Mountainside Pool Closed Twice Recently “Due to Defecation”

If you went to Montclair’s Mountainside swimming pool yesterday in the late afternoon, like my daughter and I did, you were greeted with this sign:

That’s right: there was poo in the pool. “It happened twice in a little over a week. I feel like someone is playing a bad joke on me,” says Michele Cammarata, the aquatics director for Montclair’s recreation department.

While the township recommends swim diapers for babies, you can’t blame this on the kiddies. Cammarata says both events took place in the lap lanes of the main pool. “I can understand it happens occasionally in the baby pool, but this?” she says, exasperated.

When such incidents happen, the lifeguards close the pool for three hours to remove the fecal matter, super chlorinate, and let the filters do their job. Then they test the water to make sure it’s clean, and that the chlorine levels have come down enough to be safe for swimmers.

“This is a serious thing. We know you can get sick from swimming in a dirty pool,” says Cammarata. For those asking why the town couldn’t keep the baby pool open and only close the big pool, she explains that they both share the same filtration system.

Cammarata says the lifeguards, who not only have to clean up the mess, but also lose wages when the pool closes early, are keeping their fingers crossed there are no more “incidents” between now and when the pool closes on Sept. 3rd.

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  1. Sorry, but if they are still in diapers, they don’t belong in a public pool. Stay home and get a plastic baby pool of your own. Also, I think the sign is a wee bit tacky.

  2. Mrs. Martta- the article says this happened in the lap pool, which means it was not a baby/toddler, according to the aquatics director (unless the individual is a toddler who happens to be an aquatic savant).

  3. What happened to the link on B’Net for Fix It? Nothing to do with poo, just a few potholes that need fixing.

  4. Did the pool use union workers when rebuilding last year? This may be tied to the giant rat up the road at MSU!

  5. This is why my husband won’t use the pools. He thinks they are full of pee and whatever. Apparently he’s right.

  6. Jerseygurl: My husband is the same way! He doesn’t like to put in his head under the water in a public pool. At first I thought that he never learned how to swim properly but he said he doesn’t like to think about what’s in the water.

  7. To quote the great W.C. Fields, when asked why he didn’t like to go in the water; his response – “Because the fish _uck in it.”

  8. I am sure that the authorities are trying to identify the culprit.

    I would direct their attention to the subject of the recent Dunkin’ Donuts thread, one Priti Sheety.

    Sometimes the answer is, as it were, right under your nose.

  9. With two unfortunate incidents happening within the space of one week, let’s all hope there won’t be any “turd time’s the charm” scenario.

  10. It’s a s— storm! Anyone that craps in the pool has a sick mind and needs urgent psychiatric attention.

  11. Carl, do you the one about when W.C., late in his career, was drinking heavily on the set? He would routinely carry around a flask filled with gin and pineapple juice. On the occasion of being called by the director to shoot a a scene, he put down the flask unattended. Several crew members emptied the contents of the flask and filled it with all pineapple juice. When the scene was over, he eagerly retrieved the flask, took a healthy swig and shouted, “Who the hell put pineapple juice in my . . . . pineapple juice”?

  12. Holly,

    Her name is Jezebel and she and I will tough it out here on dry land.


    He was a comic genius – they don’t build ’em like that anymore!

  13. What’s the big deal….kids poop in our club pool everyday and they reopen in an hour! Get a pooper scoop and move on.

  14. Sorry, $hitting in the pool is uncivilized, not to mention wildly unsanitary. That’s what toilets are for. What kind of club tolerates children crapping in the pool? Some parents actually raise this point with their children. It’s a valuable lesson, easily taught and easily understood. Actually, we were admonished not to pee in the pool. After that, even the youngest child should be able to figure out not to make number 2. Furthermore, this mad bomber was evidently an adult…well physically anyway. Here there is no issue to debate.

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