Will This Political Slogan Stick?

As the war of words heats up between Republicans and Democrats, Paul Goldstein of Montclair hopes the message on his bumper sticker will stand out. He created it to raise money for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

“I do think Obama cares, certainly more so than the other guy,” says the 71-year-old. “And the two words do seem to turn around the disparaging use of the term ‘Obamacare.'”

If you’re interested in getting your own “Obama Cares” bumper sticker, contact Goldstein at paul@pandahands.com. He says he’ll donate all proceeds to the Obama for America campaign.

Do you have any clever ideas for political slogans?

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  1. How silly is that slogan? hahaha

    Now the Bumbling Biden travels to Virgina and starts the race baiting.

    ‘They’re going to put y’all back in chains’- Plugs Biden

    Everytime you thought they stooped to a new low like the lie they got caught with the BS Joe Stopik cancer add backfired they go another route. Lies and scare tactics minorities and seniors , all they can do.

  2. “This guy’s $hit I’m voting for Mitt.”

    —I like it.

    Not sure how it’s gonna play with the base though—can you misspell a word or get the grammar wrong?

  3. It’s a good, effective slogan. It doesn’t mean anything substantive but puts Obama in a positive light. I like it.

  4. The three donkeys as drawn all look poised to take dumps on the two-word slogan.

    And what does Obama in fact “care” about? I’m still waiting for him to provide an actual economically and sociological definition of the “middle class.”

    That Mr. Goldstein is apparently charging for his graphic excrescence is surprising. Paul, baby, it’s not that good, honest! And bumper stickers are traditionally handed out gratis. Plus it’ll never replace, say, “Ths car climbed Mount Washington.”

  5. Should be “economic and….” Sorry.

    Did Biden really say that recently, Herb? It’s certainly up to his usual standards of “wit” (which match up nicely to poor Spiro T.’s).

  6. My favorite bumper sticker is still “OOPS” with the “O” symbol from the first campaign. It sums up the thinking of almost every independent voter that fell for the snake oil in 2008.

  7. ” Pleased to “Mitt” ‘ya, hope you guessed my name – but what’s troublin’ you is the vagueness of my game ”


  8. So herb, why would you figure that Biden is off to Virginia for some “race baiting?”
    I’m not sure if Biden’s family ever owned slaves, but plenty of Virginians did !
    (they didn’t build Virginia by themselves)

  9. “The three donkeys as drawn all look poised to take dumps on the two-word slogan.”

    You have the mind of an adolescent.

  10. spiro….man you love living in the past….but your catching up, you went from the 1100’s Crusades to the 1860’s slavery. Keep it up and you might actually get to 1970 by your next post.

    Why would you…. “figure that Biden is off to Virginia for some “race baiting””

    Well,because he and his boss have no record to run on and since he tells a crowd in a mostly African American town ‘They’re going to put y’all back in chains’ …thats a pretty good indication. He is there taking advantage of them by spewing the same old racial rhetoeric to a community they never have helped. They’ll give him their vote and once again they will get nothing in return. Boggles the mind that the Dems can continue to pull this garbage off election after election and yet the people they lie to and say they are there for them, their situations never seem to change for the better.

  11. Actually, herb, I was in the 70’s this morning, I watched great footage on Youtube of the Allman Brothers Band live at the Fillmore East. Duane Allman will never be surpassed.

  12. Youtube is problem. I can sit on there for hours (when I’m not taking you guys to school) and watch old concert footage and 80’s videos.

    Funny, there is a show from the 80’s where I was in the 2nd row with my friends and there I was clapping and bad white boy dancing all show. I showed to my kids and they were crying, I had the 80’s feathered hair and my Tear Drop Explodes tee shirt on.

  13. herb, I wish you luck with your quest to school all us libs. Last time you tried it, your gal Sarah lost!

  14. It is a huge uphill battle Spiro when a massive, media machine is aiming to tear him down the same way… go to CNN.com right now.
    Front page:
    *Ryan SS Plan
    *What the Ryan Budget would Do
    *Fact Checking Ryan Medicare Plan
    *Ryan in College
    *Ryan Stock Picks
    *Is Ryan Friend or Foe of Tech
    *By the numbers
    *Ryan Profile
    *LZ Opinion: Why America Doesn’t Like Romney

    *First Lady Explains Kiss Cam to Leno

    And that is just CNN. People complain about Fox, but it is a single sapling in a forest of left leaning trees.

  15. Actually, nerdherd, that point about Protestants is not especially partisan. We now have a Supreme Court with zero Protestants ( all Jews and Catholics) , first time ever, with Justices from all across the political spectrum, appointed by both Republican and Democratic Party Presidents.

  16. I think you miss the subtlety Spiro. It is a chance to remind everyone that Romney is the scariest of all… Mormon. Something no party has ever put up as a nominee. Something so “fringe” it was called a “cult” by another commenter on this very website yesterday.

  17. Its accurate I guess if you are talking about the short term. I do think Obama cares about the short term, but really only at the expense of the long term. By long term I mean creation of well paying middle class jobs by the private sector.

    You can have whatever tax rate on wealthy people that you want, again it doesnt matter in a global economy, you are simply reshuffling the deck.

  18. I have no doubt that Obama cares, I’m not so partisan as to say or believe otherwise.

    BUT, his policies and actions do not show that he “cares” enough to do something about the millions who are hurting in his economy. Understand, when you break a bone, it’s nice to know someone “cares” about you, but what you really need is a doctor.

    Obama is no Clinton, one who could “feel” your pain, AND work with others to do something about it. No way.

  19. Maybe that makes sense since most Liberals are of the notion that prosperity and wealth cannot grow. In other words it is a fixed pie that right now is divided up unfairly.

    That is simply false.

    A common liberal them is to blast the notion that the wealthy are job creators. I want to know then, who are the job creators and what does it mean when a job is created?

  20. jeez, stayhyphy, where do you get your stuff from? The Wasilla Daily Kvetch?

    Here we are, in Baristaville, a group of towns in NJ full of expensive homes with plenty of liberals ( and a few other folks who spend mucho time on Baristanet ), living inside these architectural wonders, getting up early, showering in posh bathrooms, steaming up espressos in our $100,000 kitchens, helping with the PTA, raising kids, running companies, hiring people in the companies we started from nothing, giving to charity, voting, doing our share in every way (except enlisting in the armed forces), visiting our sick and dying parents, and paying plenty of taxes. We even recycle plastic bags!

    So far, we be as ‘Merican as the Romney&Ryan team, with the possible exception that we mostly come from folks from someplace else far away who had nothing two generations ago.

  21. ahhh the elitist North East liberal, I get it. The liberals in your description make up what .5% of the democrating voting populus?

    Either way, then why all the fairness discussion and why is whats fair always based on outcomes (short sighted) vs inputs (longer term)?

    Again, only thing that is going to help us is organic private sector growth and policies that support that. Outside that, good luck.

    As an aside I think representative govt is one where 500ish or so politicians with vastly different opinions get together and hammer out deals. That process under Obama is broken and were he to be re-elected will continue to be broken, from a practical standpoint why doesn’t anyone recognize this?

    All policy and logistical mistakes (ie failing to accomplish much of anything to help the economy while he owned all 3 branches of govt) aside govt is not working, he is naive.

  22. yes, stayhyphy, we are the Northeast Liberals. And Baristaville is on of our epicenters. It’s just the way it is. And, we create jobs. No Christmas bonus for you.

  23. Well, I care, too, about the United States and about my friends who are still out of work.

    That is why I am voting for Romney.

  24. “As an aside I think representative govt is one where 500ish or so politicians with vastly different opinions get together and hammer out deals. That process under Obama is broken and were he to be re-elected will continue to be broken, from a practical standpoint why doesn’t anyone recognize this?…”

    Dunno – Ask your boy Mitch McConnell.

  25. And political slogans matter so much. I’m sure they sway lots of voters.

    Why, I myself was ready to vote for Bush in 2004, until I heard Kerry’s slogan “Let America be America Again”. I was moved deeply.

  26. The “job creators” are actually the people who go out and pay for goods and services. The masses. Corporations don’t hire individuals because they get a tax break, they hire when demand exceeds output. The wealthy CEO’s don’t tell their managers to go out and add staff when there is less demand, they lay off people. Even small business owners don’t hire more staff until they need to create more of whatever it is people want to buy – nor do they use their own personal income to do that. The way to create jobs is to have more people able to buy more stuff. I’m in a position to hire people, I only do that when I need more people to do the work, and I would never hire someone with my own money just because I got a tax break. It’s ludicrous and it’s worked it’s way into the discussion as though it’s a reality.

  27. “Romney/Ryan for CEO/CFO of Corporate America.”
    If the populace don’t produce you will be reduced. You all better get busy!

  28. Hey PAZ, perhaps you haven’t noticed, but America’s at its lowest employment participation rate in over 30 years— folks have been reduced already.

    (Insert the litany of bad economic news under Obama’s caring watch here, like, you know, the 14.1% Black unemployment rate, the worst “recovery” in history, etc.)

    And that’s with THE ONE who “Cares” leading the ship.

    But he sure can sing.

  29. Romney / Ryan are making a foolish mistake reducing the campaign to little more than a referendum the economy. If some international event pulls America into a difficult predicament, who’s gonna care how much of a corporate raider Romney is or, for that matter, how much of a budget wonk Ryan is?

  30. Here’s the picture:
    Romney standing in front of coalminers looking at them with surprise that they do the dangerous work they do. What a kapusta head.

  31. Prof….I guess you’ve looked in your crystal ball so tell us what the R/R recovery plan is and how successful it will be??

  32. Can anyone here articulate what Romney/Ryan would actually do to improve the economy and create jobs?

  33. Kit, that’s easy. The rich will get big tax cuts, which will inspire them to hire all those unemployed people, and we will be a great nation again.
    The end.

  34. With his/her keen insights into American economics, laser-like focus on the process of representative government, and especially with his/her uncanny ability to identify, dissect AND QUANTIFY liberal voters (even breaking them down into geographical distributions), it is a wonder that stayhypy hasn’t been snatched up by the Romney-Ryan team and given a prominent role in the campaign.

    Or perhaps moved to a leadership position in The Heritage Foundation. Maybe he/she could team with Newt Gingrich, another remarkably astute expert on all things American.

    Stahypy is wasting his/her talents here on B’net, that is fer sure!

  35. I’m still waiting. and rather patiently, for somebody, anybody!, to help define the “middle class” for the purposes of this campaign. Does it comprise posters on this site? People who subscribe to the print edition of the WSJ? Folks who help support PBS? The dreaded (well, none seem to post here, anyway) “Joe the plumber” types?

    The Cagney-Raoul Walsh movie “A Lion Is In The Streets” was on TCM today. Wyile it’s not as well-known as the very similar “All The King’s Men,” it does seem to get a bit at what actually constitutes a middle class voter. And he or she is not ever found in the pages of “Das Kapital,” believe you me.

  36. I’ll take an intuitive, unscientific stab at it, Cathar. Households, in this area, earning between $35,000 and $150,000 a year. In less expensive areas of the country, between $28,000 and $100,000 a year.

    Now perhaps you’ll take a stab at explaining how Romney/Ryan will improve the economy and create jobs.

  37. Will someone please tell me what Obama has done in the past four years to stimulate the economy and create jobs (and I don’t mean minimum wage jobs)?

    I thought so.

  38. “Das Kapital”? Good grief.

    Relevant, as always, to the discussion.

    Why don’t YOU define the “middle class”, cathar, and then offer an explanation as to how the GOP ticket will benefit those folks?

    I’ll grant you that it is not as much fun to actually put an opinion out there as it is to disagree obnoxiously with those of others, but why not give it a go anyway?

    Kit, I think the 35K figure is low for these parts, unless it is a single person just starting out. For a family, that’s very, very tough around here.

  39. There’s quite a stretch betwixt $35,000 and $150,000. And the upper level makes Congressfolk “middle class.” Which I doubt very much they’d ever rate themselves as. That some people (likely including posters here) pay almost as much in taxes as those on the lower end of the income range kit schackner suggests above earn, that tells me that a definition of the middle class still awaits us here.

    In any event, neither Obama nor Biden is a member of it. Nor is Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. Or Mitt Romney, for that matter. But he does in fact come from a faith which incorporates as part of its underpinnings many values traditionally seen as “middle class.” (Derisively so by many liberals and “progressives,” of course.) Mormonism does reflect much of what is often seen as representing the “best” of America; I hope political reporters and columnists will note and admit this as the campaign develops.

    I don’t think someone conspicuously sour like yourself should ever characterize others as criticizing “obnoxiously,” croiagusanam. And I thus trust you’re having or will have a lousy seaside vacation.

  40. I have never had a “lousy” vacation in my life, cathar. And i trust that, as long as you are nowhere near my chosen relaxation spot, I never will.

    But I do wonder which religion does not “incorporate” values seen as “middle class”? Of course, you haven’t identified these elusive values, except of course by way of stating that “progressives” don’t have them. Yours is such a blighted view, after all, and no one can really take you seriously.

    That you would describe anyone as sour is a laugh-riot, old sport. True, I can’t regale a room full of folks with tales of the Grand Mufti or “righteous” bikers, but I do OK anyway.

    Put it this way… do I want to be me? Or you?

  41. JG, you are partially right, but only with respect to necessities. This is true of food, oil, etc. You completely disregard innovation and the ability of a job creator to create demand via the offering of a new product or in a different manner meet demands that consumers did not even know they had. Think iPhone or Twitter. This is the point. Some view the pie as fixed when thru innovation we can expand it and create new jobs. Visionaries are job creators.

    Swing again, whose next.

  42. Heck, stayhyphy, we can’t all be visionaries. Some of us just run very good businesses that offer quality services to consumers like you.
    But would a Romney/Ryan tax cut of, say $60,000 per year for my business inspire me to hire an additional qualified professional employee at $60,000 per year plus bonuses and benefits?

  43. First of all STQ it is so much more than just tax policy. My point was simply that the axe could originate from either demand or supply. Markets can be made from either side. I could demand something or I can offer something. I think the offer side (supply) is more important when it comes to new products, new businesses, etc. Sure you have to figure out demand and therefore price, but thats the risk that we would all love to see more businesses, people, entrepeneurs, take. Its this dynamic that creates more job opportunities. The regulatory environment right now is so hostile, healthcare costs are so unpredictable, not the landscape that facilitates the sort of risk taking that we need.

  44. I’ll take the bait again Kit.

    Under Romney we at least have the prospect of a functioning congress. It is with 100% certainty that we can all say that Congrees under Obama for 4 more years will simply not function. We all know Romney is really a moderate, I think he does an Ok job of pandering to the crazies while really posting up just right of center on most things.

    He did this for a living, he sat at the head of the negotiating table with competing interests on both sides (spare the he exported jobs comments and focus on the big picture) and got two parties to agree to a deal. Thats what America needs. That is broken under Obama.

    johnqp, my “boy” Mitch M. is one side. Obama promised change, promised to unite the parties and ran on that promise. He made the promise knowing/understanding the hostility that existed, this is the very hostility he pledged to fix and if he didn’t know/understand that, then he is naive and should not be the leader of the free world anyway.

  45. Sure, stayhyphy, I’ve heard the talking points about regulations, etc. and I don’t buy it. Plenty of pioneers realize that there are opportunities that come with regulations. So, we asbestos and mold abatement companies, companies that make concrete out of fly ash and steel out of scrap metal, companies that make catalytic converters, refuse recycling companies, companies that make stormwater detention basins, site engineers, etc.
    Other businesses sit and cry about how painful it is taking risks in difficult times, yet they blow hundreds of millions of dollars on political campaigns that have a 50/50 chance of succeeding.

  46. Hey I just heard the recent New Black Panther Party tape where they are creating a malitia to murder white babies in nurseries and skins whites. King Samir shabazz said he can’t wait to come home at night with the head of a cracker in his duffle bag. ‘We need to go into Ewing ,Lawrenceville, hamilton and drag these rusty dusty crackers out dey homes and drag them through the streets,poor acid on them, dump them in the river pull them out and bust them up again”….and so on…goes on for about 5 minutes.

    You know the same King Samir that Eric Holder dropped charges against for standing outside the voting station with a club.

    I would consider this a serious domestic terroristic threat and I hope the people of those communities would arm themselves before this NBPP emulates the old one and actually starts killing.

    Black, White or whomever, anyone who spreads this stuff should be pulled in for questioning before they act on it.

    Will the ever embarassingly weak Eric Holder once again ignore it?

  47. I had hoped that the dialogue here could be elevated to issues and how to address them instead of attacking each other and the candidates.

    Then Herb comes along and posts that crap, and I’m forced to shudder aloud at the thought of a guy like him with a position of responsibility on Wall Street.

  48. Wake up Herb, the revolution is coming! Bury your silver certificates in the backyard under the junkyard dog.

  49. That’s crap? Explain how that is crap?

    Those are DIRECT THREATS made over the airwaves and yet has been given a pass by Eric Holder’s Dept. of Justice. An Obama appointee. If you lived in the communities mentioned I would think you wouldn’t think that threat is ‘crap’.

  50. STQ, I can’t understand how you don’t “buy it”. All of those things amount to a given level of certainty or uncertainty. Personally or professionally I am willing to take more monetary risk when I see certainty on the horizon. You really think 4 more years of Obama delivers that? Let me ask you HOW? How is Obama going to achieve that? Why does he get another chance? Post election will congress just start working again?

    To creat the proper environment I think you need real leaders, people with real experience, people with business experience. Obama is staffed to the hilt with politicians and academics.

  51. “Obama is staffed to the hilt with politicians and academics”…………..and lobbyists , you the one’s that he said he would rid Washington of.

  52. Spiro,

    You say that you started a business and are a job creator in this area, which I applaud.

    I am curious about a few things: 1) how many state and federal regulators are you regulated by in your business. 2) how many employees do you provide full benefits to 3) Do you know what health care cost will do to your business over the next 5 to 10 years 4) do you know what your business tax rate will be for the next 5 to 10 years 6) How confident are you that you could get a loan from a bank to expand your business if you wanted to do so. 7) Has demand been up, static, or down in your business over the last 2 years, relative to prior years.

  53. nerdherd, I have a deadline here, so I’m not about to do the spreadsheets for you, but I can quickly tell you that I deal with plenty of unpleasant regulations. I’ve had my share of paying benefits to employees. I have no idea what our healthcare costs will be. I have no idea what our tax rate will be. I have had mostly unpleasant dealings with banks. Business slowed down when our client base also had unpleasant dealings with banks, but it is picking up again this year. We just slog through like everyone else. Good thing we love what we do.

  54. “He made the promise knowing/understanding the hostility that existed, this is the very hostility he pledged to fix and if he didn’t know/understand that, then he is naive and should not be the leader of the free world anyway…”

    When one is dealing with the “know nothings” that is today’s Repubican congress, I don’t see how anything of substance can get done period – and make no mistake, those people are dangerous idiots.

    It is the height of hypocrisy for the likes of Ryan and Boehner (who is as phony as his tan ) to lecture the country on fiscal responsibility when they were part of the crowd that drove the bus off of the cliff in the first place.

  55. But would a Romney/Ryan tax cut of, say $60,000 per year for my business inspire me to hire an additional qualified professional employee at $60,000 per year plus bonuses and benefits?

    But Spiro, would that $60K in your pocket inspire you to buy more fancy coffee at Beans? Get a new car? Donate an extra $100 to the Human Needs Food Pantry? Buy a tent for me to pitch in Stu’s backyard? Plant more flowers at the High Line? Invest in my t-shirt business? Allow you to cut back on your hours so that you could serve on the Montclair Planning Committee? (heaven knows they NEED you!!) Just wonderin’ …. 🙂

  56. I don’t disagree johnqp. You have just as many boneheads on the other side of the aisle. His promise was to get the boneheads to work together. Or lets assume that all the democrats are geniuses, doesnt matter, in that case his promise was to get the geniuses and boneheads to work together. One thing is for sure he has accomplished very litte and no one is explaining to me how 4 more years of him and a govt that is doing nothing for this country is going to help us.

  57. No need for a spreadsheet Spiro. I think that sums it up pretty well. The business I am in has 10 regulators (loosely defined) with pretty sharp teeth, not including State level. We don’t have to deal with them on every issue, but we have contact with deals and instruments, that make it a nasty web. This also does not include the new regulators that will be put in place by the latest legislation. That is just the number of regulators, nevermind the number of regulations and we have no idea what to expect from a regulatory outlook. Like you, we have no idea what health care insurance cost will look like. Not only can we not guess our future tax rate, but we don’t even know what future tax regime we will face over the next year, let alone the next 5 to 10 years. Credit is hard to come by because banks are trying to de-lever and recapitalize and not get caught offside by new and changing regulations on “risk levels.” The reaction to 2008 has been worse than the crisis itself, and it is hindering the recovery.

  58. Im voting for Mitt! Sure he’s a moron, but a lot of morons are president. That’s why he picked such a smart VP! Just look at his voting record!
    Voted NO on allowing human embryonic stem cell research. (May 2005)
    Voted YES on restricting interstate transport of minors to get abortions. Voted NO on modifying bankruptcy rules to avoid mortgage foreclosures. Voted YES on making the PATRIOT Act permanent.
    Voted YES on Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage.
    Voted NO on enforcing against anti-gay hate crimes.
    Voted YES on barring EPA from regulating greenhouse gases.
    Voted NO on enforcing limits on CO2 global warming pollution.
    Voted NO on starting implementation of Kyoto Protocol
    Voted YES on deauthorizing “critical habitat” for endangered species.
    Voted YES on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1

    For someone who is so pro life, he is creating a pretty $h!tty world to live in.
    Ladies, be informed of who you vote for, and what they represent. “Any Republican vice-presidential candidate is going to be broadly anti-abortion, but Ryan goes much further. He believes ending a pregnancy should be illegal even when it results from rape or incest, or endangers a woman’s health. He was a cosponsor of the Sanctity of Human Life Act, a federal bill defining fertilized eggs as human beings, which, if passed, would criminalize some forms of birth control and in vitro fertilization.” CRIMINALIZE that means legally you can be jailed.

  59. stayhypy :

    I will agree with you to a point, but the historical fact is that it has been the Republicans in congress who have been obstructionist in the extreme during times of recent centrist Democratic administrations -starting with Newt’s temper tantrum gov’t shutdown, etc…no rational politician of either party can deal with these nuts.

    You think that Romney will be the magic formula ?? No way. His support is a mile wide and a millimeter deep amongst the Tea Party rumps. He will swear his fealty to these clowns and before you can say “Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job”, America will be experiencing Bush 43 all over again. No Thanks.

  60. jqp – if two people agree not to bend to the other’s will, how can you blame just one of them for the impasse? It only shows your bias, they are both being obstructionist at the same time.

  61. Jimmy, do you have a source for this?

    “but Ryan goes much further. He believes ending a pregnancy should be illegal even when it results from rape or incest, or endangers a woman’s health.”

  62. Jimmy, Paul Ryans social views are not meant to resonate with the people of b’ville. They’re meant to appeal to the “Bible Belt” and social conservatives that weren’t going to show up for Romney. The people complaining about them were never going to vote for Romney anyway. Mission accomplished.

  63. Wrong again, herb.

    Those “social conservatives” don’t care for Mitt, that’s certain. But they DETEST Obama, and would show up for ANYONE who isn’t him.
    So the Ryan choice adds nothing in terms of more voters, but it DOES alienate those independents who are unhappy with both Obama and Mitt, but are unwilling to take the hard right turn that the GOP has taken.

    Not a wise move, I’d say. But then, I guess Mitt didn’t have too many options. He is not someone who has made a lot of friends in politics, or anywhere else from what I can see.

  64. Jimmy, those are the words of the author Michelle Goldberg. I can’t find anyplace where Paul Ryan said that or a bill that states that that he sponsored. Do you have any source where he said that?

  65. No worries nerdherd. Here is the quote:
    This disregard for the exigencies of women’s lives—the dismissal of their choices as amoral exercises of “arbitrary will”—was thrown into high relief during his 1998 run for congress against Democrat Lydia Spottswood. Both candidates backed a ban on so-called partial-birth abortion, but Spottswood believed there should be exceptions in cases where a woman’s life or health is endangered. “Ryan said he opposes abortion, period,” reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “He said any exceptions to a ‘partial-birth’ abortion ban would make that ban meaningless.”

  66. This means you can ask a 100 questions, and he will say “no exceptions”. What about rape? No exceptions. What about incest? no exceptions. What about a 9 year old who could permanently deform her still developing body? no exceptions. What about if it were your wife/daughter? no exceptions. See where Im going with this?

  67. So the statement that the author Michelle Goldberg makes in the daily beast is false or misleading at best.

    She says that; “He believes ending a pregnancy should be illegal even when it results from rape or incest, or endangers a woman’s health.”

    The actual statement from the Milwaukee Journal was in regard to partial birth abortion. There is a distiction that Goldberg should have made.

  68. Jimmy, I think your 12:23 comment is way off base from what he actually was talking about, but hey why not just run with a paraphrase of a mis-quote from the daily beast right?

  69. True, and that distinction is made when the bill he is talking about redefines “Partial birth” as a fertilized egg, which makes anyone pregnant fall under this category

  70. yes.

    H.R. 227 (111th): Sanctity of Human Life Act
    111th Congress, 2009–2010

    To provide that human life shall be deemed to begin with fertilization.

    Jan 07, 2009
    Rep. Paul Broun [R-GA10]
    Died (Referred to Committee)
    See Instead:
    This bill was re-introduced as H.R. 212 on Jan 07, 2011. See H.R. 212 for current action on this subject.


  71. Yep, that’s the one I was reading. It doesn’t redifine partial birth anyplace.

    I am not saying I agree or disagree with the Bill. I am merely pointing out that the views that you and the Daily Beast author put on Paul Ryan are not from any of his own words nor from any Bill that he sponsored or co-sponsored. Perhaps people should ask him these tough questions that you do above, I hope they do, but as far as I can find he has not addressed them as of yet. That is all I am saying.

  72. I don’t see Paul Ryan tagged anywhere to this bill except in articles from the usual lib rags.

  73. There once was a congressman named Ryan
    Who, when quizzed about Ayn, was denyin’
    Now this disciple of Rand
    May hide his head in the sand
    But we the people all know that he’s lyin’

  74. There once was a congressman named Ryan

    Who, when quizzed about Ayn, was denyin’

    Now this disciple of Rand

    May hide his head in the sand

    But we the people all know that he’s lyin’

  75. I love Paul Ryan more and more everyday.

    And so do the kids…………….

    Pollster John Zogby of JZ Analytics told Secrets Tuesday that Romney received 41 percent in his weekend poll of 1,117 likely voters, for the first time crossing the 40 percent mark. What’s more, he said that Romney is the only Republican of those who competed in the primaries to score so high among 18-29 year olds.

    “This is the first time I am seeing Romney’s numbers this high among 18-29 year olds,” said Zogby. “This could be trouble for Obama who needs every young voter he can get.”

    Zogby speculates that Romney’s selection of 42-year-old Rep. Paul Ryan helped turn more younger voters to him. “It could be his youthfulness,” said Zogby of Ryan. Plus, he said, more younger voters are becoming libertarian, distrustful of current elected officials and worried that they are going to get stuck with the nation’s looming fiscal bill.

    “They want change,” said Zogby

  76. That’s creative John Q, but as far as a bumper sticker it still can’t touch OOPS with ethe “O” symbol.

  77. Whats with this Ayn Rand whine? Is that the best the libs can throw at Paul Ryan. Wow, you people really are desperate. Keep up that tactic and R/R will laugh their way to a victory. I enjoy her works and love watching her interviews on youtube. I don’t always agree with her on some stuff but she was a brilliant women.

    As far as Taylor Swift , I feel sorry for her. She dating Bobby Kennedy son, you know the guy pretty much responsible for his wife hanging herself. Another lying sleazeball Kennedy. We all know how the Kennedy men treat women, I feel bad for this one. Get out now !!

  78. Actually she would not agree with Ryan

    EARLY in his Congressional career, Paul D. Ryan, the Wisconsin representative and presumptive Republican vice-presidential nominee, would give out copies of Ayn Rand’s book “Atlas Shrugged” as Christmas presents. He described the novelist of heroic capitalism as “the reason I got into public service.” But what would Rand think of Mr. Ryan?

    …Yet when his embrace of Rand drew fire from Catholic leaders, Mr. Ryan reversed course with a speed that would make his running mate, Mitt Romney, proud. “Don’t give me Ayn Rand,” he told National Review earlier this year. “Give me Thomas Aquinas.” He claimed that his austere budget was motivated by the Catholic principle of subsidiarity, which holds that issues should be handled at the most local level possible, rather than Rand’s anti-government views.

    Mr. Ryan’s selection as Mr. Romney’s running mate is the kind of stinging rebuke of the welfare state that Rand hoped to see during her lifetime. But Mr. Ryan is also what she called “a conservative in the worst sense of the word.” As a woman in a man’s world, a Jewish atheist in a country dominated by Christianity and a refugee from a totalitarian state, Rand knew it was not enough to promote individual freedom in the economic realm alone. If Mr. Ryan becomes the next vice president, it wouldn’t be her dream come true, but her nightmare.


  79. “I don’t always agree with her on some stuff but she was a brilliant women.”

    As least she was smart enough to collect from Medicare in her final months.

  80. So a dead writer that liberals hate, would not approve of Mr. Ryan in the opinion of a liberal newspaper, which makes liberals happy because they don’t approve of either and they believe that Mr. Ryan seeks Ms. Rand’s approval, but won’t get it from beyond the grave…. Does that sum up your point Pat? Makes sense to me.

  81. nerdherd, well done….so true hahahahaha

    We’ve reached the point of diminishing returns on this one. Libs like jqp are starting with personal attacks. It usually happens when they have nothing of substance to say , they take after their leader.

  82. Ok, This Biden guy is more entertaining by the minute.

    Yesterday he doesn’t what state he’s in and today he’s doesn’t know what century he’s in.

    ‘Folks, where’s it written we cannot lead the world in the 20th century in making automobiles?,” said Biden (today)

    Someone either shut him up or get him a map and calendar. Bwhahahahahbwhahaha

  83. (yawn )…. Just as you take after your leader, Rush Limbaugh.

    Wake me when it’s time for Mitt’s concession speech. Adios.

  84. Just in case you’re busy at work, herb, you should ask yourself on the way home why half the country’s voters view the Obama administration as deserving of another 4 years. Romney hasn’t inspired them to switch, and neither has Paul Ryan. Santorum didn’t inspire much confidence either.
    And it ain’t because of Ayn Rand.

  85. The big difference that I have noticed this time around is that no liberal has called either Ryan or Romney stupid! As you know that is something that they did for Reagan, Bush 1 and 2, Quayle, and Palin. So perhaps they are living up to their name and progressing.

  86. Half the countries voters spiro? Not exactly an easy ticket to a Novemeber victory is it?

    Like we used to say back in the days hanging out at the Belleville Pool Hall, enjoying the glories of a mispent youth… “There’s alot of green in between” Srry ole’ boy, not an impressive stat.

    BTW- for you baseball fans , Melky Cabrera just got a 50 game suspension. Now that’s hard to believe , haha.

  87. Yep. RCP average has Obama at 47% and that is on some stale data. Gallup has data through the 14th and shows Obama 45% and Romney 47%. I guess you were rounding up to 50%.

  88. Not only was Rand a brilliant women she was consistent in her dismay of expanding government control, restrictions, regulations, entitlement programs etc.

    @ Spiro you are correct that HALF of the country seems to like Obama. I suspect many in that half haven’t given much serious thought to the disastrous programs that are crippling our economy.

    Romney wasn’t my first choice but with his VP addition to the ticket I’m hopeful that Ryan’s economic background will bring some sanity to the conversation.

    To use Rand as a boogeyman is nonsense. I doubt anyone who has been a student of Objectivism believes or advocates all that she suggested in her writings.

  89. So you get to pick and choose the bits of Objectivism you like I guess. FYI, it was all fiction. Let’s keep in mind this is just a woman who wrote stories. And, here you go:


    Kind of the same way Christians pick and choose the bits of the Bible that they feel justify their point of view – never mind that the basis of Christ’s teachings is to be kind and caring to all, particularly to those who are less fortunate.

  90. How many times can you be wrong in one thread, herb.

    First, the Kennedy that Taylor Swift is dating is the grandson of Bobby. He’s about 20 years old, and has never been married.

    Second, how the hell do you know what happened to make someone commit suicide. Your comment is despicable.

    Third, bringing up Ayn Rand is “the best” libs can do in the same way that bringing up Saul Alinsky and Ayers and Rev. Wright is “the best” you lot can do.

    You need a vacation, my friend. You sound positively unhinged.

  91. Most of the drag on my wallet’s been homegrown in the Garden State. NJ has been a bipartisan train wreck since at least Whitman.

    I don’t see how Ryan does anything for Romney. Ryan’s plan does nothing to reign in the budget.

    I’m with PAZ–choose your illusion.

  92. Yes JG. This is America you can pick and choose whatever you want to say and think. It’s awesome here. Let’s call it Subjective Objectivism.

    BTW, Pat already posted that link above and it was discussed above.

  93. Before naming Rand as “brilliant”, you’d do well to read of her life. She really was a pathetic character who double-crossed her acolytes, made a fool of herself with younger married men, and neatly differentiated between what was proper for herself as opposed to others.

    And she was an absolutely AWFUL writer.

    But she DID produce this wonderful childrens book which, it is said, greatly influenced Rep. Ryan:


  94. “She dating Bobby Kennedy son, you know the guy pretty much responsible for his wife hanging herself. Another lying sleazeball Kennedy. We all know how the Kennedy men treat women, I feel bad for this one. Get out now !!”

    —Herb, you are now recycling Andrea Peyser columns, for goodness sake. it’s easier to just provide a link than it is to plagiarize.

    here, i’ll show you:



  95. croiagusanam, YOU remind me of a brilliant writer. Oscar Wilde, only with out the wit and writing talent.

  96. Hey, Dag T, I did read “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand back in college. I enjoyed the book at that time. But then again, I was only a teenager.
    I wondered back then how I’d turn out professionally- more along the lines of Peter Keating? Or, perhaps, more along the lines of Howard Roark? Turns out most people, no matter what their profession, are a bit of both.
    My sense is that Mitt Romney is the closest thing we have today to a Peter Keating type. Whatever authentic beliefs he once had as a Massachusetts governor have been sucked out of him and replaced with Tea Party vindictiveness. He’ll say anything, do anything, to please Those On The Right Who Are Pissed Off By The Black Man In The White House. I actually feel bad for him. He’d be pretty good if he stuck to his real beliefs.
    The movie version of the book was awful, so I think a remake is needed.
    Perhaps a 21st Century version of Gary Cooper can play his part. Hey Baristavillians – who should play Mitt Romney in the remake of “The Fountainhead”? Let’s have some recommendations!

  97. Oh dear, sheepy! I’m devastated!

    How long “sheepy”, by the way, have you been out of Scotland?

    And don’t you find women more suitable?

  98. “who should play Mitt Romney in the remake of “The Fountainhead”? Let’s have some recommendations!..”

    That’s easy – Max Headroom

  99. That’s an interesting post, Spiro.

    Like you, I think that Romney doesn’t believe a good deal of what he says. I think he’s far more moderate than he pretends, and far more understanding of what is needed to reach some level of agreement in government and to move forward. In short, a smart guy who knows how the world works.

    That is, alas, what makes him such a failure, in my book. He is unwilling to stand up for what he believes and has shown himself willing to say or do anything in order to “win”. I believe that Tea Partiers see this too, and that is what drives their dislike for him as well.

  100. @ cro I’m fairly conversant with Rand’s rather odd life which was often in glaring contrast to her heroes and heroines. I still think she was brilliant and I enjoyed her novels as well as her non-fiction. It’s interesting to me that this woman still gets press both pro and con, her novels still sell, and people in all walks of life recognize her intellectual contributions.

    @Spiro I agree with you that Romney is a Keating type but so is Obama. Romney, however, seems to have made a better choice for his VP. So it gives me hope. As for an updated Fountainhead, well, I’d rather see part two of “Atlas Shrugged” coming to a theater near you in the Fall, J

  101. Nice limerick, johnqp!

    Too bad Ryan’s middle name isn’t “Ayn”, ‘cuz then he would be Paul A.ryan, making it easier for his target demographic to identify him.

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