Shootings At Empire State Building: UPDATED

UPDATED: According to the Associated Press, a disgruntled, laid-off women’s accessories designer shot a former co-worker to death in front of the Empire State Building at 9am today. Police killed the suspect and at least nine others were wounded, some possibly by police gunfire, city officials said. All were expected to survive.

The alleged shooter, Jeffrey Johnson, 53, was laid off about a year ago at Hazan Imports. He confronted a 41-year-old former colleague, shooting the man in the head, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. The two had traded accusations of harassment when Johnson worked there, according to Kelly.

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  1. You’re welcome. If I get more info, will share. They haven’t ID’d the gunman yet (who is dead) but he was described as a “young white male” dressed casually.

  2. Herbie was way ahead of B’ville again when he posted on the Appearing/Disappearing monkey loop an hour ago.

    POSTED BY herbeverschmel | August 24, 2012 @ 9:18 am

    Speaking of shooting , there is a pretty big one going down outside Empire St Building right now… I see the cops and sirens wailing.

  3. “Authorities said emergency personnel received a call about the shooting at Fifth Avenue and 34th Street just after 9 a.m. and that units were on the scene within minutes.”

    and Herb had it posted at 9:18 am…man I’m good (and bored to tears at work)

  4. Wow! Someone needs to tell all these folks that it’s against the law to have a gun in NYC.

    What’s next? Someone drinking a 64oz Slurppy?

    Funny how these laws seem unable to protect us from crazy folks.

    Seriously though, I heard it was an employee. Work related?

  5. (Was commenting removed from the mobile version of this site? I was unable to and had to switch.)

    Also, the site doesn’t resize properly once in the non- mobile version.)

  6. Since that’s what seems to be most important, please make sure that mobile version of Baristanet is up and working. Wouldn’t want the Prof to pop his cork, while the rest of us wonder how our family/friends are doing who live or work in that area; and the condition of the wounded.

  7. Prof…Did you log in first?
    RIP the victims of this senseless slaughter. But as Herb keeps reminding us, it’s all Obama’s fault.

  8. Paz, I think you your right. I heard the argument started when Obama was in town on one of five hundred fundraising trips and the shooter wanted to beat the traffic hiome.

  9. I’m trying to put this latest horror in some proper perspective. (But ain’t doing too well.)

    Let me see here. There are as I write this 14 posts above, and most of them seem to be self-congratulating the posters for, well, posting. And on more than just the shooting. There is always a moral vacuity here, on a site where people post as passionately about restaurants and shelter dog stories as they do about politics, but today it seems especially bad.

    For my own sake, I’ll confine myself to prayers for the wounded and deceased right now. And I’d much rather get my hard news from newspapers and radio and TV stations and their websites than from “authentically local” Baristanet.

  10. cathar , get off the high horse…this stuff happens in areas around the city pretty often. Will you be in confinement in prayer the next time this sort of thing happens in some housing project in the Bronx?

  11. Lucylou, sorry. You can go back to waiting on the b- net update on this story (I use twitter). Hopefully the updates and comments will provide you with ALL the info you need (why go to CNN, nytimes or any other NEWS site for up to the minute updates, when you can wait for it here? and get all high on your horse when others don’t show the “proper” concern?

    I’m still shocked that a crazy guy was able to use a gun in NYC with its tough gun laws.

  12. I can see why B’Net ran this article, but Baristanet is more my go-to place for local poop in the pool stuff.

  13. It’s not that high a horse, Herb. (More like a Shetland pony.) You really were patting yourself on the back above just for posting.

    Then making at political japery. Were you, say, a battle-hardened former trooper in the 1st Cav, I might cut you some slack here. But you’re probably not.

    Conservatives on this site have to do better. If only to put the liberal sludge which gathers here to distinct shame by comparison. Not only do “we” have to seize the moral high ground, we have to hold it.

    The coprolites in the pool, Nellie, are certainly more in the traditional vein of what Baristanet imagines “journalism” to be. But it always amazes me that there seems to be no clear standard of seriousness or relative importance. If someone’s plight of getting a parking ticket merits a longish story and many clucking comments in reply, so be it. That’s moral equivalency rampant. Really, however, what was the point of the Baristas “sharing” some news of another sad instance of gun violence, when we all know perfectly well that every local news outlet will lead with it tonight and tomorrow morn? (Barring, say, the appearance of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse over either Tehran or Jerusalem, that is.)

  14. Last time I was in Jerusalem, cathar, I didn’t see the Four Horsemen of the Apolcalypse floating overhead.
    However, the atmosphere was full of smog and particulate matter, and the hallowed firmament below was overrun with a plague of feral cats.
    It is deeply touching, several years later, to be anointed by thee as a member of the local liberal caste known as “sludge”. I prostate myself and accept the decree with a hungry heart and a parched soul.
    As a result, I have been smitten with a Revelation, and every fibre of my being has been made tranquil by a sense of Deep Harmony with the Lord Our God in His most unassuming and sublime Manifestation – yes, that would be sludge.
    For it is the Truth! The deep bottoms of our planet’s crisp and clear mountain lakes may reek of organic decomposition and feel appallingly slimy between our toes.
    Nonetheless, for Those Who Have Been Exposed to the Gospel of Cathar, lake sludge is a Blessed Part of the Awesome Majesty of Creation. Amen.

  15. We’re all grateful that the saintly cathar can take time out from scolding posters and site hosts in order to “confine” himself to prayer.

    The Almighty doubtless looks to cathar, that paragon of decency and exemplar of human kindness, to speak for all of those poor benighted souls not gifted with his keen eye and pure heart.

    We all salute you, o sainted one, and ask for your continued intercession in these troubled times!

  16. You should indeed “salute” me, croi. If only for providing an outlet for your own considerable verbal bitterness towards anyone who dares disagree with you.

    But yes, liberal sludge sounds apt, Spiro T. Where else do bottom feeders (worse, bottom feeders who imagine themselves witty) gather? Shall I liken you and your ilk, then, unto catfish. And catfish are treyf (sp.?).

    The one time I was in what should the capital of Israel, what struck me was both the military presence (plenty of young, strapping Israelis) and the large numbers of the very gimlet-eyed (at least towards casually dressed tourists) Orthodox who were not in uniform and did nothing readily apparent for a living save pray very publicly and loudly. And anyone who’s ever been in various parts of Italy and Malta learns to appreciate large groupings of feral cats, who in Islam are supposed to be honored forever since one of their ancestors was the Prophet’s sole companion on the hejira.

  17. Nice try, cathar. Deadeye and herb are but two examples of people with whom I disagree politically, yet can enjoy a respectful and amusing exchange from time to time.

    You, on the other hand, do nothing but whinge about other posters, the perceived lack of professionalism on the part of the site hosts, and of course “share” your astoundingly tedious and quite probably fictitious anecdotes. Why, you sound rather like the very Orthodox you describe above.

    So yes, I do salute you, for you remind me and so many others of just how self-righteous and ill-informed prigs really sound. In real life, as it were.

  18. “… for you remind me…”

    Almost sounds like there’s room for two on that Shetland pony if you hum “Battle Hymn of the Republic” to cro’s post. Heck, even Lee Greenwood’s “I’m Proud to be an American” works well with that last bit.

    It’s to the point now, cro, that your joyless rants against cathar, who despite often disagreeing with, adds to any post (yes, even if that addition might be pedantic, obvious and direct- it’s always a great read!), and who unlike you, when I see his name on the MOST RECENT COMMENTS, I cannot wait to read.

    Still, I’ve decided to add the little Greenwood background hum to your comments, and surprisingly, Mr. Greenwood completes you. You’re kinda like this cute little gal:

    (I have Mr. Greenwood all cued up and ready for your reply– don’t let me down!)

  19. Gee prof, if I may borrow one of your favourite expressions, “Methinks” you have a man-crush on cathar. He of the “velvet fist”. You’ve forgiven him his tirdaes against you as a pseudo-prof, etc. which was a regular feature here not so long ago.

    That’s fine. You can feel as you like in this great country (cue up “Proud to be an American”, please> If you find cathar to be entertaining, OK. I don’t. And after all, who doesn’t love “pedantic, obvious, and direct”?

  20. “Everybody, I love you, everybody I do”

    The leader, singer, principal songwriter and creative director of the “Shrieking Decibals”, Croiagusanam, is very smart, witty, and an entertaining contributor to B’net.

    Cathar is dumbfoundingly knowledgeable on a seemingly endless variety of subjects and I always tread lightly when he’s out and about.

    Where the heck did Walleroo go? I miss his insouciant wit.

    Cathar, retirement is treating just fine. Hey, I installed a new router in my domicile today and all my wireless devices(7) are now working perfectly. I will celebrate with Chinese food and a Bourgeois DBJC custom, redwood top, Brazilian rosewood back and sides.

    “I’m so glad, I’m so glad, I’m so glaaaaad”

  21. Selective memory “meguesses”- but to have cathar turn an cutting phrase my way is/was always seen (and taken) as a good thing because unlike most, he’s always a good read. Sadly your obsession with him is boring. And for me, being boring is the biggest crime of all. (Though I think Mr. Greenwood will be a BIG help!)

    But keep at it champ, only way out of a slump is keep trying!!

    As for a “crush”- if that overworked expression is what we now use to categorize any outward sign of appreciation of another, then consider me guilty.

    AGAIN, I appreciate any knowledgable, joyful and outright funny comments- even when directed at me.

    (I’m humming some Greenwood now– don’t let me down!!)

  22. Perhaps Greenbaum, as in Norman “Spirit in the Sky”, would be more in line with whatever point it is that you’re trying to make, prof.

    I’ll try harder to entertain you, I really, really will!!! Maybe I’ll slam Spiro a few times a day, or give more tutorials on Islam or underappreciated blues musicians! Anything to win you back!

    Of course, I could always go on at great length about my palatial Upper Montclair estate, but then that might prove to be TOO exciting for the readers, don’t you think?

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