Watchung Ave Bridge to Close Thursday

The Bloomfield Police Dept. has announced that the Watchung Ave. Bridge will be closed in both directions from Thursday August 23, at 10 am until Friday August 24, 6:00 am.

No traffic will be able to enter the Garden State Parkway from Watchung Ave. in either direction during this time period.

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  1. So this project was due to end in March was it not? Let me feign my surprise in its going over. I’d like to give kudos to whoever decided to make the off ramp from the Parkway South onto Watchung Ave merge directly into traffic from the bridge with absolutely no visibility whatsoever. It’s great to spend the end of every day wondering if I’m going to get into an accident or not.

  2. So to be clear–there’s absolutely no accountability whatsoever in completing a project anywhere near on time, even though it inconveniences thousands of people?

  3. It’s a well detailed design, so let’s not be so harsh! I especially like the chicken wire fence on both sides of the bridge -an appropriate and elegant solution, surely meant to prevent our local slobs from throwing Chick-Fil-A wrappers all over the Garden State Parkway.

  4. Well, the entrances to the parkway may be closed, but you still have to pay the tolls. The EZ-Pass detectors have been re-aimed and cranked up so that every car an a 1-mile radius will get doinked at least once a day until the bridge and ramps re-open and the cash flow goes back to regular.

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