NJ News Commons Post-Christie Keynote Hangout

Did you watch Governor Christie’s Keynote speech at the Republican National Convention tonight? NJ News Commons did and is discussing it here:

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  1. Christie’s speech ? It was not a knockout – far from it. The whole thing kinda had a touch of “Pssst…I’m probably running for President in 2016” theme running throughout it ..

    Also, the Gov’s boast to the convention crowd about balancing NJ’s state budget was smoke and mirrors, but everyone who lives in NJ already knows that.

    And what’s with this “second” American century ?? The phrase just sounded awkward – after all, our country is already 235 plus years old …or maybe Christie was trying to explain that the dynamic duo Romney and Boy Ryan would take us back to a second 19th century ?? Who knows ?

    Again, not a knockout by any stretch.

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