Happy Labor Day 2012!

Whether you know it as a day to celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers, or the last day to wear white or seersucker, Labor Day 2012 is here, in what seems like the fastest summer in recent memory. Will you be laboring today, or slacking off to enjoy a last bit of summer? And what’s your favorite work-related song for a Labor Day bbq playlist? (…Take this job and shove it?)

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  1. I will have one of each of Holly’s drinks to mourn the passing of summer while listening to The Hands of Time (Brian’s Song).

  2. I was wondering around the house most of the day, kids were barrelled finishing up with their ridiculous amount of summer “homework” (don’t get me started on that one), weather gloomy so I popped on The Ramones first album and listened start to finish like back in the old days, no shuffling. Finished up my supply of Harpoon Summer Ale. Looking foward to the beach next weekend. I try to not let my summer end on Labor Day.

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