Essex County Democratic Party Headquarters Opens in Montclair

Yesterday morning, U.S. Senator Bob Menendez joined New Jersey, Essex County and Montclair Democrats for the grand opening of the Democrats’ Essex County headquarters.

“All you had to do was to see the two conventions to understand the difference in our parties, in our vision, in our principles, and in our commitment. We, in this election, have to reject the politics of failure and endorse the politics of progress, opportunity and jobs in our country. That’s what this choice is in this election,” said Senator Menendez.

Montclair Councilman Sean Spiller, Senator Menendez, NJ State Senator Nia Gill, Chairman Gill, Assemblyman Tom Giblin.
“In 2008, many of you came together with us to vote to change the guard. In 2012, we must now vote to guard the change we made in 2008. When I get in my car and I want to move forward, I put my car in “D” for Democrat and I drive into the future. When I want to go backwards, I put my car in “R” for Romney and Ryan and I go way in reverse. We don’t want to move backwards. We want to go forwards.”

In his remarks, Montclair Democratic Chairman and Essex County Freeholder Brendan Gill stressed the importance of teamwork in the upcoming election.

“Bob Menendez is running for so much more than re-election. He is running for the future of New Jersey’s middle class, which has never been under greater siege than it is right now,” said Chairman Gill. “But Bob Menendez has always understood that – to borrow a line from President Clinton this past week – ‘We’re all in this together’ is a much better philosophy that ‘you’re on your own.’ That’s why he has been fighting back for us against the Republican extremists who oppose everything that matters most to us, the New Jersey’s middle class.”

Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo credited Senator Menendez for his commitment to helping Essex County.

“For me, Essex County is always my number one priority and Senator Menendez has helped us by delivering the federal resources we’ve needed to improve the quality of life for all Essex County residents,” said County Executive DiVincenzo. “Looking forward to the elections in November, we have a very strong team and it takes a team to make things happen. Our strength here is Essex County is our diversity.”

The headquarters are located at 480 Bloomfield Avenue (near the Clairidge movie theater) in Montclair. For information, call (973) 509-8013.

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  1. Such hackneyed campaign rhetoric.. right from the lame DNC talking points. What else should we expect from these guys?

  2. Great to hear the so called right wing capitalists on this site cheering for the fall of capitalism. Basically they’re saying FUBO. Haven’t got one other thought in their heads.
    PAZ in DFW

  3. Depends who you ask, herb.

    I wonder what the cost to the taxpayers of a total auto industry collapse would have been?

  4. The assorted bail-outs most likely saved the economy in general. I have no problem there – where I have the problem is that no one on the business side has gone to jail.

  5. herb, try to pay attention. ROC started the thread off with the “Volt is a failure” article.

    Volt is apparently a bust, but the company is very profitable. Aren’t you free-marketers all about risk and such? The company puts out a number of models, and one of them is not selling well. The company, however, is strong.

    Ever hear of the Chevy Vega, the AMC Pacer. THE EDSEL????

    The company is fine, jobs are being saved, and this is the best you can do?

  6. Cro, since you believe GM is such a wonderfully profitable company why don’t you help out us taxpayers and put all you money into the stock. That should surely help raise the stock price and since taxpayers own 500mm shares you will be doing us all a big favor. How can you lose? Pocahontas Warren told us the markets are rigged…she wasn’t kidding! The US government has been buying thousands of GM vehicles, including Volts, no wonder they are profitable!

  7. “The US government has been buying thousands of GM vehicles, including Volts, no wonder they are profitable!” …..So that’s why their staying afloat, flipside?

    NO government-purchased products and services for you, flipside ! No sir ! To prove your point, flipside, you might want to “hold it in” next time a grizzly scares you sh*tless in Yosemite ! ( rather than try out one of those gubmint built comfort stations ! )

  8. The US government has been buying thousands of GM vehicles, including Volts, no wonder they are profitable!

    Well, duh. The government has always been a big customer for GM, as well as the other domestics. I’m sure Glenn Beck or whoever was ranting about this wasn’t very forthcoming, but has anyone judged these purchases unnecessary?

    And how dare they purchase fuel efficient cars! That sounds like sound financial judgement!

  9. I have over 400,000 shares of GM right now, flippy. I’m a bit overloaded on auto stocks so I’ve recently instructed my broker, Haywood Jablome (he works for prof as well, by the way) to move me into techs and futures. But really, I can’t make too much more or I’ll bump myself out of the 15% Romney bracket back into the same bracket the rest of you losers are in.

    But your post to Spiro has inspired me. I’m going to have Haywood buy lots of OJ futures and apple orchards as well.

    I’ll send you a referral fee at some point, don’t you worry!

  10. Cro..Jeep is owned by Fiat but the Bam could buy some more Fords. Great idea buying OJ and apple orchards. QE3,4,5, are coming, should make an orange cost about 5 bucks by the time they are through.
    Mike91 ..selling a car for 40k and charging taxpayers 80k to make them is no way to run a business..but you do save on gas, you got me there. PS I think Beck, Hannity, and Rush are idiots….as are the shills for the left.

  11. It actually might be a decent time to exit your GM trade Cro. I don’t know that OJ futures are the best bet though, also orchards don’t trade (at least not on an exchange that I know of) but as of last year I think you can buy apple juice concentrate futures. Im not sure thats a great idea. Tech is ok but after everything hitting multi year highs last week you should leg in for sure.

  12. Mike91 ..selling a car for 40k and charging taxpayers 80k to make them is no way to run a business.

    Uh, when are they “charging taxpayers 80k”? The public has a stake in the company, which is currently profitable. The car costs that much to make now if you factor in R&D. Who knows how much the battery technology alone will be worth in the future. Oh and by the way, Fiat only has a 20% stake in Jeep.

    Do you get a free propeller beanie with every Volt?

    Yes, but they’re running low on extra pointy size. Better hustle.

  13. Mike, it’s too late for the pointy ones. Those were all handed out at the RNC convention right after the came out with a platform that included changing the constitution to ensure that a fertilized egg can full rights as a citizen. At least the ones that were left after Ryan’s speech that repeated the lie about the GM factory that closed during Bush’s term, NOT Obama’s. This from a guy whose running mate thought we should have just let the entire automobile industry collapse.

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