The New Bird in Town

The Great Blue Heron that was spotted in Edgemont Park earlier this summer has come back—and the bird has brought a friend along. This bird, which I believe is a Great White Egret, has been seen hanging out with the heron in the pond at the park.

I saw them together about two weeks ago. Then, once again, the heron disappeared (at least he had the last time I was at the park about a week ago). Thankfully, the egret has stayed on—for now.

Anyone else spot either of the birds while at Edgemont?

Photo by Gregory Gilmore

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  1. We love egrets and herons. Both are classified as “wading” birds.
    Let’s hope the fish in Edgemont Park don’t lay too many eggs – we’d have a local case of “roe vs wade”.

  2. On Sunday afternoon, we saw an egret lounging by the fountain at the entrance to the new Four Seasons development off of Bloomfield Ave. (at the border of Verona and North Caldwell). It’s either the same one, checking out the surrounding neighborhoods, or another of his kind. Perhaps the word on the egret street is that Essex County is the “it” vacation spot this year.

  3. I noticed a graceful, stately white bird in Verona Park two Saturdays ago at about 5:15 PM. I thought it might have been a heron, but I could be wrong. It seems to be a one time sighting although I will look when I take my weekend late afternoon post work walk.

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