MTV Cancels ‘Jersey Shore’

Say goodbye to The Situation and company. MTV announced yesterday that it will be cancelling ‘Jersey Shore,’ the inexplicably popular reality show that made Pauly D and Snooki household names.

The show enters its sixth season in October and will not continue after that. The Star-Ledger has a few interesting theories as to why the show was cancelled, and columnist Mark Di Ionno says the show should be applauded as a cautionary tale.

But most are simply applauding the show’s demise, especially the real residents of the Jersey Shore.

“We were on a cruise and as soon as we said we were from the Jersey Shore, everyone was like: ‘Do you know Snooki?'” one resident told “We constantly had to explain to people that that is not the real Jersey Shore, and that the shore is actually a very beautiful place. It is terrific that the show is finally going away.”

But the gang is not going to disappear entirely. Snooki and JWoww–and Snooki’s newborn son, Lorenzo–will be starring in the second season of their MTV spinoff show, and Pauly D is working on a new album. Thanks to his reality star fame, the pouffy-haired celeb is apparently one of the highest paid DJs in the country.

And what a country it is.

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  1. I think the reputation of New Jersey has been irreparably damaged on the national level for the next 20 years because of this show. This should be a cautionary tale for cities when they green light a new TV show to film in their area.

  2. Dextius, and, with all due respect, NJ’s rep has been “irreparably damaged” for far more than the last 20 years already, long before the MTV show appeared. Our Mafiosi, our pollution, the “scenery” one views while crossing the state on the Turnpike, so much more but especially our buffoonish (and unconscionably loud) politics and politicians, it’s all long added up to a statewide image which is among the very worst out there. All Snooki and her pals did was add a rosette of icing to an already truly awful “cake.” There are indeed times when I’ve wished I lived in, say, Delaware (no matter that the odious Joe Biden comes from there) or Nebraska.

    But then, I realize, where would I go for both good pizza and hot dogs if not either the Park Tavern or Rutt’s Hut? Their counterparts cannot be found elsewhere in this great land if ours.

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