Obama and Romney Almost Tied for NJ Contributions

New Jersey is a pretty solidly blue state when it comes to national politics, so it might seem surprising that President Obama is barely–just barely–beating Mitt Romney in the fundraising race in this state.

So far, the president has amassed $5.3 million in donations from NJ residents, while Mitt Romney has raised $5.1 million. There is a big difference, however, in the number of people who are doing the contribuing.

Obama’s millions come from nearly 36,000 contributions, according to nj.com, whereas Romney’s come from 6,300. What does that tell you about the difference between Romney and Obama supporters? Hmm…

It won’t come as much of a shock to liberal Montclair that the township ranked second highest of places in the state contributing to the Obama campaign, trailing only Princeton. Unlike that township, however, Montclair doesn’t appear at all in the top 25 areas contributing to the Romney campaign (Princeton ranked seventh on that list). Check out the list of top 25 places for both campaigns here. Are you surprised by which towns rank–or don’t rank–on the lists?

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  1. Frankly, I am surprised there is that much support for Romney in Blue Jersey. And no, I am NOT surprised that the support comes from some of our wealthier towns and individuals. But it is interesting that some of the same towns rank high on both lists. If a blue state such as NJ can be so divided, it will be interesting to see how other states choose to spend their money.

  2. Sigh! If only it were that easy, and we could equate dollars raised to actual votes. Why, the next thing you know it would be legal for corporations and PACs to contribute unlimited funds for advertising and other such propaganda. And for your question about which candidate Montclair is supporting with its dollars the answer is simple: herb.

  3. This is a recyled story that appeared in the Star Ledger last weekend and was discussed on NJ 101.5 ealier in the week. It must be a slow week for B’net or your behind the news cycle. Either way, your obviouisly looking for a long discussion loop, hits must be down. Good luck but not even Spiro can smoke me out to participate in a week old recycled story from another source.

  4. Hmm.. I guessing that Montclair did not make the Romney list because of the Star Ledger’s inability to track cumulative contributions totalling under a dollar ?

  5. “What does that tell you about the difference between Romney and Obama supporters? Hmm…”

    Is this really so hard to understand? Or surprising? NJ is one of the richest States in the Union. It’s also (re: Obama) very Blue. But there are plenty of Repubs in NJ. Put it together and you have fewer, but very wealthy Repubs. Compared to many wealthy Dems, who, along with all of those other “progressives,” and don’t forget those in the State’s urban center who (rightfully) proudly contribute and “broaden” Obama’s contributions (these are those, “small donors.”)

    Does that answer your, “Hmmmm…..”? In truth, this difference is known, expected and easily explained.

    However, if one is trying to make it seem nefarious, well good job. This goes with the Romney’s “for the rich only” meme Dems love to toss out. (How much $$ did Obama and Biden donate to charity again? Oh, wait: Romney gave money to his Church, that never counts…)

  6. “Oh, wait: Romney gave money to his Church, that never counts…”

    Does it still count if perhaps some of that money indirectly came from the fruits of “harvested” companies ? Pass the cornucopia please… 😉

  7. How much $$ did Obama and Biden donate to charity again? Laughable amounts. Not that any donation to charity should be scoffed at but based on their salaries? Chicken feed.

    So Romney gives to his church and that makes him a bad guy. So I guess that holds true for congregants in any house of worship who donate to charities through their respective church or synagogue?

  8. @ johnqp,

    Dems love to do 2 things: 1) act OUTRAGED, when they learn that a bushiness’ job is to make money, and 2) act like they are more virtuous than others.

    Re: “Harvested,” let me clue you in to a secret you might not be aware of: business usually buy goods at Wholesale (meaning cheaper than the sale price), they then “mark-up” the price (meaning to RAISE THE PRICE), then sell it to you and me at the Retail price.

    In other words, they buy goods, then “harvest” the profit between the wholesale and retail price that you and I pay.

    But I guess the fake outrage here is that a company does this. Though, Apple, Google, Whole Foods, and almost EVERY other company does it everyday– it’s how business works. And strangely, some only HOPE that their business will be “harvested” by a bigger one.


  9. So prof, I see you favor the use of apostrophes around the word “progressive”.
    Is it perhaps a quick way to symbolize your taking issue with the uplifting and positive implications of the word?

    Well, out of fairness, progressives often use apostrophes around the word “patriot” for those who loudly and abrasively adorn their clothes and cars with yellow hissing snakes, stern looking eagles and unfurling flags.

    Perhaps, then, the use of apostrophes to economically express opinions that range from mild disagreement to outright disdain with regard to a given phrase or a term is a fairly universal practice.

  10. “Laughable amounts”, MM? Obama gave 21.8% of his income to charity. That’s not “laughable” in my book. Maybe you give away more?

    Personally, I couldn’t care less what ANY of these guys do in terms of charity. That’s an individual choice, not a requirement. If we were electing people president because they’re charitable I guess we’d have to vote for Sister Mary Francis at Our Lady of Sorrows.

    And of course “Independents” like prof like to do 2 things: 1) act as though they understand the “real” world while others do not and 2) assume that everyone is as “jaded” as they are.

    Oh, actually its 3 things. They “love” to use quotation marks.

  11. I am loving the stories about the “Bain Workers Bus Tour”, which is comprised of people who worked for companies Bain bought, and whose jobs were lost to outsourcing. It is following Romney on the campaign trail.

    Now why haven’t the republicans retaliated against the dems with similar
    schemes? Hmmmm….

  12. Prof,

    The only way profits are acceptable in B’ville is if the company puts a picture of a tree on the container and says ‘a portion of profits will go toward saving the rain forest’ or some other jibberish. It eases the libs guilt when they drop $4 for a cup of coffee or pay double because the package says “organic’. Bwahahaha.

  13. By the way, prof, your dumb ( your favorite word at times) stereotype of Democrats – acting “OUTRAGED, when they learn that a business’ job is to make money” is thoroughly and deeply preposterous. That is, unless you believe that other dumb stereotype – that ONLY Republicans proudly own well-run and profitable businesses. Dumb, and dumber. Perfect together.

  14. I believe they are “quotation marks.”

    I use them to symbolize that the word or phrase has been co-opted, or is a talking point. Kinda like “Middle Class.” (Notice how Obama says that almost every other sentence. I hate to tell you, but that was a focus group/poll tested phrase that works because EVERYONE thinks he or she is “middle class.”)

    Regardless, I “hope” that “change” will come, and the “rich” pay their “fair share.”

    (It’s fun!!)

  15. Herb, I thought you weren’t gonna get “smoked out” today…..oh well, I knew you’d eventually show up for this irresistible debate, but I thought you’d show up around 2:30 or 3. My bad.

  16. “when they learn that a bushiness’ job” …..Was that a Freudian slip ?

    There is harvesting , and then there is Bain harvesting, my friend. I’ve seen it up close.

  17. @ johnqp, And what? Your “arm’s length” knowledge is supposed to mean what exactly?

    Your odd idea that venture capitalism is wrong, or deceitful, that they don’t “play by the rules,” makes no sense when one considers how long, and how many businesses and VC’s there are.

    But BAIN is different, huh? So call the SEC, arrest them all. Short of that, and despite your “arm’s length” knowledge (I saw “Wall Street” too), this is a storyline used to scare folks who have a limited financial knowledge base.

    (When Obama’s Gov took over GM and closed those dealerships, costing all those jobs, that was “different,” right?)

  18. No jq, “bushiness job” is not a Freudian slip. Its just that the prof has been drinking early in the afternoon again.

    But you must admire his consistent use of the strawman tactic! He’s a master! Note how he scolded you for an idea “venture capitalism is wrong” that you never put forth.

    That’s my boy!

  19. Oh “perfesser”, Where did I say that VC was wrong ?? Please show me, while I try to find a (large enough) shovel for you.

    I glad that you saw “Wall Street” Did your lips move when you read the screenplay ?

  20. “But you must admire his consistent use of the strawman tactic! He’s a master! Note how he scolded you for an idea “venture capitalism is wrong” that you never put forth”

    Cro : That’s indeed why I admire him, he’s the “Perfesser” after all …and he may also have a taste for the good stuff !

  21. herb, congrats! You’re a part-time saint!
    Now, as soon as you also expose hypocrisy among those of your own convictions – (along with all those nefarious international liberals) ,
    you’ll be ready for your own chapter in the Bible !

  22. The level of selected understanding (and yes, stupidity) here on a lovely overcast day is stunning.

    @ johnqp: You wrote, “Does it still count if perhaps some of that money indirectly came from the fruits of “harvested” companies ?” Are you claiming that this comment had nothing to do with Bain? That you can write, and fail to understand points tells me that your “arm’s length” knowledge is that length from your arm to your finger to the keyboard as you bang out “DAILYKOS.COM.”

    @ cro, sadly, as I’ve stated on far too many occasions, you stopped being fun months ago. So I’ll try a different tact with you, the grade-school approach: “I’m rubber you’re glue, everything you say bounces off of me, and sticks to you.”

    Otherwise, I see your name and whereas I used to get excited to see your comment (even if I KNEW it might be pointedly to me), I don’t anymore.

    But like a hitter in a slump, the only way out for you pal- is to keep at it!!! Hopefully, you’ll get your groove back!!

  23. I’m blushing a little to learn that you used to get “excited” when you saw my comments! Had I known, I would have worn something nicer whilst typing. But you ARE right about stating things on “far too many occasions”. That about sums it up.

    By the way, its “different tack” (you know, like sailing) rather than “different tact”. I know, I know, I’m no fun anymore but hell, SOMEONE has to maintain standards or you kids will run wild.

  24. “That you can write, and fail to understand points tells me that your “arm’s length” knowledge is that length from your arm to your finger to the keyboard as you bang out “DAILYKOS.COM.”…”

    Prof – I like you, but after trying to read your scattershot lines of reasoning, the length of my arm to my fingers is really tempted to reach for a bottle of Old Grouse instead.

  25. I believe you mean “The Famous Grouse,” johnqp. It’s Scotland’s best-selling whisky. I’ve never heard of a competitor called “Old Grouse.”

    Actually, however, based on the posts of yours I’ve read, I more readily imagine you reaching for the Sunsweet prune juice than blended Scotch.

  26. Yikes, my sailing instructor would be very upset with me. Thank you for the correction. Funny, I still remember the difference between a can and a nun- my crew always laughed whenever they were called out. Though, admittedly, I sometimes still confuse port and starboard, but that’s me.

    I can, however, still tie a bowline and clove hitch with my eyes closed.

    Still, you so cute, in that expected, there he goes again, way. If you were here, I’d scratch you under your chin(s?), and pat your head.

    Keep at it, this slump is bound to end (but falling into your old routine by going on, and trying to show off towards cathar is a loser for you, BREAK THE CYCLE!!!)

  27. Now prof, if you’re going to scratch me it is I who might get “excited”.

    But thanks for the advice, and for helping me to become “fun” again. Should I adopt a theme song? Perhaps the Benny Hill tune that you reference so often (not that its tedious, mind you. I find it to be absolutely hysterical!).

    But I’ll keep plugging away in the hope that I can win you back. I value your opinion so, so much you know!

  28. Perhaps, croiagusanam, you merely post between copious swigs from that gallon bottle of bile I imagine you always have by your side.

    In any case, you’re never really as funny as you imagine yourself to be. Even if someone like reliably toadyish Spiro T. tells you you are. You do, well, grouse so.

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