Freeholder Brendan Gill Announces $164,294 Grant Funding for Montclair


Essex County Freeholder Brendan Gill announced that the Essex County Freeholder Board voted Wednesday to unanimously to approve a resolution that will channel $164,294 to the Montclair Neighborhood Development Corporation. With these funds, Gill stated, the total allotment for the Montclair group has increased from $60,000 to $224,294. After the vote, Gill stated, “As freeholder, I’ve enjoyed the privilege of working with various community organizations to ensure that funding is directed where it is most needed and best used.”

Gill has served on the Freeholder board since January 2012. Of the vote, Gill continued, “The MNDC works tirelessly to enhance the quality of life for all Montclair residents. I am pleased that this resolution passed without delay.”

MNDC Executive Director Albert Pelham was also pleased with the outcome of Wednesday night’s meeting. “The MNDC would like to publicly thank our Freeholder, Brendan Gill, and the entire freeholder board for approving the disbursement of much needed Community Development Block Grant Funds.” Pelham, who oversees the MNDC’s extensive community operations, continued, “Among other things, these funds will enable MNDC to assist clients who have rental eviction notices or PSEG shut off notices, and will give us the opportunity to employ temporary staff to strengthen and grow Winter Oasis, our existing after school program, and Project Life, our entrepreneurial program for high school students.

Pelham added that the MNDC has proposed a job readiness program for 18 to 25 year old residents. This proposal will be brought closer to fruition with this funding. “I thank Freeholder Gill for this great example of our government providing much needed assistance to underserved citizens in our

Brendan Gill, a Montclair native, praised the MNDC for its past successes in providing “superior services” to Montclair residents.

“Essex County has a lot of partnerships with a lot of organizations”, Gill stated. “But the one with the MNDC is an important alliance, and one that I am convinced will lead to continued success in community development in Montclair and across Essex County.”

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  1. Let’s not forget Montclair taxpayers generate some of these “free” funds. Anyone got the numbers on what goes out to fund Essex County gov’t and what comes back?

  2. Great.. you can flush another $160k of tax payer money down the toilet. Pork barrel politics is alive and well in Essex County.

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