Montclair’s @the Art Studio becomes The Art Garage Today

The Art Garage, formerly @the Art Studio, is now in Montclair.  After toying with the idea for more than two years, Suzanne O’Connor, the owner of the arts studio,  decided that she had to finally make a decision. “The name @the Art Studio was just not working for me. We needed something that was more representative of the fun and eclectic energy that we have here. I also thought it would be an homage to where the business started…essentially in my garage!”

With music, art programs for adults, teens and kids, and space rentals, she figured that now was the time.

“We signed a new lease, the business is starting to grow and the old name was just. I worked with a very talented local designer, Janice Yaminaka, to create the logo and I couldn’t be more excited and pleased.”

The new name goes into affect on September 1st. The Art Garage will still be the home of StudioKids Art, an afterschool arts program.

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