“Jet Streak” of Fierce Winds Today

Photo credit: MyCatRanch

A strong “jet streak” of fierce winds will set up a favorable environment for thunderstorms to produce damaging wind gusts as high as 47 mph. “Jet streaks” are localized regions of very fast winds embedded within the jet stream.

The National Weather Service has issued a Wind Advisory in effect from noon today to midnight EDT tonight in northeastern New Jersey and the lower Hudson Valley.

Watch out for downed power lines, large branches and trees. Scattered power outages are possible. Winds this strong can make driving difficult.

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  1. And for poor old Gang Green playing at Giants Stadium, this “Jet Streak” comes 48 hours too late, well after their thumping by the Steelers.

  2. Just finished rolling up the umbrella and putting away all light furniture and objects from the backyard deck – Bring it on.

    But seriously, I hope everyone in B’Ville is taking proper precautions..
    ..just in case.

  3. ‘Gurl, now’s the time that one truly appreciates a high schooler who walks home quickly without dawdling, because one can call home and shout hysterically, “Is the umbrella still there?? For God’s sake, get outside and close it!!”

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