Bloomfield Crime: Burglaries, Criminal Mischief, Robbery

From Sgt. Anthony Servedio. the week in crime:


09-18-2012 – On Laurel Ave. the homeowner stated that he observed 2 black males standing under the rear window of his home. The owner could see two fresh cuts in the screen above the screen locks and when he confronted the 2 suspects they ran away up the rear driveway and into East Orange.

09-19-2012 – On Floyd Ave. The homeowner stated that an unknown person(s) broke into his business through an attached shed. An air compressor was taken.


09-17-2012 – On the 200 block of Bloomfield Ave. a 2001 Ford had the drivers door lock damaged and a Tom Tom GPS unit was taken.

09-22-2012 – On Park Ave. a 2002 Nissan had the a passenger side door window damaged and a bag containing boots was taken.

09-23-2012 – On the 200 block of Franklin St. a 1995 Nissan with N.J. license plates had its windshield broken nothing was taken from the vehicle.


09-17-2012 – On the 100 block of North Fulton St. a 2001 Jeep with NJ license plates was stolen.

09-17-2012 – On the 200 block of Bloomfield Ave. a 1999 VW with NJ license plates was stolen.

09-22-2012 – On N 17th st. a 2011 Toyota with NJ license plates was stolen.

09-23-2012 – On Elmbrook Dr. a 2009 Toyota with NJ license plates was stolen.


09-23-2012 – On Berkeley Ave. a 2006 Jeep had the driver’s side window and ignition damaged.


09-21-2012 – On the 200 block of Bloomfield Ave. the victim stated that she dropped her purse and when she went to retrieve it up , a black male approximately 20 to 30 years of age, had already picked it up and was running East on Bloomfield. Ave. A search of the area for the suspect by Police had negative results.


09-18-2012 – On Park St. the victim of a robbery stated that while walking he was approached by a 6’0” tall, medium build, black male, wearing a Yankee’s baseball cap and blue jeans who at first asked him what time it was. After giving the suspect the time he produced a black handled knife and demanded the victim give him his wallet. After turning over his wallet which contained $4.00 cash, some credit cards and identification the suspect fled on foot on Jersey St. A search of the area was negative for the suspect.
Anyone who has information on this incident or any other incident can contact the Bloomfield Police Department CID unit at 973-680-4084.


09-17-2012 – On La France Ave. the owner of a motorcycle reported that several juveniles pushed his the motorcycle over causing damage.

09-21-2012 – On Highview Terr. a 1994 Buick had 4 tires flattened.

09-21-2012 – On Walter St. a 1991 Jeep had 2 tires flattened.

09-22-2012 – On the 300 block of East Passaic Ave. a 2011 Toyota had 1 tire flattened.

09-23-2012 – On the 200 block of Franklin St. a 1995 Nissan with N.J. license plates had its windshield broken nothing was taken from the vehicle.

09-20-2012 – Angela D Jenkins of Newark was arrested for Robbery/Resisting Arrest.
Ms. Jenkins was arrested by Officers Joseph Cevallos and Meljunn Pascua after she attempted to shoplift $128.00 worth of merchandise from The Stop & Shop Supermarket at 8 Franklin St. While trying to remove the merchandise from the store Ms. Jenkins was confronted by a Loss Prevention Officer inside the Stop & Shop. In an attempt to get away from the LPO, Ms. Jenkins swung at him striking him in the hand causing some scratches. Officers Cevallos and Pascua arrived a short time later and while attempting to make the arrest the suspect continued to struggle and fight with the Officers until they could finally bring her under control and affect the arrest.
Ms. Jenkins was charged with Robbery and Resisting arrest. Bail was set at $100,000.00 pending a court date of 9-25-12.

09-22-2012 – India Scott of Newark was arrested for Burglary from MV.
Ms. Scott was arrested by Bloomfield Police Officers Frank Dilkes & Fabian Rojas after she was chased on foot and detained by a witness who saw her with a pocketbook that she obtained from a vehicle she broke into on Franklin St. The vehicle owner parked her car at 46 Franklin St for a short period of time so that she could go in and speak with a co-worker. When she came out of the establishment she saw Ms. Scott walking down the street with her pocketbook that she had left in her vehicle. The victim yelled to Ms. Scott “that’s my pocketbook” and that is when Ms. Scott began to run toward Halcyon Park, only to be caught by the Good Samaritan witness.
Ms. Scott was charged with: Burglary and Theft and given a Court date of 9-25-2012. Bail was posted at $50,000.00 by Judge Paparazzo.

09-23-2012 – Saveon Hayles of Elizabeth was arrested for Warrants.
Mr. Hayles was arrested by Montclair Pd and transported to Bloomfield Police HQ’s on a $500.00 motor vehicle violation warrant. Mr. Hayles posted bail and was given a new court date of 9/25/12.

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  1. The streets of Bloomfield are a disgrace. There is litter everywhere. When was the last ticket issued for littering? It’s almost a joke, right? No one cares. But this is a big quality of life issue. Litter-strewn streets turn prospective home buyers away from Bloomfield. How about issuing some tickets for chronically litter strewn properties?

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