Ten One Design: A Mod Mom and Pop Tech Company

Jenny and Peter Skinner of Ten One Design

Jenny and Peter Skinner, the founders of Ten One Design in Montclair, are about to launch their latest cool tech gadget: the first pressure-sensitive iPad stylus to use Bluetooth 4.0 technology. The product gives you a fast wireless connection without the need to pair with your devices. The stylus, code-named “Blue Tiger” is already in production and expected to be available for purchase in the fall.

The “Blue Tiger” allows artists do things like vary the thickness of a stroke by placing more or less pressure on the stylus, which is slightly thinner than a AA battery. It’s terrific for writing, too, because you can rest your hand on the screen without creating unwanted marks.

There’s a charming story behind the company’s moniker: Ten One Design. The Skinner’s married on October 1, 2005, or 10-1-05. A year later, also on October 1st, they started their own business. They soon became known for the Pogo stylus, one of the first of such accessories designed for use with the iPad and iPhone. Their Pogo products have been sold in Target, Walmart, the Apple store, and on Amazon.com.

The young couple, both 33, work from home, collaborating on their business while caring for their 18-month-old, Owen. The baby appears to be as comfortable with tablet technology as his parents. “He was making the ‘slide to unlock’ sign when he was only 8-months-old,” laughs Peter. The Skinners have lived in Montclair since 2005, and love the town for it’s “great restaurants and walkability.” They cherish their work-at-home lifestyle. “We’re practically evangelical about it,” says Jenny. “We don’t spend three hours a day on the train, so we’re able to do more of what we enjoy.”

One thing they both get a kick out of is observing someone “in the wild” as they say, with one of their products. “Once we saw a woman using a hot pink Pogo Sketch while getting her nails done at Portray Salon in Montclair,” says Jenny. “We quietly high-fived.”

With the growing list of uber-successful tech companies in town, (Joe Zeff Design, a red hot designer and developer of iPad apps, and Virtual Press Office, a leader in online press office management, to name a couple) you have to start wondering: Is Montclair becoming a new tech mecca? Jenny nods, “We’ve been asking ourselves that question more often lately.”

A drawing created in Procreate using Ten One Design’s new stylus

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  1. Hooray for local “job-creators”! I’m wondering if these guys took advantage of any state or local small business grants, etc. Or did they “bootstrap” the business? In any case, nice going!

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