Baristaville Street Style: Collegiate Edition

As an architecture major, Montclair native Abby Duncan understands both form and function, and her fashion sense reflects it. The 20-year-old sophomore at Philadelphia University values simple, comfortable clothing—but with a razor sharp twist. She has been known to cut-up shirts to get just the right drape, and once made a friend’s prom dress from two layered pillowcases.

Q: Where did you buy your outfit?

A: The plaid trousers are from the Salvation Army in Paterson. It’s my favorite thrift store! I usually wear flats, but these Ralph Lauren espadrilles are super comfy. The Block Island sleeveless tee is from a tourist shop in Cape Cod where my family goes on vacation every year. And the denim vest is from Ruby on Church Street.

Q: What’s your favorite article of clothing and why?

A: My band T-shirts. I love supporting live music. And they’re good conversation-starters.

Q: Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

A: I’m influenced by my travels. I went to Germany and Spain last May with my school and bought these bracelets I’m wearing. They remind me where I’ve been, and what I’ve learned. Seeing art and architecture helps you develop your own sense of style.

Q: How would you describe “Montclair Style”?

A: Kids in Montclair have a natural desire to express themselves–and a streak of rebellion. There’s something here that gives us a kind of confidence. We want to find ourselves at an early age, and have the freedom to do it. We’re very lucky.

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  1. I’d feel really cool wearing my old band t-shirts–until some teenager asks me: “What’s a Radiohead?”

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