A Little Thursday Morning Quarterbacking: DNC, NFL and OMG.

In my house last night, the television remote, DVR and laptop got a workout beyond the usual. I’d like to say that as good citizens we watched the Democratic National Convention coverage nonstop, but let’s face it: we live in northern New Jersey and the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants were playing losing their first game of the NFL season against the Dallas Cowboys, on national TV. And hey, we live in Baristaville and Montclair’s Nauna’s Bella Casa was being skewered on the Food Network’s Restaurant Stakeout. So let’s just say emotions ranged from “Oh, yeah!” to Oh, no!” to “Are you kidding?” — in no particular order, or perhaps I should say, in rotating order. We clicked, we clapped, we clutched our throats.

What about you? Did you feel “called” as Massachusetts Senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren suggested? Or did you want to hang up? For you, was former President’s Bill Clinton’s speech the clearest articulation of the Dem’s platform yet? Did you have flashbacks of other disastrous Giant-sized fallbacks with dropped footballs, missed opportunities and a Queen-sized national anthem debacle? Or are the boys in blue just getting started? Will reaction to Nauna’s 60 minutes of fame (if you missed it, the show airs again soon) show up in their dining room with empty seats or curious newcomers and loyal, confused patrons? What’s the buzz on all three this morning, Baristaville? Discuss.

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  1. Bill can’t run again in 2016, and neither can Obama, so, here’s to a Hillary/Michelle 2016 ! That would be a knock-out ticket – two brilliant, charismatic women with guts.

  2. Brilliant? Guts?

    The only thing they did was ride the coatails of their husbands to where they got. I guess to stand by while your husband lies to the American people on National TV about making stains in the Oval Office on some interns dress and then sends you go on TV to lie for him does take some sort of guts on her behalf I guess. As far as the other one, she really did nothing but climb the salary ladder as her husband progressed his career. Yup, that takes a lot of guts spiro. 2 regular Madam Curie’s.

  3. The buzz is the Dems are done and Victor Cruz should refrain from doing the Salsa and concentrate on catching the darn ball.

  4. Is that the persistent buzz in your head, herb?

    You can take something for that, and it might even be available for free under Obamacare.

  5. Although NPR just did a similar segment on possible conflict between watching the NFL or the DNC last night (guess they didn’t realize the importance of Nauna’s appearance on the Food Network) — I believe this is a moot subject considering present technology. Does it really matter which are watched in real time in this day of “Tivo-ing” and watching online?

  6. I learned last night that Mayor Villarai… needs to learn how to properly administer parliamentary procedure and that the DNC desperately could have used a few good sound engineers last night to help him out. There was no way, based on my trusty Samsung HD, that the “yeas” got two-thirds during that voice vote.

    Brilliant? Gutsy? Really, Spiro, while I might agree that the Obamas seem genuinely in love with each other, who of us knows about the Clintons? Really, too, where would either woman be without their respective spouses? Where in particular would Hillary go? (She surely was not appointed Secretary of State for her prior foreign policy expertise, I hope we can at least agree on this.) We’re always waiting for the woman to tell “the truth” (both about foreign policy and her marriage), simply don’t ask her hard enough questions most of the time and thus will have to wait until long after she’s departed this earth for some “answers” (albeit carefully filtered ones, probably, and never underestimate how fiercely Chelsea will tend the flame of her parents’ legacy).

    I know you aim to be a wit here, Spiro, but sometimes you’re just clownish.

  7. Cro, nothing is “free” under Obamacare. Chances are you just don’t understand the cost and payment structure and how we all pay for everything in the end. That is not a slam on you in any way. The affordable care act made an already rediculous system more complex, more conveluted, more tied to tax policy and from updated CBO estimates, more expensive.

    Chances are that Herb had insurance through his private sector job, which not only covered his health care, but also subsidized the health care cost of others without health care insurance. The typical counter that kids are now covered is also bunk, because they already were covered for health care under state and federal programs under age 18.

  8. If I were Bill Clinton, I would charge by the word. If I had $20 for each time he said “well,” I could afford a tank of Republican gasoline.

  9. The Jerusalem/God debacle was, perhaps, the most enjoyable political moment of the season. For the sheer bumbling and desperate nature of it, if nothing else. You have a candidate so craven he rams a resolution through (2/3 vote be damned!) which is opposed to his own administration’s policies, just to blunt opposition criticism. Now that’s conviction, eh?

    You know things have gotten bad when Anderson Cooper (of all people) says DNC chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is living in an “alternate reality”.


    Tell us something we DON’T know Anderson!

  10. While certainly no expert on Obamacare, nerdherd, I think I understand it pretty well. At least as well as you do, I’d reckon. I also had a small private practice in the mental haelth field for many years, so I am familiar with how payments work as well. But thanks for the patronizing, anyway.

    for example, perhaps you meant to say “over 18” rather than “under”. The ACA covers children up to age 26. Perhaps herbie’s employer-provided plan covered those kids, but I doubt it. Most did not.

    Your assertion that “we all pay for everything in the end” is breaking new ground? We all pay for free roads and free schools and free everything. This is obvious. But some pay and get little in return. ACA is an imperfect attempt to fix a system that is a shambles. Perhaps not for folks like herbie, and maybe you, who have employer provided coverage. But for those who don’t. Which could, God forbid, be both you and him should you be let go someday.

    Just as a hint, its probably best not to try to engage in a discussion by starting off with “you probably don’t understand”. Aside from sounding incrediably patronizing, it also displays an air of expertise which is not at all evident, atleast yet.

  11. Actually, cathar, I was quite serious about the Hillary/Michelle ticket and the brilliance and guts those two women could offer our nation.

  12. Yes ROC, the God debacle reminded me very much of Mitt’s deer-in-the-headlights look when the anti-gay marriage plank was added. You know he was in terror of his own words as MA governor coming back to haunt him. Or of course the abortion addition. Talk about a candidate so craven, huh?

  13. My boss worked a couple of years in Canada. He characterized the health care system as pretty scary. Wait for a long time for things (x-rays, MRIs, medical procedures). Bad enough, that he paid for a separate private insurance plan. (Er…then what is the point of national healthcare?!?!) Sounds a little like the “supplemental” plan that my senior folks are paying for now, in addition to Medicare, which entitles them to go to Kaiser in SoCal (and even so, it sometimes takes hula hoops and a creative description of symptoms in order to even get an appointment.)

    My understanding is that in Canada, as in the UK, one can utilize the national system and go to the ‘clinic’, and wait… maybe bribe doctors on the side if necessary in order to get a necessary procedure… or pay for a private plan and go to a doctor’s office, and choose from a wider variety of hospitals. Docs on this side of the border (Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota) advertise “Canadian insurance accepted” and the folks cross the border to come to us, out of frustration!

    Yay, I can’t wait. Only a matter of time before my company quits offering insurance at all. There is no incentive. They could drop us all, pay the penalty, and save a gazillion dollars. Then I could shop on the open market for a health plan that costs more, because we lose the group. Oh wait, once we’re all in that “JUA” of medical insurance then the prices will come down. Har-de-har. Last time I looked on the NJ healthcare insurance website the prices were just plain stupid. Really. One of them came up at something absurd, like, $9,000 a Month for a family plan. C’mon!

    BTW I think Clinton is a very good speaker. I don’t like his shameful behavior in the White House (knowing full well that other Presidents have behaved badly also, it just didn’t seem as openly disrespectful and appalling, but maybe that’s because we are a 24/7 society these days) and I admit I have zero respect for Hilary. Frankly I don’t like anybody anymore. I really need to win the lottery, buy an island, hire some armed guards, and plant myself on the beach!

    PS Too bad the Giants lost…I just wish it hadn’t been to the rotten Cowboys!!

  14. kay, polls consistently show that over 80% of Canadians prefer their system to that in use in the USA.
    I would recommend Dr. Aaaron Carroll’s piece written for AARP, “5 Myths About Canada’s Health Care System” for a good overview.

    The system in the UK is not like that in Canada in that providers in the UK work for the government, so to speak, while in Canada they do not. Under ACA, American doctors would also not be government employees.

  15. Thanks Cro, I will look that piece up. Much of what I get is through direct grilling of anyone visiting the office who hails from either country! HA 🙂

    p.s. The barter system will be in full force on My Island, so you can stay free, in exchange for lessons in Irish (or Gaelic, or Welsh, as you like).

  16. “Thanks Cro, I will look that piece up. Much of what I get is through direct grilling of anyone visiting the office who hails from either country!”

    Kay – speaking for myself who has personally experienced the UK healthcare system and who has relatives in BOTH Canada and the UK, I can tell you that the vast majority of people approve of their care – In my family’s case that means everything from a office checkup to a heart/lung transplant. Their system works, people are covered, and no one goes broke.

    Don’t believe the right wing scare stories.

  17. I will be the first to admit that our current healthcare system is flawed–a lot. I could write volumes about said flaws but I will spare you. While I don’t support Obamacare in its current incarnation, we DO need to meet somewhere in the middle. It would be great if we could take the best of both–universal healthcare and the system we have now–and merge them together. But I imagine it’s more complicated than that.

    Kay mentioned the waits in the clinics. Most of my doctors are in NYC because I work here. NYC has some of the best practitioners in the country. Let me tell you about waits! It makes no difference if my appointment is at 8 AM and I am the first one in the door, I have been known to wait from 45 minutes to an hour to see a doctor who, maybe, spends 15-20 minutes with me. I am not complaining about the quality of care, mind you, just the office logistics.

    My husband and I have both found numerous errors in prescriptions, instructions, bills from the insurance company. It’s a good thing we are a bit Type A and tend to look things over. Many are not.

    When I was a young woman, it was never this bad. It has gotten worse, I’d say, in the past 15 years or so.

  18. Cro- I said it wasn’t a slam on you, don’t take it so personally. There is not one person that voted for the ACA, not one person that voted against it and certainly not a POTUS that understands the full impact of this legislation on the cost structure. I don’t even think the experts on either side have any clue to the long-term impact on the cost structure and more importantly the impact on the underlying services provided. It’s assumption on top of assumption, garbage in garbage out.

    My point about kids was what I said. Kids under 18 were covered before ACA. So when libs say “what about all the kids that are now covered,” they are not talking about kids under 18, because they were already covered. They are talking about the “kids” over 18 that are not full time students AND that cannot find job that will now be allowed back onto their parents’ insurance or get put on the ACA coverage. That is not as powerful a talking point as what they try and make it sound like. When I graduated college I had to buy a catastrophic plan for like $900 a year with a $10,000 deductible until a got a job with benefits.

    ACA isn’t just imperfect Cro, it made the system worse, not better. It was like shooting ourselves in the head to alleviate a headache.

  19. nerd, everytime a Dem talks about ACA and “kids”, they specifically say that they mean kids over 18. Everyone knows exactly what it means. You are being disingenous when you suggest otherwise.

    That you had to purchase something that others may not have to now means nothing to me. So what? Things change. People 100 years ago worked longer hours with no benefits and no rights. Should we go back to that because that’s how it used to be?

    So your point seems to be — No one understands ACA including me, but I’m against it anyway. You sound like Groucho, frankly.

    It does not make the system worse by a long shot. That’s an opinion masquerading as a fact, as usual.

  20. “ACA isn’t just imperfect Cro, it made the system worse, not better. It was like shooting ourselves in the head to alleviate a headache.”

    Well, I guess that’s Romneycare for you …. 😉

  21. Cro- I have spoken with many Dems/libs over the last year that did not know that “kids” was refering to 18-26 years of age. They just didn’t know it.

  22. “So your point seems to be — No one understands ACA including me, but I’m against it anyway. You sound like Groucho, frankly.”

    Well done as usual, Cro.

    But if Groucho were alive today, would he also proclaim about not wanting to belong to any health care plan that would have him as a member ?

  23. Thanks, Johnqp, that’s good to know.

    Mrs. M, isn’t that infuriating?! Get there early, and still wait! What on earth happens in between the doctor’s parking spot and his 3rd floor office to ruin the schedule so fast?! HA I also notice that my health care company likes to deny stuff for what seems like no apparent reason. I open every EOB I get from them (yes, and I insist on paper statements) and when they deny an office visit because they code it as a ‘specialist’ when it’s actually our ‘GP’; or deny for no reason at all other than once a year I have to call and tell them that my husband does not have access to any other insurance plan (but, they don’t tell me when a year is up ahead of time they just deny the claim, and then I have to call them, and then the doctor has to wait for payment). Sometimes I get the “oh sorry, someone must have coded it wrong”. People who don’t pay attention might very well end up needlessly paying extra! If I sent a check to every doctor that the insurance company said I owed money to, I’d have paid for another year of premiums already! Beginning to think that is their M.O.: deny, then see who’s gullible enough to fall for it and write out a check.

  24. Not a huge fan of Michael Moore but I did see “Sicko” and tried to keep an open mind about it. Interesting film, but not without its biases, of course. One point that stayed with me, though, was that when some Canadians travel to the U.S., they take out a “rider” on their policy that allows them to use their Canadian insurance should they fall ill or have an accident while in the U.S. Otherwise, one couple explained, the costs would be astronomical.

  25. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2012/08/obama-honored-fallen-seal

    “On August 6, 2011, 30 US service members were killed when a CH-47
    Chinook helicopter they were being transported in crashed in Wardak
    province, Afghanistan. It was the deadliest single loss for U.S.
    forces in the decade-long war in Afghanistan. 17 members of the elite
    Navy SEALs were killed in the crash.

    Yesterday, Karen and Billy Vaughn, parents of Aaron Carson Vaughn,
    spoke at the Defending the Defenders forum sponsored by the Tea Party
    Patriots outside the RNC Convention in Tampa. Karen brought a copy of
    the form letter they were sent following their son’s death.

    It’s a form letter.

    After the deadliest single loss of US forces in Afghanistan, Barack
    Obama sent out form letters to the parents.

    UPDATE: But Obama did send a personal letter to rapper Heavy D’s
    family when he passed away.”

    Barry Soetoro is a bum

  26. While I don’t support Obamacare in its current incarnation, we DO need to meet somewhere in the middle. It would be great if we could take the best of both–universal healthcare and the system we have now–and merge them together. But I imagine it’s more complicated than that.

    But MM, you just described the essence of Obamacare, if you believe our private insurance-based system to be “the best of what we have now”. The essence of Obamacare is the requirement that everyone have health insurance, and help for those who cannot afford it. Universal healthcare serviced primarily thru a combination of public and private insurance.

    Obamacare, as I’m sure you know, is conceptually identical to Romneycare in Massachusetts, which itself grew from a proposal advocated by the conservative think-tank Heritage Foundation as the private-market response to Hillarycare.

    How would MrsMarttaCare differ from ObamaRomneyCare?

  27. Herb, you’d enjoy swapping selective “foul” calls with a buddy of mine down south in one of the mid-Atlantic swing states – he’s a staunch conservative, combing through every word in the Charlotte convention, looking to hang anyone and everyone attending the convention out to dry, as if his life depended on it. ( yet somehow giving every speaker in Tampa plenty of wiggle room for their whoppers with extra cheese )

  28. Pork Roll: I know I live in FantasyLand but here is what I would like to see in a health care plan. And for the record, let’s not call it MrsMarttaCare, let’s call it PeopleCare.

    No discrimination in terms of pre-existing conditions, income level, or AGE (that’s a big one!)

    Make prescription drugs more affordable.

    Cover homeopathic remedies with a proven track record.

    Afford reasonable wait times to see physicians, have tests and/or procedures, especially life-saving ones such as dialysis.

    And…drum roll, please: Offer the opportunity to pass on buying health insurance. I don’t like the idea of making it mandatory. If someone doesn’t want to participate, that should be his or her choice.

    In addition, I would like to see a system that is set up to attract the best and brightest in medicine. In fact, let’s make that the best and the brightest in health care, period! The technicians, coders, physicians’ assistants, etc.

  29. Referencing Bidens son to prove your point isn’t exactly credibile

    Herb – It’s spelled “credible” …unless the “bile” spelling was some type of Freudian slip.

    But then again, today’s National Republican Party has raised bile spewing to an art form.

  30. I’d call that the PixieDust plan MM.

    What, no complimentary mansions and free vacations for everyone?

  31. MM, you had me up until the point about not requiring health insurance. The problem is that one person’s choice to forgo health insurance creates an obligation upon society to foot the bill when that person inevitably requires non-trivial medical care of some sort – the classic free rider problem. Requiring full participation in the purchase of health insurance is the only way to fund the plan that you envision.

    And I have to say that Romneycare is one of Romney’s few achievements that I admire, and which would give me reason to support him. Yet like so many of his other positions taken prior to running for the presidency, he has turned his back on this approach to universal health coverage with no viable alternative suggested in its place.

  32. I’m with you Mrs. Martta, and I totally get Pork Roll’s criticism. Here’s my solution: Those who choose not to participate should have a tattoo to that effect prominently placed upon their chests, and they should be allowed to die in the emergency room waiting area.

  33. What, no complimentary mansions and free vacations for everyone?

    Free health care is on par with free mansions and vacations?

  34. sheepy – I’d take Biden over Ryan any day.

    But when it comes down to VP picks, nothing can ever top George W’s amazing sense of humor when he picked Dick Cheney – a real barrel of laughs he turned out to be for America.

  35. …nothing can ever top George W’s amazing sense of humor when he picked Dick Cheney

    Not to quibble, but I believe it would be more accurate to say Dick Cheney picked Dick Cheney to be Bush Jr’s VP.

  36. “Not to quibble, but I believe it would be more accurate to say Dick Cheney picked Dick Cheney to be Bush Jr’s VP.”

    True – he rolled W like a bald tire.

  37. For all those who are against ACA, whether it’s because they don’t understand it or because they’re told to be against it, please explain to me how Romney’s voucher program will work better in an industry that is exempt from anti-trust laws?

  38. Both Michelle and Hillary had very successful legal careers prior to their husbands’ run for office. They are accomplished women in their own right. It’s painfully obvious most people have no idea that the ACA is insurance reform, and not a state run healthcare program. A plan that was created and put forward by the right wing as an alternative to healthcare reform. Since insurance companies are exempt from RICO laws, it makes sense to regulate them in other ways. They’ve been verging away with anti-trust exemptions for way too long.

  39. After the deadliest single loss of US forces in Afghanistan, Barack
    Obama sent out form letters to the parents.

    But ending the war in Iraq, and therefore saving lives, no credit for that right? Lip service and wrapping yourself in the flag. Much more useful than actually doing something.

    Obama probably doesn’t even have a magnetic ribbon on his car!

  40. Not to worry Mike- We’ll be embroiled in Syria very soon. Barry will send in a few advisers and then, well, we all know the drill. Mitt, the draft dodging cultist, would do the same.

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