Is It Okay For My Kids? Helps Answer That Question

Knowing if something is okay for your child to watch on television or on the big screen is important. Unless you’ve pre-screened it—and who has time to do that?—it’s difficult to gauge if something is suitable purely based on the MPAA ratings, which is the Motion Picture Association of America’s film-rating system. One PG movie may be fine for your 8 year old, but another may not be.  Now a new resource called will help families know what is okay for their kids to watch and offer more than any other online resource for parents.

For several years, I’ve been using other online resources to see if a television show or movie is okay for my kids to watch. With two scaredy-cat daughters and being a mom who feels strongly that there be positive girl role models in the shows we watch, it had been an essential part of our viewing.

Without using something like this, parents can find out the hard way that they shouldn’t have let their children watch something. Take this video for example. These parents took their two boys to see The Odd Life of Timothy Green, now playing in theaters. It turned out to be a huge mistake for their family:

SPOILER ALERT: The video gives the movie ending away.


Huge mistake. Big. offers families more than any other media site has. The a new online family media guide combines the power of crowdsourcing with the intimacy of customized social networks. Parents can instantly see the opinions of all the site’s users and weigh them against the opinions of their closest Facebook friends. The result? An unrivaled, user-friendly family media guide easily remembered by the simple two-letter domain, OK.

Here’s the new, exciting difference—users (that’ s parents like you and me) pick and choose the voices they want to hear and the opinions they respect, and in the process, create informal, personalized ratings and review panels built on the basis of shared values. Unlike other family media guides, employs no panel, board or agenda. Instead, the latest innovation harnesses the insights of attentive parents, the capabilities of the latest multi-platform technology and the strength of trusted social communities. The result is a much-needed service that does not tell people what they should think, but empowers them to determine for themselves the appropriate content for their families.

Think of as the trusted friend who has seen all the movies, read all the books, played all the video games—we all have a mom or dad friend like that—and can thoughtfully and simply answer your family’s pressing question:  Is this Ok for my kids? is compatible with all smart phones and other mobile devices, and is also the only site to combine reviews with the ability to check local movie times, purchase tickets online, as well as rent, download or buy content directly from well-known entertainment brands, such as Fandango, Redbox, iTunes, and Netflix. So let’s say you go on to see if ParaNorman is okay for your 8 year old to see, like mine who keeps asking. You read the review, decide yes or no, and then you can check where and when it’s playing. Then to make life even easier, you can purchase tickets to the show right there and then! Just click the button to purchase tickets and you’re on your way to some fun family viewing.

I’ve signed up at and I’ll be reaching out to my Facebook parent friends to join also. That way I can read their reviews, people I know and trust,  and decide if something is okay for my kids.

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