Local Legislators Speak Out Against Proposed NJ Voter ID Measure

Yesterday, a Pennsylvania judge upheld that state’s new law requiring voters to show a valid government-issued photo identification card at the polls. And at noon today, NJ Citizen Action, joined by state Assemblyman John F. McKeon and Assemblywoman Mila M. Jasey (both D-Essex\Morris) will gather in West Orange to speak out against what they call a “tsunami of voter suppression legislation.”

According to the New York Times, 33 states already have enacted voter ID laws, with 10 states requiring photo ID. Citizen Action notes that, “In New Jersey, voter ID bills have been introduced during both the 2010-2011 and 2012-2013 legislative sessions, and nationally, Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Illinois) has introduced a nationwide voter ID bill. A recent analysis by the PA AFL-CIO found that a quarter of all PA voters who have voted in every Presidential election during the last 50 years lack the ID needed to vote this November.”

Opponents claim the measures will disproportionately keep a large swath of the population from casting ballots in the upcoming presidential election because often the urban poor, minorities, students, and other segments are frequently without a driver’s license or other officially-issued ID documents. In June, one pol’s comment that voter ID laws would boost the Republican presidential vote sparked controversy. Others argue it would have little to no effect on results.

Estimates vary from 11 percent of adults in the U.S. lacking the kind of photo IDs some states now require, up to 45 percent. How much will it matter? Given typical voter turn-out, some reports say that may affect only one percent of votes, but with the memory of Florida in 2000, when only a little more than 500 votes made a difference, it’s easy to see why both political parties are taking sides.

Speaking of voting in November, Vote411.org reminds us that New Jersey registration deadlines are in mid-October, and other rules apply too.

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  1. 6 Points to get a liscense but you can’t fork over an ID to vote? Asking for ID is “voter supression” C’mon. Alarmist.

  2. Hey rumor floating Obama , Hillary and Biden meeting this morning.

    Could this be an attempt to save Obama.
    Is this good bye to Plugz Bidens?

    Anyone else hearing this?

  3. herb,

    While I’m with you with the ID, if it’s not really a problem, then what’s the problem? The answer I tend to agree with is vote protection.

    To this, I’m not so sure why, when I call the phone company from my phone- and they know it!- they STILL require me to give some other “backup” security to insure it’s really me.

    Likewise, with what happened with the recent Apple security breach (see this for background and some simple online security measures: https://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/08/how-not-to-become-mat-honan/) I think asking for ID is not that big a deal.

    Sure you can find some “old” person who doesn’t have an ID, but if the Dems and Repubs can find a way to provide transportation to the voting both, they can find a way to help these few folks without means to get ID.

    Finally, I always laugh when I vote because it seems I have to give more info to take a book from the Montclair “Public” Library.

  4. It’ll probably have no effect at all, but in reality it is very likely more crazy GOP batsh*t: creating a problem where no problem exists, diverting energy and attention from the real issues, and yes, a likely (but dumb and feeble) attempt to keep folks likely to vote Democratic away from the polls.

    We’ve seen all this before. Ho-hum.

  5. Hey rumor floating Obama , Hillary and Biden meeting this morning.

    Rumor floating around…Drudge? In any case, it’s pretty shocking that the president is meeting with his two top aides! You’d better alert the media.

    Could this be an attempt to save Obama.

    Obviously, Obama’s position is not ideal for an incumbent president, but you should probably be more worried about your guy still trailing him in most key races. His VP bounce was low, Republicans fear the Ryan pick will cost him Florida, and he still can’t get ahead of Obama in Virginia. Those are all pretty bad signs.

  6. the “rumor” floating is actually just some odd specualtion from The Weekly Standard, trying to read something into the President’s daily schedule.

    Again, cause Herb cannot do so, here’s the link:


    The Weekly Standard’s WH correspondent is the one who heckled Obama at a press briefing recently, so consider the source…

    BTW Herb, Andrea Peyser wrote about Talyor Swift again today, so you can spit that one out n a day or so…

  7. electedface,

    Despite your assurances, whether or not this is a violation of the 15th Amd (and the Voting Rights Acts) is the dispute.

    But to call an ID requirement, where if one does not have one, it will be provided at no cost, “Voter Suppression at its finest” is a smack to every American denied a vote because they couldn’t pass a test, were not wealthy enough, or couldn’t find the polling place (all historic methods used to deny Blacks the right to vote).

  8. I don’t think its a big deal to ask someone about to vote for an ID of some sort. You need that to buy groceries with a credit card in CA and a lot of other spots.

    However, this assertion that there is rampant “voter fraud” is nonsense. The figure I saw yesterday pointed to 70 — seven zero — cases in Pennsylvania over the past 3 years.

    This is a distraction, and more evidence that “they” are ruining the country — you know, “them”, the ones who vote illegally, collect unemployment and/or welfare and/or food stamps, refuse to work and expect free medical care.

  9. Ahhh JC, Becoming a bit testy, take a page out of spiro’s book, he never gets rattled, always stays classy , clever and with humor. Doesn’t take things personal and realizes in the end we can share a beer and have a few laughs. My taylor swift comment was response to another post that took a shot at me and I just read the Biden meeting on drudge and wanted to know if anyone was hearing it. I think much of what is talked about on here are picked up by other sources. I don’t get the first hand info like you do. I mean it’s obvious your an insider, bwahhahhabwahahah.

    Off to the 1:05 Yankee game, Nova-v-Holland. You can find me in Stan’s in about an hour. Toodles.

  10. cro, I heard the number was 10– ONE ZERO. This is classic “solution in search of a problem” (one of my new favorite expressions).

    Still, I think showing ID only makes sense. Especially when one considers all the other times we happily fork over info– last four digits of a SS#, mom’s maiden name, shopping cards (which know EVERYTHING about you), EZ Pass, Cell Phones, etc.

    @herb, should’ve let me know, I have an in for the Melky Cabrera box seats!

  11. While you are almost always “classy”, herb, yesterday’s comment about the suicide of RFK Jr.’s wife was anything but. How you or anyone else would know what drives a person to such despair, and to suggest that another person is “responsible”, is hideous. Not like you at all.

    And of course on top of it all you got the basic fact wrong. Taylor Swift is dating their son, who is 18 and just lost his mother. Unless you’re suggesting that he caused his mother to kill herself.

    Spend some time in Stan’s reflecting, why don’t you?

  12. Cro, Ok, I can’t go to the Yanks with bad karma hanging over me and I can’t sit there reflecting with an ice cold Bud in my hand. So I apologize if I offended anyone with my Kennedy comment, seriously. Now I really have to go…bibi..have nice day all.

  13. Voter ‘fraud’ is a manufactured problem. Its the cloak that covers over a strategy to tilt a percentage point or two from one ledger to the other.

    It would be really something if this particular strategy caused the right wing to be hoist on its own petard. A significant percentage of people with expired photo IDs are elderly, and the reason for the expiration is often mere oversight. If the laws in photo-ID states are applied strictly and consistently in wealthy districts as well as poor ones, then there will be a contingent of forgetful Republican seniors turned away at their polling places this November. Wonder how that will go over?

  14. Er… memory fails me… do I *not* have to show my license when I vote?? Or is it simply a matter of signing that book a couple of times?

  15. If voter fraud is a “manufactured problem” from the right then voter suppression is probably on the same scale from the left. But in all seriousness the problem of voter fraud is almost unknowable at this point because of the state of the registration process. Roughly 1 in 8 active registrations is invalid or inaccurate. That is a number that could change elections if it were exploited by either side.


    I think as a start, instead of ID they should require a pulse to vote, that will cut down on the 1.8 million active registrations for the deceased.

  16. kay, Nope. Just show up, smile, say you’re profwilliams from UPPER Montclair who lives in a Palatial Estate, sign, and, just like that– you took my vote.

    Seems dumb that’s you have to show nothing, but that’s it. Also seems dumb to cast this simple requirement as voter suppression equal to a poll tax, literacy test, and the other horrors of Jim Crow.

    But since I hear the Repubs wanna see all us Black folks “back in chains,” I’m not surprised.

  17. Every time I buy a gun I have to show ID and that’s a right too. What’s the big deal about showing ID to exercise the right to vote?

  18. What’s the big deal about showing ID to exercise the right to vote?

    Because it’s just a barrier to keep people from voting and there should be no impediments to voting. There’s no other reason for it to exist. No one is pretending to be prof so they can steal his vote. This is just a ploy to keep Dems from voting, as a Republican legislator all admitted when he said, after passage of their Voter ID law, that the law “is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania.”

    And “voter suppression in the ’60s were worse than this” is not an argument.

  19. Republican House Majority Leader Mike Turzai made waves in June when he said at the Republican State Committee meeting that the voter ID law “is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania.”

  20. Merely to google “voter fruad…votes by dead people” (or “votes by convicted felons who cannot legally vote”)is to understand the absolute need for such legislation, and ASAP.

    And no one else recalls how JFK came to the presidency thanks to well-known fraud in both West Virgina and (indeed, where else) Cook County, IL, which includes Chicago? Asking for ID to establish one’s bona fides for such an important thing as exercising one’s voting franchise is hardly a “barrier” to the practice of democracy.

  21. Yes, let’s “google” for proof.

    just the other day I saw that the earth is flat. It was on the internets!

    There are stats as to documented cases of voter fraud. Find them, and produce something that supports your usual BS.

    By the way, the Kennedy election was more than a half-century ago, when many of these “safeguards”, especially in the South, were in place.

  22. (Chicago though, has never been considered part of the – ever evil- “South.” But having lived a few blocks from Obama back in the late 90’s, parts of Hyde Park certainly felt “Southern,” which for me, was not a bad thing. Still, it took some getting used to seeing “fatback and chitlins” advertised in the Supermarket circular.)

    But my real reason for checking back in, was to see if the B-net website was loading quicker- it seems to be running VERY SLOW today. And with my FiOS Quantum Internet, it’s noticeable.

  23. JG, what about the Amish and Mennonites in Pennsylvania? They don’t have driver’s licenses… so what, they can’t vote now?

  24. “Because it’s just a barrier to keep people from voting and there should be no impediments to voting.” How does this sound? “Because it’s just a barrier to keep people from buying guns and there should be no impediments to buying guns.” They are both protected rights. Getting a Government ID is easy and will not stop an honest person from exercising their right to own guns or vote. Why should I need an ID to exercise one right and not the other?

  25. Thanks, herb. I was deeply moved by your generous sentiments from 11:07 AM yesterday. As a result, I decided to give up lattes and cut off my gray ponytail.
    From now on, it’s truck stop coffee and buzz cuts for me.
    Palin/Beck 2016 !

  26. Given that about 10% of the Amish community votes in any given election, it doesn’t seem like much of an issue to me.

    But what about Satan worshippers? They can’t vote now?

  27. Getting a voter ID is NOT easy for everyone. There are only 12 PennDOT offices in the entire state. Not every county has one. Imagine an 85 year old, who no longer drives, living in in say, Boonton or Morris Plains or Hackettstown, having to find a way to get to the NJ DMV office in Wayne. Imagine that same 85 year old having to figure out how to get or replace a birth certificate and social security card? How many of us actually still have our SS cards? It’s really not that easy if you don’t drive or don’t have the ability to time to take off from work to drive to another county to get to a PennDOT office after you’ve already taken the time and energy to replace documents you may no longer have. And you’ve got to do this in the next two and a half months. Clearly, this affects the elderly and the poor the most – people who don’t have cars or don’t have the kind of jobs that make it possible for them to take off time without losing pay.

    And the comparison to buying a weapon is a joke. Not everyone has the right to buy a gun, there are restrictions.

  28. There are 4 years between elections. You should be able to get an ID in four years. Saying that it is a burden to obtain an ID is the joke!

    Children do not have the right to vote.
    Felons do not have the right to vote.
    Illegal aliens do not have the right to vote
    Women have not always had the right to vote.
    Blacks have not always had the right to vote.
    There have been various restrictions over the years to voting based on education, wealth and other factors.
    There ARE restrictions on voting AND gun ownership. It’s plain to see laws must be changed over time to protect society, this is one of those times.

  29. How any fair minded person can see this as justified is beyond me. A commitment to democracy would not abide rule-change risk that might disenfranchise voters, but hubris trumps fair-mindedness these days.

  30. A lot of the older citizens can’t get the required ID to vote because when they were born birth certificates were optional, as were ssn’s. The 6 point ID system was step 1 in disenfranchising the largest voter base we have, now step 2 using that 6 points to prevent them from having their vote/voice.

  31. “A lot of the older citizens can’t get the required ID to vote because when they were born birth certificates were optional, as were ssn’s.” Are you kidding? I’m probably older than most people you know and NONE of my friends are without ID. How many is a lot and where did you get your figures?
    What’s to stop me from getting the Yellow Pages and vote under another persons’ name in every district? How do you propose to curb voter fraud with out the use of ID?

    “The 6 point ID system was step 1 in disenfranchising the largest voter base we have, now step 2 using that 6 points to prevent them from having their vote/voice.” What a pile of conspiratorial crap. If you REALY believe the 6 point system was put into place just to disenfranchise voters then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  32. “It’s plain to see laws must be changed over time to protect society, this is one of those times.”

    Protect society? Really? From what? There is no evidence of a sudden rash of fraud at the booths. Or is this really meant to keep the poor and the elderly away from the polls? And these folks in PA DON’T have four years. This is recent legislation, that was being challenged and was just upheld. That’s less than 3 months. Why else would the Republicans be claiming this will help them win PA?

  33. Yes, Sheepy. Great source. A lot of would be, could be, blah blah. More Acorn nonsense. Show me some actual documented fraud. Intentional. Not a bunch of ballots that might have been sent to the wrong county by mistake or some new voters who filled out a form the wrong way.

  34. You better back off, JG!

    Sheepy’s got SODAHEAD facts!!!!!

    Look at those sources, would ya? RED,WHITE,AND BLUE NEWS! O’Keefe!

    I mean come on, what more do you want?

    Don’t you understand that SODAHEAD is THE SOURCE for all that is newsworthy?

  35. Not sure, but don’t many other democratic nations seek to lower the bar to vote, i.e. have election day on weekend or holiday, make voting mandatory, eliminate registration by making citizenship the only requirement? Seems like most voting fraud I read about here takes place in redistricting schemes at bad Supreme Court decisions. Some democracy. This voter ID crap is the real voter fraud.

  36. I agree with JerseyGurl – My parents needed to fly across country to be with a very sick relative who’d undergone major surgery. Dad was OK for ID because he still drives and I’d schlepped him to DMV for a photo ID when one of my kids was taking the written test for a license (good thing b/c he quite correctly no longer drives on highways… so how the hell are seniors who are sensible enough to know their limitations supposed to get to the DMV?? Why can’t they come to the towns on a rotating monthly basis to help out these people?). Mom never had a driver license. She has some county ID card for seniors with photo, but that was not good enough for the airport. I had to take her to DMV, in a snowstorm, to get a non-driver photo ID issued. After waiting nearly 2 hours, we were told by a clerk that mom could not get an ID because the document linking her birth certificate to every other form of ID she had was her CHURCH ISSUED marriage license, and that was not good enough. They wanted the civil paperwork. The snot told me that I’d have to take mom (who was now sitting in the DMV on the edge of tears because she NEEDED to get to her son and was afraid they were not going to give her the paperwork) to Newark, get the civil paper, and come back. Hello? Nearly 80 years, waited 2 hours already… there’s a near blizzard outside…. and did the DMV really think that Father O’Shaughnessey from Our Lady of the Shamrock (or whatever) and the Archdioses of Newark in 1956 were LYING about who she was? Did they seriously think the Newark Hall of Records was going to have those 1956 marriage licenses in a real handy place? I got a little loud, asked for a supervisor, and they decided to accept the priest’s certificate “THIS TIME” and give her the ID. Well, that was quite a rant, but thinking of that day still gives me anxiety.

  37. Wow that Brennan Center study (https://www.truthaboutfraud.org/pdf/CrawfordAllegations.pdf) really has to twist itself into contortions to make its point doesn’t it? It concerns itself only with “in person” voting and not other types of balloting or the registration process. And to actually argue that you don’t need an ID to board a plane by citing that you need to provide ID before boarding. Well there are a lot of chuckles such as that in the document. Another deceptive example they give is not requiring ID to cash a check at an ATM or check cashing establishment. They of course don’t mention that your photo is being taken in those circumstances. The fact is that without a positive ID involved in the process from the start (registering to vote), there is no way to even start to know how much fraud is taking place. But in the end of that matter the Supremes upheld the Indiana law as Constitutional and as not being an undue burden on the would-be voter. So it seems that it would be wise to model an NJ law on theirs. Common sense would make clear to most that only those wishing to exploit the system’s weaknesses (and those willing to swig down the purple Kool-Aid of their lies) could be against some basic safeguards against fraud.

  38. The voting system as it stands is quite playable which, due to human nature, means it is being played. Dollars to donuts the rights we have to have our votes count are being compromised just as our wallets are being compromised by fraud in Medicare/Medicaid and other such programs.




  39. Now that we know “corporations are people, too”,
    will they be required to furnish a photo ID
    before they slip a couple of million dollars under a candidates door?

  40. So sheep, I guess we’re back at square one. Your BS facts are from a biases source, sez I. Mine are from a biased source, sez you.

    Which leaves us, where…

    BTW, I am not at all opposed to requiring that some sort of ID be shown prior to voting. Quite frankly, I’ve been asked about 5 times to provide same over the years I’ve voted. I DO expect, however, that those who push for additional regs to be honest about what it really is that they’re trying to do.

    But it will be a cold day in hell for that, right?

  41. Google, copy, paste, repeat ad nauseum. The only reason I support the Voter ID Reform is to prevent voter fraud, honest. I haven’t seen any compelling arguments against the Voter ID Reform. Mittens and Barry are on the same ticket, the Corporate Party and I swear that I’m not voting for either. They are interchangeable, beholden to the same donors.
    The way it stands now I bet I could write in Nader in at least 5 different polling stations. A round of beer at Obal’s as the wager and all is win-win.

    BTW, it did cool off noticeably tonight.

  42. Not sure if the “don’t wait until the last minute” remark was addressed to me – it is the post right after mine. Just to clarify. We did not “wait until the last minute” as though this were a planned vacation trip. Mom had no plans to fly. Ever. For years the drill has been that the out-of-state family travel to see the old folks, the old folks do not travel by plane. Ever. Then an emergency occurred which I only discussed to illustrate that elders do NOT have ALL the required paperwork handy, and in fact may never have had it to begin with!

  43. @ g07003. You should always keep your “papers” up to date. It makes handling emergencies easier. Sorry for your troubles, I learned from your mistake. Thank you for sharing your story with the group.

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