It’s Official: Mitt Romney is the Republican Nominee for President

Mitt Romney took the stage last night in Tampa to officially accept his nomination as the Republican candidate for president. In his acceptance speech, he focused on the failure of President Obama to resolve the country’s economic problems, saying “You know there’s something wrong with the kind of job he’s done as president when the best feeling you had was the day you voted for him.”

The former governor of Massachusetts also spoke of his own life–his career, his mother, his wife and sons–in an attempt, perhaps, to better connect to a public that has by and large found him out of touch with common folks.

Pundits called the speech effective and powerful, if not historic. Romney reportedly wrote most of it himself.

The acceptance speech capped the end of the four day convention, whose highlights included speeches by V.P.nominee Paul Ryan and New Jersey’s own Chris Christie, hurricane warnings, and a few controversial moments.

Gov. Christie was criticized for devoting much of his keynote speech to himself, with no mention of Mitt Romney until the end. On Wednesday, reported Buzzfeed, Christie referred to those critics of his speech as “idiots,” a word commonly employed by our governor.

In other New Jersey/RNC news, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus revealed that he grew up in Netcong, a small town in the Vietnamese countryside near the Cambodian border a town in Morris County. Preibus, who has also said he grew up in Wisconsin, moved from the Garden State when he was seven, reported

“I have a real affinity for New Jersey,” he said.

Did you catch Romney’s speech? What did you think?


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  1. Why is Romney trying to pick a fight with Russia ?? Pretty damn stupid of him.

    Otherwise, I guess he did better than Clint – but there will be no bounce.

  2. “Pundits called the speech effective and powerful, if not historic.”

    Did those pundits happen to see the choir to which Romney was preaching nodding not with satisfaction but with abject boredom? At least Clint can blame whatever it was he ingested before his embarrassment. And I thought I was supposed to fear Carl Rove and his Merry Pranksters…

  3. I figured it out: watch the first 5 mins. do something for about 45 mins.- for me it was a phone call- check back in, and all these speeches work. Otherwise, they all had me bored (except Condi, I LOVE Condi!)

    I like Romney, a very decent and smart- not Law Prof smart, but CEO smart, man with a history of working with folks to accomplished complicated goals (Bain, Mass healthcare, Olympics). For me, as Romney said, Obama has disappointed and I see nothing that makes me believe that he’s got anything new to try in the next 4 years.

    Coupled with Obama’s negative and criticizing 2012 campaign, which is the antithesis of Obama 2008, and I don’t have a reason to vote for him.

    (But IF Obama gives me a 15 minute speech, next week, I could change my mind. But I doubt it.)

  4. Johnqp, you really are rapidly becoming the most predictable sort of “progressive” frother on this site. Such a rapid rise to prominence. (Have you met croiagusanam yet? You’d mesh well, but I’m not sure he really likes competition.) But without any corresponding obvious sharpness. (Didn’t you just refer to Condoleeza’s speech as “baloney?” Bad move.)

    As for Clint, some of it was very, very strained indeed. Perhaps that was an index of his obvious frailty. Still, I thought it interesting that the usually reticent Eastwood felt this coming election is important enough to merit a personal appearance by him. And culturally, he wears lightly the sort of genuine importance that Woody Allen can only ever dream of. Clint is in many ways our generation’s Orson Welles.

    Russia is hardly ever our “pal.” Politically, economically, socially. That Mitt hints he’s willing enough to take on Putin’s epressive satrapy (so many ex-KGB flunkiesin positions of power both regional and national) is fine and dandy by me.

  5. I’m still waiting for gerogettes paul ryan’s lies in his speech.

    Herb, if you read anything other than The Drudge Report, you would have seen plenty of stories noting how many times Ryan lied Wednesday night. Of course, none of them have the Drudge stamp of approval, so you won’t believe it any way.

  6. Johnq- Current news from Russia should illustrate to you how it was neither a throwback, nor is it stupid. Letting Putin have his way with us, that is stupid. Russia has been going in the wrong direction since Obama took office. If you want to avoid a cold war all over again, now is the time to nip it in the bud!

  7. Russia has been going in the wrong direction since Obama took office.”

    Obama is President of Russia, too? Cathar, did you know that?

  8. Still, I thought it interesting that the usually reticent Eastwood felt this coming election is important enough to merit a personal appearance by him.

    Usually reticent? Didn’t he appear in a commercial in February that folks on the right were claiming was Obama propaganda? He also publicly endorsed McCain four years ago.

  9. Fine speech, but he owes too many favors to shady people I have no use for.
    Adelson comes to mind, for starters.
    And I continue want a more liberal Supreme Court, more American reliance on alternative energy, and a continued strong foreign policy, so Obama’s the man for me, and herb too.

  10. ” If you want to avoid a cold war all over again, now is the time to nip it in the bud! ”

    C’mon….The Soviet Union is OVER – or did you not get the message ?

  11. If we listen to Clint “We don’t need lawyers in the White House” Eastwood then I guess we shouldn’t vote for Obama or Romney. Not sure why they’d let part of “liberal” Hollywood get up there and talk about why the man of the hour shouldn’t be elected but at least it wasn’t the stupidest thing I’ve seen the Republicans do.

  12. Hahah, I thought so Nick…still no examples. I’ve been asking for them for 2 days and nothing. Matter of fact the only thing I see is canned dem party one liners with very little substance.

    That said, herb is packing it in. “The street” will have to do without him for the rest of the day as I am heading out of town. Big weekend for my Yanks, they need to sweep the O’s and get back on track.

    Toodles all, I look foward to your convention next week where undoubtedly the lies and cheap attacks fill flow like water from a fountain due to The Inept One having very little to brag about. Enjoy the gas prices this weekend, they are at an all time high.

    Pick it up Tuesday, maybe by then Georgette will come back with an answer for me.

  13. Yeah getting Bin Ladin, saving Detroit and all those kids who get healthcare such a waste of time. If only he had been able to burn thru a few billion dollar surplus and start wars over imaginary weapons then we’d have something to stand behind. Puleze Obama hasn’t even parachuted into any events to bold face lie to the nation, how can we take him seriously

  14. Romney’s position with regard to Russia reminds me of advice given to novice teachers, “Don’t smile till Christmas”. Romney once again offers a clear choice when compared to President Obama. Obama’s “hope and change” included his wish to establish friendly relations with Iran, seen by some, at the expense of Israel. Iran’s nuclear weapons capability is a major threat in that region. The friendship thing with Iran not only didn’t work but Obama had to do some fancy dancing and backtracking with Israel. So let’s see .. Seek and establish friendly relations with some of the world’s worst dictators and/ or would be dictators – put Putin on that list – Or. Don’t smile till Christmas!!

  15. … and don’t forget those Commies that Obama is going to give to us to put under our beds. Where is Joe McCarthy now that we need him? Clint? Do you know?

  16. I seem to have missed George W’s appearance at the vanilla love-fest. Oh, wait, as far as the GOP is concerned there were no 2 (disastrous) Bush terms – just some guy named Barry or something singlehandedly destroying America.

    The GOP is lying so much they even got called out by FOX NEWS!

    So, lose your memories and vote the GOP way (or not at all).

  17. And don’t let these buffoons keep you loyal Obama supporters from going to the polls in November. “Send in the clowns” is circus code for “the lions just ate the Ringmaster” so do not get complacent around Election Day.

  18. herb,

    I was silly to try to debate politics with you.

    The truth is you are a conservative who would never vote for Obama or any liberal.

    And I’m a liberal who would never vote for Romney or any conservative.

    Still, I enjoy reading most of your comments and we do seem to be more alike when it comes to parenting.

  19. Herb:

    Here are the most glaring lies from his speech:
    1. “A downgraded America.” Ryan blamed the president for the nation’s credit downgrade in August 2011 after Republicans threatened to allow the government to default on its debt for the first time in history. But the ratings agency explicitly blamed “Republicans saying that they refuse to accept any tax increases as part of a larger deal.”
    2. “More debt than any other president before him, and more than all the troubled governments of Europe combined.” Romney has made the almost identical claim, that Obama has amassed more debt “as almost all of the other presidents combined.” But their math doesn’t add up: when Obama took office, the national debt was $10.626 trillion. It has increased to slightly above $15 trillion.
    3. Shuttered General Motors plant is “one more broken promise.” Ryan described a GM plant that closed down in his hometown, Janesville, Wisconsin, and blamed Obama for breaking his promise to keep the plant open when he visited during his campaign. But Obama never made that promise, and the plant shut down in December 2008, before Obama even took office.
    4. Obama “did exactly nothing” on Bowles-Simpson. Ryan said, “He created a bipartisan debt commission. They came back with an urgent report. He thanked them, sent them on their way, and then did exactly nothing.” In fact, Ryan was instrumental in sabotaging the commission, leading the other House Republicans in voting against the plan.
    5. “$716 billion, funneled out of Medicare by President Obama.” Ryan’s favorite lie is a deliberate distortion of Obamacare’s savings from eliminating inefficiencies. Furthermore, Ryan’s own plan for Medicare includes these savings. Romney has vowed to restore these cuts, which would render the trust fund insolvent 8 years ahead of schedule.
    6. “The greatest of all responsibilities is that of the strong to protect the weak.” Ryan closed the speech with an invocation of social responsibility, saying, “The truest measure of any society is how it treats those who cannot defend or care for themselves.” However, numerous clergy members have condemned Ryan’s budget plan as “cruel,” and “an immoral disaster” because of its devastating cuts in social programs the poor and sick rely on. Meanwhile, Ryan would give ultra-rich individuals and corporations $3 trillion in tax breaks.

  20. I find it truly amazing that in a town like Montclair with all it’s intelligent and well spoken people that political conversations can be so detached from reality. Getting your info and analysis from Huffington Post is as shameful as getting your information from Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. I hope Baristanet is a tiny sample of my neighbors and not the norm. I do find one characteristic common with the vast majority of commentators on this site…that is, if you don’t like what is happening in your life it is someone else’s fault! You all have a lot more in common than you think!

  21. “Not at all, cathar. I’d welcome the competition from Johnq.

    God knows I get none from you….”

    Well Done.

  22. Throughout his entire public and private life, Welles was an advocate of Democratic politics and a rabid supporter of the left, invariably identifying himself as “progressive”. He campaigned for FDR and strongly supported the New Deal and associated policies including the WPA.

    Perhaps cathar wasn’t making the political comparison, but a cinematic one, in which case his argument is even more flawed.

  23. Welles, silverleaf, was a mighty fine filmmaker. But for all his bluster, his output was pitiful and he often hid behind the flawed argument of it all being studio executives’ fault. (Similar to Obama blaming Bush, as it happens.) Clint has kept ’em coming, and his finest movies are the equal of pretty much any American director. (Save, perhaps, for Budd Boetticher and Joseph Losey, who are both too individualistic to be lumped with others .) Would you prefer I view Eastwood as our generation’s Howard Hawks? Okay, he is. But he’s better than Hawks, too, and the breadth of his interests is only matched by Hawks. And that is no “flawed” judgment.

    That you imagine yourself so cruelly wonderful, croiagusanam, does not make it so. Nor does it make you any less stuffed full of yourself. And I sometimes worry that you’d just love to drive out all who post here of even a half-conservative bent, save that you also know that would then force you to attempt feeding on, say, Spiro T. Because I doubt you’re someone who truly wishes “allies,” even on so minor a forum as this one really is.

    Lastly, the would-be political insiders who post on this site (reminding me only of beldame Eleanor Clift at her most impotenty screechiest) may dismiss Romney’s remarks last night about Russia. But Mitt may nonetheless be right and you folks wrong. Putin is definitely a throwback to a diffrent sort of Russia, and to believe otherwise goes very much against the evidence to date.

  24. Wells was a genius. And so is Clint. As cathar notes, Clint’s output is dramatic considering how few films some great American filmmakers make today (Tarantino, PT Anderson). It’s almost like in the 70’s when a top group would strive to put out an album a year. (Still waiting for the Vampire Weekend follow-up….. make some music boys!!!)

    Now though, folks- save for Woody- are so damn scared of failure, and/or the money to make files so hard to piece together, that Clint’s output over the last decade- AND the quality of the work is well, dramatic. {And his wife has a reality show too? C’mon.)

    But Wells made the one of the greatest films in Kane, which broke narrative and technical boundaries, and the first shot of “Touch of Evil” alone is dissertation material (as is the film, despite Heston looking perhaps like Romney’s “Mexican” father).

    However, the number of great Clint films certainly puts him with the very best ever. Add this to my known man-crush on Matt Damon and you know why Clint’s recent work is my have!!!

  25. No nick, I haven’t.

    For years I was scared to feel his wrath (though secretly honored that he’d comment on my posts). But just as I recently realized that cro’s angry-guy-taking-on-all-comers-I’m-Irish-you-know bluster only works if I hum the Benny Hill theme, I regard cathar as that older, upper classman in your first real Major class, the guy who knows the Professor, is smarter than most (and never afraid to show it), but will, if you need it, help you with your work, listen and perhaps even think you make good points.

    Others however, don’t like him, cause they can’t keep up (witness cathar’s almost daily smackdown of cro and a few others here- including me.

  26. No cathar, I don’t want to “drive” anyone off the site. First, ever since my uncle Gerry died there’s been no one to take up that “‘obnoxious half-eduacted loudmouth” role in my life. You do quite nicely, with your faithful sidekick the prof filling in for those times when you’re out scouting jihadist bars in Clifton.

    I’ve not seen the daily smackdown, prof. But I guess you have. Nice that you have the “I’m Irish” stereotype down , though. I guess that means I can start running in all sorts of welfare, ghetto, Crips and Bloods BS on you when (as if it could happen) you make a point.

    I’m happy to see the cathar/prof Batman and Robin show proceed. Prof looks great in the green panties, and cathar promises to hit the gym to rid himself of the man boobs.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend though, you two. I’m off to Ireland, where REAL men live.

  27. Going on 4 years of empty rhetoric, “check the box” progressive ideological pronouncements, utter economic ineptitude, and megalomaniacal narcissism, how could anyone not be screaming for some competence and leadership? This is a failed administration. They can’t get out of their own way. It’s not working. End of story. How can people even stand to listen to Obama anymore, much less vote for him? Then again, the people that I grew up around lost everything in the war and came to America for the opportunity to rebuild their lives. Highly educated men worked in factories and as tailors so that their sons and daughters could become professors and doctors. That opportunity for advancement still exists, even as the traditional work ethic that must accompany it is undermined by governmental strategies designed to sap motivation and trap people on a hamster wheel of government subsidy. I feel sorry for a couple of posters above whose flat thinking and class envy mark them as ego inflated worker bee drones that wouldn’t be able to find an economic opportunity if it bit them in the ass. I’m not referring to the old time liberal standard bearers here, so please don’t take of offence.

  28. How can people even stand to listen to Obama anymore, much less vote for him?

    Obviously, many people disagree with your assessment – and if current polls are to be believed, slightly more would disagree with you than agree.

    As for me, I think Romney is a flip-floppin’ say-anything-to-get-elected ass clown. I’m sure you, and others here such as prof and herb would disagree, not that I can understand why.

  29. So deadeye, I see that you don’t wish to piss off those “old time liberal standard bearers”. Good neighborliness is a valuable asset, and you seem to know the complexion of the town you live in.

    By the way, unlike you, deadeye, I very much enjoy listening to Obama, and have enjoyed it since 2008. It was a massive relief, for the first time in eight years, to hear a president who didn’t say idiotic sounding things like “nukular”.

    But the fact that your dislike Obama so viscerally, to the point where you can’t stand his voice, and that it therefore transcends policy issues, is a refreshingly candid admission, considering how many of Obama’s foes insist! INSIST! I N S I S T ! that it’s strictly about “failed policies”.

    You and I appear to agree that it is something much deeper.

  30. It is deeper. It’s IDEOLOGY. He’s clearly over his head. The most pressing issues that we face today are economic, and that’s a discipline that Obama is unschooled in. This wrenching lurch toward a socialistic centrally planned economy has frustrated and paralyzed us. Bush made many, many mistakes. Given that he is a product of Andover and Yale, his elocution was somewhat puzzling, but that’s really a peripheral issue.

  31. This wrenching lurch toward a socialistic centrally planned economy has frustrated and paralyzed us.

    You truly are living on a different planet, aren’t you?

    How is life on Mars, anyway? Have you taken a ride on the Curiosity rover yet?

  32. Deadeye..I hope you are right with your assessment that Obama is unschooled in economics. The danger is that you underestimate him. Running up the deficit is a way of dispersing wealth from responsible savers (ones he deems as “the rich”) to the irresponsible debtors (ones he deems as “the poor”). The destruction of savings during a second term will be enough to break the foundation of capitalism. There will be no incentive to succeed. My gut tells me he is not as clueless as he seems…he is on a mission.

  33. Pardon me for asking, deadeye, but since when did “megalomaniacal narcissism” equate with the president’s “ideology”? I thought it was a personality disorder. Silly me.

    …And all this time I thought “megalomaniacal narcissism” was the stuff that compelled young hedge funders to build preposterous second homes in the Hamptons.

    Why not just admit it, deadeye? You hate Obama. All this stuff about ideology and policy is just veneer.

    Think about it, deadeye, us old standard bearer liberals share the POTUS’ ideology and policy, and you claim to like us enough to want to live in our liberal town.

  34. Romney is an asshat who will say anything to win. Because it’s about kicking out the guy who isn’t a member of the angry rich white guy club.

  35. “compelling young hedge funders to build preposterous second homes in the Hamptons”
    Spiro, it’s time for you to take a trip out east to see who exactly owns those preposterous second homes. It’s not who you think…or who you wish. You spend way too much time on the internet….it could cloud anyone’s perspective of reality. Pssst…big party at Jay-Z’s tonight….

  36. flipside, I’ve been to the Hamptons ( what a waste of time and gas ), and I know who goes there, too. We have Hamptons denizens in certain branches of our extended families, and among friends of friends. And they’re not rap singers. Nice try at smokescreening, though! Yours is a somewhat clever version of those tall boxwood hedges out there – you know, the ones that demurely hide the remaining tasteful homes from a less vulgar era.

  37. Ah, the “insiders” are at it again. Futilely, as usual.

    My impression, however, is that so many of those inhabiting homes in the Hamptons this summer (rappers included) rent. Do not own. And that the folks who actually own some of these $35,000 per month residences live lives of much more public modesty than their famed tenants.

    That you’d vote for a chair, jerseygurl, is well up to your usual standards of sapience.

  38. Flipside makes some valid points. It is clear that there is an economic agenda at work. A nefarious one! As for the reflexive defenders, keep saying it over and over and it still won’t be true. Here’s the deal: I’m an average white guy that works for a living. I believe that effort leads to accomplishment, and don’t need the government making my decisions for me. If some of you have a problem with any of those things we’re screwed as a society.

  39. Here’s one for you, deadeye. I too believe that effort leads to accomplishment, I work hard, and I make my own business decisions. I will still be voting for Obama. Why? I don’t like the company that Romney keeps, and the favors he will owe, and that’s more than enough for me.
    It’s a right wing myth that all the hard working folks reflexively vote Republican. It just ain’t so.
    If it were so, your party would attract many more hard working young women and hard working minorities. But it doesn’t. The reasons are there if you look for them.

  40. We clearly have different perspectives on things Spiro. As for the views held by the young and minorities, it’s largely a product of the orthodoxies imparted by the educational system. It’s what they’re taught. For the minorities, it’s the self-perpetuating and metastasizing beurocracy for which they are the fodder. Once they get a taste of success and life in a meritocracy, they quickly get the picture. These are legacies of the 60’s that we’re saddled with.

  41. This wrenching lurch toward a socialistic centrally planned economy has frustrated and paralyzed us.

    The minute you start in with socialism, you betray your wignuttery. When you accuse you president whose major achievement is forcing everyone in the country to buy private health insurance, you reveal that you don’t know what socialism means.

  42. So, Obama isn’t trying to impose socialism on us, Nick? And I’M the wingnut? Educate me oh swami of the smooth brain!

  43. So, Obama isn’t trying to impose socialism on us, Nick? And I’M the wingnut? Educate me oh swami of the smooth brain!

    That you couldn’t rebut my point is telling.

  44. cathar, in the Welles – Eastwood argument, it seems you are misguidedly measuring talent based on quantity not quality; a polemic, universally speaking, you do not want to get caught up in.

    To say that Eastwood’s finest movies are the equal of any American director, including Welles, especially Welles, must put you in a very minority category indeed, at least among those who have the slightest modicum of the subject of film. Of which movies do you speak? The Outlaw Josie Wales, The Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby. All good movies, perhaps even very good movies, buy not great movies. Not game changers, not Kane, Lady From Shanghai, The Magnificent Ambersons, nor Touch of Evil, as Prof so astutely pointed out.

    It may not have occurred to you that Wells was not only the l’enfant terrible of this time, but also the quintessential autuer of his generation, typically writing, directing, producing, and acting in his works for radio, stage, and screen. His interpretation of the classics (Macbeth, Othello), was met with both critical and commercial success, and his use of innovative cinematography . . . deep focus, tracking shots, uninterrupted long takes, was nothing less groundbreaking for it’s day.

    I’ll also remind you that Welles was voted the “The Greatest Director of All Time” in multiple international polls among his peer directors and in separate AFI polls.

    And what of the others . . . Ford, Huston, Wilder, just to name a few American directors, not to mention Fellini, Bergman, Kurasowa? The venerable Thalia, unfortunately, did not serve you well during your time at alma mater!

    To answer your self serving question, “Would you prefer I view Eastwood as our generation’s Howard Hawks?” . . . I prefer and expect nothing from you, least of all a cogent comparison of American film directors, Hawks or no Hawks!

    And yes, at the end, while it seems he appeared on one too many talk shows performing one too many magic tricks, and endorsed not the best champagne product, at least he retained his dignity and didn’t make a horse’s arse of himself in front of a national audience for all to witness.

    I anticipate a hastily cobbled reply; for you, the prototypical narcissist, are unable to delay gratification and must always have the erroneous last word.

    GO PENN.

  45. Barack Obama a Socialist ?? The Froth Brigades are at it again. Obama is about a much a “socialist” as Republican Congressman Ryan is “pro choice” .

  46. “Touch of Evil” is somewhat overrated, silverleaf. And that baffling “restored” version that the Starz-Encore networks ran for a while didn’t help the Wellesian case one bit.

    I also don’t think that any actor who appeared in either “The Black Rose,” “Lafayette” or “The Mongols” as Welles did retained his, uh, “dignity” terribly well. He did them all, and so much other dreck (I even recall him in Yuoglavian-made WWII movies), even as he continued to direct his own projects, in order to maintain the lifestyle of a sumptuary. And really, the world was never waiting for a “complete” 12 hour or thereabouts print of ‘The Lady from Shanghai.’ Then he only compounded his many offenses by forever blaming studio executives.

    There are other very fine directors I’d put in Eastwood’s class, but no, not Ford, he of the flawed sentimentality (about where to film as much as about what emotions to emphasize), and Huston, who often made very bad movies altogether. And for an understanding of the directors’ “The Searchers” and “The Unforgiven,” you might someday try reading the original novels by Alan LeMay which were adapted for the screen. (Something Welles didn’t exactly do when he tackled Booth Tarkington’s Ambersons novels.) Again, Eastwood has made movies across an impressive range of genres and styles (and has tried overturning many American myths in the process). That diehard liberals probably hate and totally misunderstand him only adds to his appeal.

    And now back to watching “Hitler’s Madman,” a Douglas Sirk movie I’d never heard of before.

    (Really, too, the “Go Penn” part of your post was a bit much. I hope you’re not asserting that your own capacity for bile is equal to that of Al Bagnoli.)

  47. No cather, not Al Bagnoli, just reference to the historical head-to-head results in UP v. CU basketball and football competition.

  48. That diehard liberals probably hate and totally misunderstand him only adds to his appeal.

    Where are you getting this info that die-hard liberals hate Clint Eastwood? As I recall, conservatives howled after “Million Dollar Baby” that Clint was pushing a liberal agenda, and they did it again in February after he appeared in what Michelle Malkin dubbed Obama propaganda.

    I’m from a family of die-hard liberals, and I know plenty. We don’t care about Clint Eastwood, just like we don’t care about Barbra Streisand. Our supposed hatred of him and love for her is completely imaginary.

  49. Based on Mitt Romney’s hastily called 10 pm EST press conference last night, and his blundering performance in trying to explain the “47%” comments …..this election is officially over. He has lost.

  50. Mark my words, this campaign is over.

    And Rasmussen has always weighted itself towards the GOP . Not the most objective of polls.

  51. I think Democrats are celebrating too early, but it’s not without reason. Romney is pretty much as disaster candidate at this point. You don’t call a 10 pm press conference on a Monday night if you think you’re doing OK.

    I think what’s particularly disastrous about his latest gaffe is that he has to win over voters who went for Obama in ’08, and it’s hard to do that if you call them lazy moochers who you don’t care about. Sure, Republicans love his comments (well, except for David Brooks, and Bill Kristol) because they actually believe that nonsense about 47% of Americans not paying taxes, but when you have to get Obama voters on your side, best not to insult them 49 days before the election.

    Also, Mitt, I pay a higher percentage of my income to the government than you do.

  52. I remember a poster here a few weeks ago whining that black and Latino voters won’t ever vote for Republicans. This is why. Because the national GOP leader just called them all lazy moochers he doesn’t care about.

  53. First Mitt insults the British over the Olympics.

    Then he insults the Palestinans over the topic of culture.

    Next he bizarrely declares Russia to be our “Number One Enemy” ( Hmmm. Who have we been fighting for the last decade ? Hint : Sounds like Al-something ??)

    Then, he screws up the Libya event timelines.

    And now he claims 47% of the electorate are victims who don’t deserve healthcare?

    Remind me why we wanted a CEO/MBA/Businessman in charge again ?

    This guy can’t even run a campaign, let alone the Presidency.

    Put a fork in it – this is over.

  54. And national Democrat leaders call small town folks bitter and that they cling to guns and religion.

    nick, you’re fake-outrage here is telling. And funny.

    But reading what Romney said, what exactly was wrong with it? It may have been inappropriate (something that should not be said, but we all know them to be true like, having a two parent household being better than a single parent); but saying that since many don’t pay income tax, they won’t respond to a tax cut is not really controversial. Likewise, adding that since many folks get something from the Gov, they might be less enthused with a “Smaller Gov” guy, is also not too controversial.

    I will certainly agree that it is sad with politicians (Dems and Repubs) seem to say different thing to different audience. But then, don’t we all?

    Lastly, do you need another lesson on the difference between interest income (ask the rich and elderly), and wages?

  55. The difference between Obama’s bone-headed comments and Romney’s is Obama was telling his supporters to empathize with his opponents. Romney was saying he doesn’t care about his opponents and he doesn’t intend to.

    saying that since many don’t pay income tax, they won’t respond to a tax cut is not really controversial.

    And those aren’t the controversial comments. What people object to is Romney saying that the folks who don’t pay income tax are basically victims and moochers and he doesn’t care about them.

    Prof, you are speaking to the right of Bill Kristol. Think about that.

  56. He’s also saying the people in the Obama camp are already voting for him and they’re the 47% that’s comprised of moochers. I’m voting for Obama and I know I pay more than Mitt percentage wise because I hit AMT every year. And guess what, I’ll bet he hasn’t paid a whole lot of income tax over the years either – because capital gains tax isn’t federal income tax either.

    This is very different from “guns and religion”. Obama was saying he’s on their side, and understands why they are bitter and cling to what they know because they’ve been shafted. Mitt is saying they deserve to be shafted by him because they’re all moochers. Not good.

  57. I’m voting for Obama and I know I pay more than Mitt percentage wise because I hit AMT every year.

    What a moocher! If only you inherited millions and were able to take years off at a time to run for president, and take your entire family with you — then maybe Mitt would think you’re contributing to society.

  58. (johnqp, please put quotes around your text, since it’s lifted from Brooks’ column today– don’t try to pass this off as your own.)

    Right. Obama’s “clinging” comment was EMPATHY.

    C’mon folks, I know you are firmly in the tank for your guy, but try, at least, to be fair. What’s next Obama’s staggering unemployment in the Black community is “character building”?

    Obama’s comment was as boneheaded as Romney’s. Though when parsed, and intellectualized, one can draw a sensible argument from both.

    Still, I am most struck by the media’s quick diversion from the Middle East to Romney (again). This makes me- and Obama voting Independent- believe that they like many here, are in the tank for Obama.

  59. This is what Obama said in ’08:

    You go into these small towns in Pennsylvania and, like a lot of small towns in the Midwest, the jobs have been gone now for 25 years and nothing’s replaced them. And they fell through the Clinton administration, and the Bush administration, and each successive administration has said that somehow these communities are gonna regenerate and they have not.
    And it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.

    If the message — i.e., “these voters have been through a lot, and it’s not a surprise that they do these things that you think are strange” — isn’t obvious, you’re the one that’s deluding yourself, not me.

  60. Next time I’m in Times Square, I’ll stop and count the first 100 people I see, and know that 47 of them are moochers. The world according to Mitt….

  61. There are people that, in a million years, would NEVER vote for Romney, under any circumstance. No matter what Romney does or doesn’t do, he will never get their vote. He realizes that.

  62. Ahhh people that aren’t voting for Romney talking about Romney talking about people that won’t vote for Romney.

  63. Listen, This president is failure across the board. He was able to hide his ineptness on foreign policy until last week. Last week is probably one of the most emabarassing moments in this nations history. Hillary and Maobama , two inept peas in a pod.

  64. Mitt will be fine – a career as talking head on Fox is far less stressful than the job of POTUS. Fox may not be renewing Palin’s contract, so I see an opening….

  65. Here’s earth shattering news for you non-Romney voters. I am voting for him and I agree with him. So johnqp, your cancelled out. You people live in the lib bubble of B’ville and have no clue what people think across the fruited plains.

  66. And let’s not forget the fund raising junkets. He makes his 11th fundraising trip to NYC today (same time as Ahmadinejad, isn’t that interesting!) Methinks a record has been broken.

  67. Of course the two statements are not comparable. Only someone who is “in the tank” AGAINST Obama would suggest that they are.

    As for embarrassing moments in “the nation’s history”, maybe slavery, Watergate, Indian removals, Vietnam — i don’t know, maybe they’re more “embarrassing”

  68. Listen, This president is failure across the board. He was able to hide his ineptness on foreign policy until last week. Last week is probably one of the most emabarassing moments in this nations history. Hillary and Maobama , two inept peas in a pod.

    And yet your hapless candidate hasn’t had a real lead in months. Perhaps he should eventually reach out to the mooching 47%?

  69. WIth all due respect herb, you’re suggesting that Baristaville bubble and similar places are the only bastions of Obama support. That would be, what, 10% of the nation? Problem is, Obama is picking up 50% of the voters. It’s like Clinton said at the convention: “arithmetic” !

  70. Now Romney said “Palestinians have no interest in establishing peace”. It’s actually refreshing to hear someone speak the truth and not bow and kiss the feet of these haters. He’s right again. Let’s see the lying liberal media spin this one.

  71. “(johnqp, please put quotes around your text, since it’s lifted from Brooks’ column today– don’t try to pass this off as your own.)”

    ??? Never even remotely intended it as my own – whatever even gave you that far fetched idea ?

    “I am voting for him and I agree with him. So johnqp, your cancelled out. You people live in the lib bubble of B’ville and have no clue what people think across the fruited plains.”

    Herbie – I’m still chuckling over your false assertion that Obama’s budget was unanimously voted down in congress – how did your fact checkers let that one get by ? Ahhh…. but you are right, I will vote blue and you will vote red, so therefore we do cancel each other out – Problem for you is that NJ is still a blue electoral state.

  72. Romney is calling on the hidden cam leakers to put out full video. he has nothing to hide. Will they?

    …Only his tax returns, Herbie , only his tax returns. Adios

  73. 4 Americans are dead because Hillary Clinton and the inept one failed to to do their job and keep our people and embassy’s secure. This administration is a failure.

  74. Yup John Q…emabassy’s are burning and Americans are being dragged dead through the streets even after the inept one went on his apology tour a few years back….and your worried about a tax return. hahahaha…so out of touch.

  75. 4 people are dead because Obama and Clinton failed to do their job? Really?

    I guess thousands are dead in Iraq because Bush failed to do his. And 271 Marines are dead in Lebanon because Reagan failed to do his. Is this really the road you want to travel, herb? How asinine.

    How about blaming the people who actually killed those Americans for the act?

  76. herb, I’d love to swap posts with you some more. Unfortunately, I am a small business owner and must attend to my hectic work week. After all, small business owners are America’s job creators and we also pay our federal income taxes ( and them some ) !

    But if I see that you’ve added another 80 posts by day’s end ( that should be easy with you already posting 8 times) , I’ll know that you are probably not working very hard over at your corporate digs, and are therefore you might very well be a card carrying member of the moocher class !

  77. really herb? Blaming Hillary Clinton because protesters didn’t like a movie and attacked the embassy? That’s a new low, even for you.

  78. A good point from Josh Marshall:

    It’s not the biggest point. But it’s worth noting. One of the biggest drivers of the fact that 47% of households pay no income tax is Republican public policy. Specifically, the Earned Income Tax Credit or EITC. Now, to be clear, it’s a good policy. I’m not sure whether it’s better than others like just increasing the minimum wage. But we’re much better with it than without it. Again, though, that’s Ronald Reagan’s baby right there.

  79. Redrum , This had nothing to do with a movie and the Inept administrations knows it. This was a planned Al Qeada intiative and they were warned. Even if it were the movie, the fact that on the anniversary of 9/11 that they failed to have beefed up security at these buildings shows just what they are, inept.

  80. You’re right, herb. The movie is a pretext. This is a war that the US and the west is in, no doubt about it.

    And the president, who has authorized attacks that has decimated ALQ leadership and eliminated dozens of threats against the country, knows it.
    Obama is no more responsible for this embassy attack than Bush was for 9/11. The terrorists are responsible, plain and simple.

    It takes a special kind of hack to turn tragedy into a political point, herb. You’re hitting a new low.

  81. Obama is no more responsible for this than Bush was for the 9/11 attack (he was warned too). Although we can blame Bush for Iraq. That said, it’s clear that Romney doesn’t have the diplomatic skills – either here or abroad – to lead. He’s insulted every country he’s visited and now insults half the population here. FYI, these people DO pay taxes. They are either old and living on social security, earning so little that the Republican EITC negates what they would be paying in FEDERAL income tax, or they earn their money from capital gains. They don’t consider themselves as victims or moochers.

  82. Cro, it’s all Hillary’s fault. It’s Bill’s fault, too. And Jimmy Carter’s. Even Michelle had a hand in it. But if Mitt Romney get’s in, things like this will never, ever happen again. He promised!

  83. Cro, nice try at taking a shot but it his administrations and billary’s responsibitly to protect and guard our embassy’s and staff. Just because it’s a tragedy doesn’t mean you can’t use it for a policitcal point. It simply points out how inept this adminstration is. I’m sure if it were the other way around you libs would have no problem making it an issue as you have done numerous times before.

  84. figures redrum, you can’t argue with the facts so you post something mindless and silly … herb once again has defeated you libs with the facts… now that you have resorted to “he would’ve invaded Russia” to make him look like some idiot , like you try to do with all of your opponents…I’ll move on…toodles.

  85. I don’t know what “libs” would do if it were the other way around, herb. But then it has been.

    There have been attacks against Americans for many years throughout the world. The idea that one can somehow make an embassy secure, with a contingent of Marines (perhaps 20 at best) against a raging mob is laughabale, and it tells me that you have never worn a uniform and have no concept of security. And of course this was a consulate, not an embassy. Frankly, under international law it is the host country’s responsibility to make certain that diplomatic facilities are safe. The embassy personnel cannot do that themselves.

    If Marines could be hit in a fortified barracks, what makes you think that some concertina wire would keep a mob out of a consulate?

  86. “now that you have resorted to “he would’ve invaded Russia” to make him look like some idiot , like you try to do with all of your opponents…I’ll move on…toodles.”

    Attaboy ..quit while you are still a respectable distance behind. Have a good day.

  87. “to make him look like some idiot”

    —Mitt Romney has never needed a handout from anyone in order to look like an idiot.

  88. Have the limo driver fill up before the tunnel, herb. Just common sense.

    Or better yet, take public transportation, you elitist dog.

  89. I used to chopper in to the city during the glory days of the 80s. That was pre-midtown DIRECT, when the lowly 47% office workers had to earn their pittance by transferring in Newark. Oh, the humanity.

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