss his ring. Funny thing is I am not a Republican, I just hate it when people say things that they refuse to or can’t back up!

  53. Mitt may have met with Trump in NYC, I thought it was only at the Las Vegas endorsement by Trump. My bad, the main points are still intact from above.

  54. September 26, 2011, in The Trump Towers. In case the link breaks.

    And again, by the way, in Las Vegas and one more time in Ohio.

  55. As for the polls not “making my point”, the 60 Minutes Vanity Fair most certainly does support it.

    But I guess if you don’t like the result, you just ignore it.

    But I am happy to hear that a great many Republicans detest Rush as well. Certainly most of the GOP’ers I know cannot stand him.

  56. The 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll in the USA Today link was not a poll of Republicans. It does not breakout the respondants by political party. It therefore does not support what you say.

  57. Prof, I believe that the metaphorical car was “in a ditch,” according to one of Obama’s early oratorical stylings. He and his minions have been working tirelessly, against all odds, for nigh on four years to find and free the vehicle. Evidently it isn’t on a golf course!

  58. Good thing about that, deadeye, because according to Lubbock Texas judge Tom Head, Obama and the UN are out to take away all of our good old American golf courses and start a civil war!

  59. (deadeye, I was purposefully mixing my Obama blaming Bush metaphors. Obama’s gonna “clean” up the mess, “get” us out of the ditch, “move” us forward, and most of all he IS NOT at “war” with women. I happily intend to mix all of this up in various metaphors, similes and other figures of speech in the coming weeks. Either way, everyone knows that smartest man to ever be President will save us all, because the Repubs want to see we Black folks “back in chains.”)

    Save us Obama, you’re our only hope!

  60. Prof, The next few months should be wild. I can’t believe that Boden’s comments weren’t found to be profoundly offensive.

    Spiro, We’ll need the golf courses to build internment and re-education camps for the recalcitrant during the next administration of The Glorious Leader…

    I can’t believe that no one is making hay out of the Post’s Christie story this morning…

  61. (hey deadeye, I am now explaining what I was doing now that I’ve done it! I live in a bubble and believe that everybody wants to know what I think and what I’m doing. I’ll continue to give everyone updates on whatever crosses my mind, and then try to explain its significance, in the coming weeks!)

    Stay tuned!

  62. The “I won, get over it” applies to many politicians. Christie provided an example after he defeated Corzine.

    The NJEA (the teachers’ union) had made a Corzine victory its major target, with deep resources and volunteer banks for the purpose. Legitimate political activity in the view of some people, over the line in the view of others. But there was no question that the voters were unhappy about the lack of school accountability, the soaring school expenses, huge amounts of taxpayer money being used in new school construction, especially in Elizabeth, Camden, and New Brunswick.

    The NJEA came in to seek some kind of rapprochement. No dice.

    Steve Sweeney (the senate leader) and Sheila Oliver (the assembly leader) had a tough choice. Stand with their traditional allies, and risk the wrath of the voters, or stand with Christie, and put in some reforms.

    The publicity about school board members with multiple relatives on the payroll in no show jobs, in construction projects for those schools, and even with kids in the free lunch program pretty much tipped the balance for many legislators. A little graft and corruption is the Jersey way, but these folks were stealing way too much…

  63. Does anyone here actually believe Mitt Romney cares one bit about the country or fixing our problems? Please. He’s a spoiled brat who has done everything he can already with his money, so why not run for president and keep the taxes he may or may not have paid on his fortune to a minimum? Its all a vanity effort to keep his has-been governor name in the history books and protect his fortune. If he gets in, he’ll probably sit back for 4 years and blame the Democrats for everything, and then start going to church again in 2016. He’s a dirty politician, the same as all the others. He’s not the second coming of Christ.

  64. Agree with redrum. And Romney is a 1%er. His runningmate Ryan sounds like an Ayn Randist. Two white guys running the executive branch?? No thanks.

  65. I happen to be here in the south relaxing and chatting up Tuesday with a few folks, to my surprise, they think Christie is awesome. They have a completely different view of our govenor than most of us do. It baffled me how outsiders look up to him in a way we don’t.

  66. @ textwoman2011:

    The funniest/dumbest/most-oblivious-to-American-History comment of the day:

    “Two white guys running the executive branch?? No thanks.”

    Ummmm….. Other than the last 3 years, when has this not been the norm?

    So if the Repubs had 2 Black guys, they’d have your vote? (Cain/West 2016!!!)

  67. not my faves within that scenario, prof.
    If they were alive and younger, even if they ran for the GOP slate, I’d probably support Louis Armstrong for President and Billie Holliday for VP, Marvin Gaye for Secretary of State and of course, Jimi Hendrix for Secretary of the Treasury. Unlike the present situation, the Tampa Convention would actually be fun to watch and completely free of BS.

  68. Following up on Spiro’s post: His proposed slate of Armstrong, Holiday, Gaye, and Hendrix might be, as he says, completely free of BS…..but probably loaded with THC.

  69. Cro- you can make fun of me and try to deflect all you want. What you are linking to does not prove your point. I have seen you do this on other stories/comments all the time. It is like you don’t read the articles or don’t care to understand the actual significance of what you link to.

    The article that you most recently linked to has a poll that is finally of people that self identify as GOP voters. It is only in 3 states, but it does reference an earlier, national poll. Most importantly the respondents are being asked to say whether they have a favorable view, unfavorable view, or no opinion a specific radio personality, Rush. They are not saying he is an influential voice for the GOP, nor are they saying that he is an influential voice of the conservative movement. It is a like or dislike poll of a specific radio personality.

    As always you miss the mark. Either link to something that proves your point, change your point to line up with what the proof illustrates or (my preference) just stop.

    Again this is what you have said:
    “Given that Limbaugh consistently scores in the top 5 in polls asking Republicans who the most influential voice in the party is, yeah, I’d say he’s mainstream.” -cro

    You have yet to find one poll let alone multiple, consistent polls to show your point. I know a lot of people that consider themselves as GOP and not one of them listens to or considers Rush a voice for what they believe.

  70. htorrone says it all. Do you think you people in B’ville might be out of touch?

    As far as textwoman2011 racist, divisive, class warfare comment straight from the Obama textbook, that could be the dumbest comment since Plugs Biden said ‘you’ll end up in chains”. I wish I could have that 5 seconds of my life back because it was wasted reading it.
    Being a 1% is bad now, haha. making money is bad? Why don’t you check the salaries of the Union heads around the country that do nothing but siphon money off their members, plenty of one percenters there. Plenty in sports, hollywood, enmtertainment. Oh, but those are the one’s you like because most are libs. Maybe some of you libs should stop being so envious as to what other people are making and worry about yourseleves. BTW- I love Ayn Rand and I love the 1% that pay about 50% of this countries taxes. I don’t like Obama’s giving billion of our tax dollars to bail his Goldman buddies though. Here you go, this is from a few months back.

  71. @ nerdherd, cro’s on point only when you have that Benny Hill theme in the background. When you do you will find him an enjoyable fellow, witty even. Without it though, he’s a bit of a boar/bore.

    Oh, and textwoman2011, remember that evil 1% pays for the vast majority of everything with their tax dollars. Those fine folks who make up the lower 50% don’t even compare. So show some respect, we rich pay for the rest of “y’all” (as I’m reminded every month when I pay my town tax).

    Strange though, in my younger days we ASPIRED to be rich. Most kids still do, so let’s not crush their dreams!!

    KISS ME, I’M THE 1%

  72. Despite what you might hear from loud people on the radio, herb, “envy” is not a big motivator for “libs.” Often, it’s a belief that the less savory among the private sector players cannot be trusted and that the government is needed to step in to keep things lawful. This belief is backed up by decades of well-documented private sector behavior. Unfortunately, considering that so many in government are on the take from the same folks they are supposed to watch, the results are often lousy. Hence, the government is detested as well for being incompetent.

  73. Oh you’re absolutely right, nerdherd.

    Rush is not at all influential in GOP circles. Note “influential”, not admired, liked, etc. “Influential” means just that. So when John mcCain says that Rush has too much influence in the party, that doesn’t mean anything. Because McCain is not mainstream either. Or when George Will says so, because he too is not mainstream. You seem to have trouble understanding the concept of “influential”.

    You’re like a lot of folks who simply dismiss what is right in front of their eyes because it doesn’t fit your own view. That’s fine.

    But keep “noticing” my comments “all of the time”. Its good to be appreciated!

    And prof, by all means keep up the Benny Hill meme. It’s HYSTERICAL! (You might be in line for a BIG show on NBC, despite your contempt for them!)

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  74. It’s a toss-up as to who’s kicking up the most foam at the moment …either Tropical Storm Isaac or the harmless right wing eccentrics of Baristaville.

  75. Now I understand that you can’t back up what you say cro.

    “You’re like a lot of folks who simply dismiss what is right in front of their eyes because it doesn’t fit your own view. That’s fine.”

    Why because I point out how flawed your argument is?

    “You’re like a lot of folks who simply dismiss what is right in front of their eyes because it doesn’t fit your own view. That’s fine.”

    Kind of like how you can’t admit that the current president is a total failure as a leader?

    Cro, you are like a lot of folks who make things up about another group of folks to make yourself feel better about your bias and to feel smarter than them even though you really have no clue. That’s fine!

  76. Sorry, nerdherd. I dropped off in the middle of all of that.

    But whatever it was, I’m sure it was right!

  77. If I say that:

    I can’t win an argument on merit.

    Obama is a failed leader.

    All that nerdherd believes is true.

    Will you then go away?

    If so, where do I sign?

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