Accident on Bloomfield Ave., Montclair/Glen Ridge Border

A tipster sends us a photo of an accident on Bloomfield Ave, near the Glenmont Square (Smashburger/Panera) Mall and car wash.

Earlier this year, there was a three-car accident at this same location.

Photo: J.F., Montclair

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  1. I’m surprised this doesn’t happen at least once a day at this location. It really is a nightmare. Hope everyone is safe and unharmed.

  2. I have almost been in an accident at this location. You can’t see anything coming over that hill from Montclair.

  3. It is illegal to cross a double yellow line. Do you make a left into the Smashburger parking lot when driving south east on Bloomfield Avenue? It does not help that the car wash line backs up the right lane on the bridge frequently. The problem is police enforcement. Or lack thereof.

    We all know of towns where the cops are known for traffic enforcement. Montclair is not on of those towns. Heck, Montclair can’t even fix broken parking meters effectively.

  4. I take that back. After some research, it’s not illegal to cross a double yellow if you are entering a driveway. Still, it seems kind of death defying to me. I’ll continue to make a u-turn in Glen Ridge to avoid doing it though.

  5. I believe the potential for traffic problems at this spot was discussed on these very pages four or five years ago when the plans for the mall were being rolled out. In fact I think this very scenerio was brought up.

    Cars are coming down the hill from Montclair at high speed, then over a blind hill on the bridge, then the car wash line forces cars to the left lane. So now you’ve cars with lots of momentum, going downhill, turning into a lane where cars are waiting at a dead stop. Without a change, this same accident will just keep happening.

    The car wash line has always been a manace and it was something the town knew about and discussed when that train bridge was going to be rebuilt. They shouldn’t have allowed the mall to be built without addressing the problem.

  6. My recollection is the town of Montclair, the town of Glen Ridge, and the County all had a hand in the development of the Ford dealer site, now the Panera, etc.

    Montclair did not want condominiums on the site. Glen Ridge did not want access off Glenridge avenue into the back of the site. The county didn’t want a divider in that section of Bloomfield Avenue.

    Everyone got what they wanted…

    Even at this late date, a divider and a U turn at the Highland traffic light would be a lot safer

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