Caine's Arcade Inspires Local Boy to Build One: He Hopes Someone Will Come

You know about Caine’s Arcade? Caine is the 9-year-old boy in East Los Angeles who made an elaborate arcade out of cardboard boxes in the front of his dad’s used car parts store, see left. He was dying for customers, and he had only one. That one person made a video about Caine that went viral–making the boy very happy and also a little famous. We shared it here.

To inspire other kids, Caine helped create the first ever worldwide Cardboard Challenge on October 6. A little boy named Jake in Caldwell has made his own arcade, and so far, only his dad has RSVP’d to visit it. 

Jake’s Arcade will be open Saturday, October 6 at 11 a.m. We hear he built 10 games including Raceway Challenge, Claw Machine, Toss-Throw-Score and Mini Soccer. “There’ll be fun passes, prizes, balloons and good times. So come on out, play some games, have some fun and help raise money for a great cause,” his dad stated on his Cardboard Challenge post. Jake will donate his proceeds to the Imagination Foundation, the group that is sponsoring the event.

Click to the jump for Jake’s address. Also, there’s still time for you and your kids to make an arcade, keep reading.

Jake’s Arcade
Who: Kids of all ages
What: An 8-year-old’s cardboard arcade will be open and all proceeds go to charity
Where: Jake’s House, 30 Bowers Road, Caldwell, NJ 07006
When: Saturday, October 6 at 11 a.m.
Cost: Free to come see!

Have a little cardboard genius in your house? Host your own arcade for the Cardboard Challenge. All the details about planning, building and registering your fundraiser are here.

We’d love to see your kid’s creations. My Annabelle, age 6, has filled our house with rocket ships. Email us photos of anything your kids make out of cardboard, and we just might post them here. (And go see Jake!)

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