“Obama’s Failing Agenda Tour” Stops at Montclair State University Tonight

Fresh from their mid-day rally in Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center, the official bus representing “Obama’s Failing Agenda Tour” will make its way to the campus of Montclair State University this evening. According to Laquan Austion, field director for the New Jersey chapter of Americans for Prosperity, the bus will park in front of the Student Center, and several speakers will address an anticipated crowd at 7:00 p.m. The stop is sponsored on campus by the Young Republicans Club and is expected to last about 45 minutes. Featured speaker will be Steve Lonegan, director of Americans for Prosperity/New Jersey.

Though the Americans for Prosperity website opens with a call to sign a petition urging President Obama to “change your failing agenda,” and their tour is branded with his name and similar language, the organization claims not to advocate for or against any one candidate or party. Austion said their support crosses party lines, and that at today’s Manhattan rally, one of the speakers was Barbara Stinson. She has been described as a conservative Democrat (she is scheduled to speak tomorrow at a West Jersey Tea Party event), and runs an internet radio program billed as “Straight conservative talk from Black Americans for all Americans”.

In recent years, AFP has hosted a roster of Republicans at their events, including Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Herman Cain. The group has also come under fire for their anti-Obama advertisements, for behaving like a political action committee without having to abide by federal campaign rules, and for purportedly being funded by the oil billionaire Koch brothers.

AFP says it has two million activist members and maintains 34 state chapters. The bus tour kicked off in late August and will make 50 stops across the country, including in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Colorado, and New Mexico.

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  1. The inept one’s Failing Agenda tour’s been driving at full speed for almost 4 years now. Thankfully, it will soon come to an end.

  2. Speaking of people jumping off the bus …what’s with Tim Pawlenty resigning as Romney’s National election co-chair 45 days before the election ?

  3. You know, if the Republicans had stopped pandering to the lunatic fringe and religious extremists, and had had reasonable men like Huntsmen representing them, and had injected some serious and rational dialogue into the issues we face (including climate change) , they would probably not be blowing up right now. You reap what you sow.

  4. Herb,
    Perhaps you’ve been in the basement for the past few weeks stocking the fallout shelter and haven’t heard the news that Romney will not be re-elected. His campaign at this point is pretty much rats fleeing a sinking ship. When Peggy Noonan bails it’s pretty much time to turns the lights off. While we are now coming out of a bad economic hole, perhaps you haven’t noticed that the rest of the world is about three years behind us. We must have done something right. Stock market pretty close to all time highs too. Romney’s admission that he couldn’t give a rats arse about 47% of the population, while no doubt music to your ears, hasn’t been playing too well nationally. Other than Red Staters who we all know eschew government handouts of any kind, Romney is slighlty better liked at this point than Donald Trump. Wave to the bus of malcontents when the drive by. All 15 of them. They’ll be artound 4 more years. Disgruntled middled white dudes who’s lives haven’t turned out as great as they were sure they would. Always cracks me up that one of the Republican deep thinking strategists in town in town lives in his parents’ basement. One of those thought leaders on personal resposibility. Classic.

  5. Hey folks, let’s not all heap our castigations on my buddy herb! It’s just wrong !
    Check out his posts from earlier in the year- Romney was not his man, never was. Herb was keen on Palin, then Bachmann, than, like, whatever, dude.
    –Problem is, herb’s choices would have fared far worse against the “Half-white Kenyan Moslem-with-the-radical-Christian-Chicago pastor Marxist Fascist Socialist” than the current Sheldon Adelson plan B – the moderate from the Bay State who had all his goodness sucked out of him by a group of rich f*ckers with golf clubs and, to round things out in a “big tent” sort of way, a group of Klan descendants keen on hanging empty chairs from trees in Texas with cretin ideas somewhere to the right of George Wallace.

  6. Peggy Noonan? She’s relevant? you mean Rutherfords finest that backed Obama in ’08. Nobody in the R party has paid attention to her since ’88.

    I love people that would never ever vote for a Republican breaking down the party stragedy , quite humorous.

    Tim Pawlenty? “My new position as CEO of The Financial Services Roundtable does not allow me to participate in partisan campaign activities. For that reason, I am stepping down from my position as co-chair of Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign,”” Govenor Romney has my full support and continued faith in his vision and policies”……yup sounds like someone like turning his back on him, hahahaha

    Keep believing this stuff your reding in the lib media…your buying into it ….

    …and JG your guy has admitted he believes in “redistribution”…you haven’t hear the last of that socialist rhetoric…it’s over for him…why won’t they release the entire audio of romney being taped as he requested….btw- doesn’t matter because most people agree with him outside the b’ville bubble….

  7. hey Spiro…your right he wasn’t my man. He’s not conservative enough for me but as you recall I also said I’d vote for an ardvark over this bufoon in office now…

    ahhh George Wallace another racist Democrat

  8. Yes, indeed, herb, he was a Democrat, but you know, he and all those other Southern Democrats flocked in droves to the Republican party after the 1964 Civil Rights laws took effect. They and their kids are there until this day LBJ knew it would happen, and, sho’nuff, it did.

  9. It’ll be funny watching college kids BOO this bus when they face the bleakest job market in years, unemployment through the roof, and most will have to forgo beginning their lives as they sleep in the bed they grew up in. Not saying Romney’s the answer but I only wish some of Obama’s core groups held him to the fire more.

    Instead, they offer wild, cheering crowds.

  10. My older kid graduated last year and has a great job in the city, prof.
    He saw Obama’s motorcade the other day over in the East Midtown area, and cheered the man as he rolled down the street.
    So yes, cheering, just like you say, and also, a good job, like you don’t say….

  11. Perfesser – today’s job market would have been a helluva lot bleaker had the Obama administration not taken steps to staunch the financial meltdown in 2008- 2009

  12. I don’t recall Noonan supporting Obama in ’08, herb. Can you provide a source?

    As I recall, she was resigned to the inevitablity of his election and she didn’t think it would be the end of life as we know it were it to occur.

    Hardly “support”. More like a reasoned opinion. I know that’s not something with which you’re overly familiar in the GOP these days.

  13. My favorite racist Democrat was Senator Robert Byrd. And lest we forget, he for a time was an actual Klansman and even recruited others to that organization.

    And then, speaking of, well, racist Democrats, there are also Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

    Perhaps those who post idly above will actually turn out and hear what this sort of political road show actually has to offer? Nah, that’s never going to happen.

    But it is fun to watch the Obama administration bumble through a series of explanations as to whether or no the riots in Libya and Egypt were in fact terrorist events or mere expressions of funsy Muslim spontaneity. Currently they’re grudgingly agreeing that the Beghazi incident was at least a terrorist attack. (Because, hey, who brings Kalashnikovs and RPG’s to a spontaenous rally for the sheer heck of it? Perhaps folks who have no interest in free speech, but otherwise?))

    Also, Eric Holder must go.

  14. And I’m sure that cathar will be at the rally. Yeah, that’ll happen.

    Herb, do you really believe that Pawlenty left just to get that job RIGHT NOW!

    They wouldn’t have waited 47 days to get the former governor of MN and eminently qualified individual? No, he had to resign RIGHT NOW!

    As you would say herb, bwaahhhhaaa.

  15. real unemployment is around 12%, 47 million people on food stamps…that would make one hell of a bread line…but stocks are doing great…maybe because the fed printed a few trillion dollars. The administration policies has caused gas to double in a global recession and food prices go up every week. The average person buys gas and food not stocks. Good to see Obama’s buddy Warren Buffet is doing ok while any money you have saved will buy less and less in the future….but who cares why bother to think past lunch, Obama will take care of you. Unfortunately the math doesn’t work. I guess it doesn’t matter because we are probably already past the tipping point but we are far from the bottom. Might as well let the man finish the job.

  16. Wow! You mean there were/are racist democrats? I’m stunned!

    Are there any racist Republicans? Conservatives? Liberals? Communists? Libertarians?

    Probably not, right?

  17. It’s the perfect scenario. If Romney wins, he can go on and on about how the American people triumphed over a decrepit and decadent welfare state of their own making ( good luck getting rid of the mortgage deduction, there, WIllard ).
    If Romney loses, he can get a lucrative spot as a talking head at Fox, and preach to the choir, and he won’t have to deal with anything more important than the make-up guys and the cameramen. But after a few weeks, he’ll be yearning for something deeper than shmoozing at the breakfast buffet with Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson.
    So, he can then find some meaning by spending evenings teaching an adult ed class about his parents’ Mexican roots, and his wayward days as a Bay State moderate. When day is done, as he revealed to us all on TV, he can go to bed with very few clothes on.

  18. Actually the real title of this rally is “Stop your failing agenda, where you refuse to give even more tax cuts to AFP’s rich founders, the Koch brothers. ”

    Doesn’t fit on a bus, see.

    The current electoral projections aren’t good news for people like Herb, but I doubt he’ll be swayed by reality any more than usual.

  19. flipside – is that your name or the Rmoney campaign’s strategy? So wait it was the President’s fault when gas prices went up, then the went down and it was nothing he did and now they are going up again and it’s his fault. I like how the president is a stand alone and solely responsible for the economy.

    No the obstructionists in congress; otherwise known as the republican leadership, only agenda from the inauguration was to stop anything that might reflect positively on on the White House. They DON’T care or want anything to get better until after the election, why do they hate America so much? I mean just yesterday they blocked passage of a bill that would provide jobs for veteran’s, a bill that would help reduce unemployment to that group. Why do they love the soldiers, but HATE the veterans?

  20. Spiro, you (again) trade in the worst kind of logic: I experienced this, so that cannot be true. So your kid got a job– wonderful and congratulations to him (seriously!!), but you cannot use this as an example of the job market. Check this, go to the “Status of Unemployed” graph. It, not your kid, is the sobering news.


    @ johnqp, while Spiro engages in crazy logic, you just make little sense, trying to prove a negative? Ummm, how does anyone know what would have happened IF Obama didn’t work his magic? I’ll make the argument that like always, we would have come though, our economy would have been fine without his deft economic genius.

    But how do I, or you prove our beliefs? We don’t, and can’t. So why bother with such unprovable logic? (Or you can engage in what Obama like to: “Economists on both sides agree….” He is MR. STRAW MAN. Be better than that, johnqp.

  21. HCKid…if gas prices were going up because the economy was booming it would be ok, if prices went up because of supply manipulation it would be temporary, gas is going up because our deficit is making our dollars worth less…hence gold was $500 an ounce few years ago and now it is $1700 an ounce. That is a reflection of the value of a dollar. Economic decisions don’t play out overnight. The mechanism for the real estate boom and financial meltdown were put in place while Clinton was president and not reeled in under Bush. Plenty of blame to go around but when the economy was booming if you asked questions you were shot down. July 2000 13 congressmen including Paul Ryan signed a bill to control Fannie and Freddie. That bill would have helped prevent the crisis…no one cared and it died a quiet death. All I am saying in that we are playing a very dangerous game right now. If it works we go sideways for 10 years…if it doesn’t….

  22. Okay prof, let me rephrase. My son is in his 20’s and has a good job. His three best friends all have good jobs. My sister has two sons in their 20’s with good jobs. Their friends all have good jobs, except for a handful that may have partied too much. Each of these employed young people graduated college, except for one of my son’s friends, who is third generation in a family business.
    I was hardly playing a logic game, prof, but you were quick to tsk tsp nonetheless. I was simply speaking from personal experience, offering matter-of-fact evidence in the face of those who wish to spread the idea that it’s all bad news for kids coming out of college, so as to further their political doom and gloom agenda. You’re possibly one of those people, but, I’ll extend myself here, you’re a size more rational than most of the others.

  23. .btw- doesn’t matter because most people agree with him outside the b’ville bubble….

    I had to laugh at the ‘bubble’ line, because I can practically predict every one of your comments based on what I saw on Drudge 10 minutes before. Talk about living in a bubble.

  24. Prof – GW Bush in September of 2008 was indirectly quoted as follows :

    “If money isn’t loosened up, this sucker is going to go down.”….meaning the COLLAPSE of the entire US and world financial system. An economic China Syndrome.

    yes, we would have come through…along with the cockroaches.

  25. @ Spiro, I fail to see how your litany of good news contradicts the statistics from the Dept. of Labor. But if you feel better because those around you are “doing fine,” then good. But I thought you Dems cared about those less fortunate? Reading your dumb posts about how great all you and friends kids are doing, could make someone think you were an evil Repub! Do you all have bumper stickers that read: WE ARE THE 1%? (fyi: I do.)

    @ johnqp, providing proof again of your lack of any skill, reason, logic or sense. That you use your most hated President in recent memory– the evil one himself: George Bush to make your point is, well, pointless. I thought he was the dumbest, worst President ever? So why use him to make your point?

  26. “That you use your most hated President in recent memory– the evil one himself: George Bush to make your point is, well, pointless. I thought he was the dumbest, worst President ever? So why use him to make your point?”

    Too Funny – Look, everyone is capable of a “savant” moment – even you.

  27. It’s utterly fascinating how, in exchange after exchange, no one ever advances a single reason why anyone should vote FOR Mitt Romney.

    Obama is an eminently beatable incumbent and you’d think that a baseline competent campaign could easily take him down. But talk about your empty chair…when was the last time you heard a VP candidate, in the middle of the campaign, use the word “inarticulate” to describe his Presidential partner?

    Free Memphis! and Nashville!

  28. @ jcunningham, Dark Matter is “utterly fascinating,” politics like this is usual. Fun, yes. But nothing more. To vote against someone is an American tradition. For an incumbent, it’s question of job approval, does he or she deserve another term?

    However, a rule I’ve lived with is: To beat the champ, you gotta knock ’em out. Now, Obama is the champ, so perhaps even like you, I wait for Romney to knock him out (like Clinton did Bush #1). Romney, I fear though, is coasting. Or worse, scared to knock Obama out for fear of being called RACISTS! Imagine Romney saying over and over again, this guy was unqualified for office, his policies have failed again and again, nothing is better than it was, blah, blah, blah… and yet all he can do is sing and party with Jay-Z.


    So Romney has to walk a tightrope, criticize, but not too bad, or Obama and his friendly media will make something out of nothing. And if (like many do already) folks thing “somethings” not “right” with Romney, that he can’t “relate” to the “common” man, Romney’s toast.

    And sadly, it might already be too late.

  29. So Romney has to walk a tightrope, criticize, but not too bad, or Obama and his friendly media will make something out of nothing

    This is just so ludicrous. Unemployment is over 8%, and it has been for years. The economy is sputtering. The Middle East is imploding.

    If Romney can’t beat Obama, it’s Romney’s fault, not the media’s. No one told him to make an ass out of himself after the Libya debacle. No one told him to shift focus to cultural issues when he should just be chanting “JOBS JOBS JOBS.”

    All of Romney’s wounds are self-inflicted. He’s a disaster of a candidate. If he loses, he’ll need his millions of dollars to pay someone to hide him from the frothing right-wing masses who’ll pin the blame for Obama’s second term squarely on Romney.

  30. I hear the Republican Party has hired Ken Burns to document their entire 2012 election season – cue the fiddle, drums and fife.

  31. The Obama Administration is a disgrace.

    They were warned about attacks on the Embassies which continues throughout the Mideast tonight but the best they could come up with was blaming it on some little known YouTube film which they now admit is bs. This is the guy that claimed he would unite us with the Muslim world. Another miscalculated fail.

    Libya is saying this administration and the inept Hillary were warned. Check the foreign press because these Obamabots aren’t reporting the truth there. They were warned.

    However you have a President that felt it was ok that he skip the intelligence briefings for over a week and be updated via ipad . The night of the murders jetted off to a fundraiser in Vegas. can you imagine?

    Meanwhile a US Ambassador was murdered and dragged through the streets and 2 Navy Seals and another citizen was murdered and NOW the inept Obama administration is finally admitting it was a terrorist attack. Meanwhile they pulled that idiot that made the film out of his house for questioning as a diversion and the whole time they knew the truth. They knew the whole time !!

    This guy is awful and if you people don’t even question what has taken place here and this guys way of handling this than you are a lost cause because you are so biased that you can’t see what a travesty this is. Dead Americans dragged through streets by terrorists and where is the outrage. How do you have an ambassadors whereabouts not known for eight hours on 9/11.

    You can knit pick about Romney but this alone has shown Obama is inept. You better start paying attention what is going on in these places because it will be on your doorstep soon.

  32. Gee, Herb. Did you feel the same way about Bush when the memo warning of 9/11 was ignored ? Because Cheney was focused on Iraq and only Iraq? And then made up the whole weapons of mass destruction reason for invading that country? I think this administration makes mistakes, as they all do. There’s a long list of disgraceful behaviour in our government, but Obama has been one of the most rational voices we’ve had in a long time.

  33. And I don’t think there is “nit picking” about Romney. The man is an asshat. OK?
    47% of Americans don’t pay federal income tax because most of them take advantage of the EITC (Ford) and the doubled tax credit for dependents (Bush). The rest are seniors and the military. So he’s saying people taking advantage of Republican tax cuts are all also taking handouts and expect free food and housing. Huh? This coming from a guy who wants to cut taxes even more. And one other group that doesn’t pay fed taxes is the capital gains for income group, including Romney. So he wants to cut the fed tax rate and then says that people who don’t pay taxes are also moochers? And the 47% of Americans who take advantage of these Republican tax credits are victims who are in Obama’s camp when the reality is that many of them are actually a large part of his base. He also thinks middle class income is in the $200k to $250k range….he is an ignorant man who just wants to win if he does will probably make W look like a genius.

    Again, if the Republicans could stop trying to get votes by pandering to the loonies – the earth is not flat, dinosaurs did not walk with humans, climate change will have an impact, and all regulation is NOT bad, most of it is beneficial to the vast majority of our citizens – then maybe they would stand a chance. Romney gets what he deserves. He is the disgrace for saying that half the country isn’t worth his time.

  34. Gee, I thought he said 94% of the people weren’t worth his time. 47% vote Dem and 47% vote Rep no matter a candidate does or says. He was going to spend his time and effort on the 6% in the middle. Makes sense to me and I will enjoy the attention.

  35. I anticipate that you, professor, will be using words like ‘dumb’ in critiquing Baristanet posts more frequently and more arbitrarily in the next few weeks.
    Too bad, I would expect something a bit more eloquent from an instructor with a job at a college.
    It is worth considering that this is random use of silly words is, perhaps, a manifestation of your personal frustration- spending the entire primary season, watching the GOP contenders killing themselves off with ‘dumb’ comments, and now, watching you man Mitt slowly kill himself off with bonafide ‘dumb’ comments.
    Too bad you are unable to offer constructive critiques and mail them off to your man of hope. That might be a better use of your time. I look forward to your assessment of his concession speech. Get out the red pen, professor.

  36. JG, You should really start to give that give that Bush excuse a rest he hasn’t been in office for over 3 years now. You keep going back to him because the inept one is such a failure that he’s hard to defend. It’s called deflecting. Who are you going to bring up next Ike? How do you defend this embassy fiasco and his handling of the mideast over the past week. Even NBC is calling him administration liars. Four murdered Americans and an Ambassador dragged through the streets because of his inability to keep them secure. This is coming from the same administration that gave guns to Mexican drug dealers in order to track them but end up killing two Americans including a Border Patroll Agent. How does he handle it? He jets off to Vegas in the middle of the crisis for his umpteenth thousand fund rasier.

  37. @ nick, you failed to address my reason for your quoted comment Race.

    @ Spiro, you’re cute. I’d probably like to have you in class (though it seems the college indoctrination has already occurred). I use DUMB, because it works to describe certain thoughts, ideas and comments. That you think I should use bigger, or rather “different” words because of my profession (and remember, I am a PROFESSOR, not an INSTRUCTOR, there is a difference), and perhaps because of my vast educational background (all those letters after my name), says more about your wrong expectations.

    But for you, I’ll try to work in “incoherent,” “bland,” “unimaginative,” and “trite” more often. I wouldn’t want to shatter your image of my profession.

    @ JG, That you speak so vile of Romney- again, don’t like him fine– is the problem with politics today: You cannot simply disagree with someone, they have to be the devil!!!

    Right herb?

  38. So herb, I just saw that great clip of Hannity calling Obama the “worst president ever”. Boy did Sean look disgusted.
    If Hannity is on target, and if :
    Ron Paul,
    and your faves,
    Santorum and Bachmann,
    -can’t seem to do much except lag behind ( sometimes by a massive margin ) President Obama, what does it say about these candidates and their ideas and character? Answer: Nothing good.
    And that’s one more reason why, despite all the attempts to trash him, Obama will be a two-term president.

  39. Herb, you called Obama a disgrace because he was “warned”, that’s the only reason I brought up W because it was another case of being warned and I doubt you felt the same level of outrage toward him when 3,000 Americans died.

    Obama did not claim he would “unite” us with the Muslim world, what on earth are you talking about?

    Again, it’s easy to be a Monday morning quarterback, but overall, this administration’s record on foreign policy is not disgraceful. It’s mindful, nuanced and cautious – it’s very easy to continue to fuel the terrorist flames that were set by an anti-muslim US lunatic. Or we can go the McCain route and start a war in about 5 other countries. These terrorists are to blame for their attacks. The countries they are in are responsible for protecting the embassies and are probably responsible in part as well, so there’s a lot of blame to go around.

  40. prof-

    Simply because I call this president inept and continually point out his numerous failings doesn’t mean I believe he is the devil as you seem to cutely be alluding to. That title is reserved for the likes Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler, Stalin and yes even the darling of the left Che Guevara. I disagree with pretty much everything he has done and I believe he extremely poor at his job. The Devil ? Nah. Inept? without a doubt. Your often clever posts may confuse and stifle others on this board however I am far too knowledgable and have far too much time on my hands to let you attempt to put words in my mouth.

  41. JG, He said it 3 years ago in Cairo, look it up.

    I don’t see how you can compare the attck on the embassy’s and the murders to 9/11. We all know the problems that led to that from Clinton to Bush to intellegence agenices no communicating. However, jetting off the Vegas for a fundraiser in the middle of the crisis , skipping a week of intellegence meetings and being warned about the unrest is not defendable. You seem to be biting on this film thing still when in fact it had litlle to do with what took place. Libya has said this was a planned Al qaeda attack and now the WH has fianlly admitted it. Please do me a favor before you post on these subjects please read.

  42. Obama’s Cairo speech of 4 June 2009 is available from the NYT — the full text.

    Read it, herb, and then tell folks here what the hell you’re talking about with this “unite” nonsense.

    You are so blinded by hatred for this man that I wonder sometimes if you’re all there, so to speak.

  43. “I have come here to seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world, one based upon mutual interest and mutual respect,”

    He grossly misunderstands whom he is dealing with.

  44. Surely, herb, you are not suggesting the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are all revving up to come after the USA….. 1.6 billion…..That’s about 1 in 4 humans alive today. Better dig that bunker while you can.

  45. yeah Cro, his “new beginning ” speech. What an emarassment that turned out to be. That should have been a strong indication he had no clue about the people or culture of the middle east.

  46. “Simply because I call this president inept and continually point out his numerous failings doesn’t mean I believe he is the devil as you seem to cutely be alluding to. That title is reserved for the likes Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler, Stalin and yes even the darling of the left Che Guevara”

    —so when you use the sobriquet Maobama, that means what exactly?

    don’t run away from what you are, herb. embrace it fully. you are a hater. no sense pretending you are anything else.

    it’s gonna be fine. happy hour is almost here!

  47. jcunningham, I was wondering about that Maobama thing that herb does, too. I guess that makes the president half-evil, by herb’s criteria. Oh well. I’m still waiting for herb to start calling Montclair “Mao-ntclair”. Cmon, herb, drop the other shoe !

  48. His speech was an embarassment? Are you serious? A new president making a speech calling for peace and greater understanding between nations? When has ANY president not made such a speech?

    What could possibly be wrong with that?

    And by the way, do you think that YOU have an ” understanding about the culture or the people of the middle east”?

    Just thinking that there is one culture or people in that vast area is a pretty good indicator that you don’t.

  49. ..to expand on cro’s point with something so obvious that it’s almost not worth mentioning –
    a huge number of Moslems don’t live anywhere near the Mideast, they live in places like Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, China, etc.

    herb, can ya dig it?

  50. ..psst….herb…….more than 200 million Moslems live in Indonesia alone….and Jakarta is 4500 miles from Riyadh….not exactly the Mideast…

  51. Not to mention, there are more Muslims in the UK than in Lebanon, and more in China than Syria.

    That said, the folks in the tour bus above probably are not talking about foreign policy. I’m sure they’re going on about entitlements, and welfare and food stamps and preying on the fears of people who believe that immigrants are taking away the jobs and Obama is a Kenyan/Muslim/racist/socialist whatever.

  52. @herb, while I agree with your overall assessment of Obama, you called him a “disgrace,” awful and inept. The first is vile, the next two are fine.

    My point though is that you are in a corner (I’m with you much of the time), but I just think Obama has done a terrible job (awful, inept too). But a disgrace?

    That’s a bit too far. We have to be able to see the line between inept and poor job performance and a disgrace. Getting a BJ in the Oval Office is a disgrace, not realizing how some folks might be fueled by hate and a dumb youtube movie is something else.

  53. Disgrace is defined in various terms and a shameful act is one of them. I believe leaving for Vegas on a fundraising trip , skippings intel meetings are shameful acts especially when the embassy’s you are in entrusted to protect are burning and it’s occupants are murdered and dragged through the streets. To me that makes him a disgrace. If a Republican were to that he would be vilified and my point here continues to be the hypocrisy of these Obamabots that can’t even once find blame in him even for this. Given now the WH admits it was a terror attack which is what most suspected all along. I also think it’s disgraceful that they tried to make a big deal out of this film knowing full well it really played a minute roll and has been used my the terrorists to incite more hatred. So to equate my justified criticism of him by alluding that I believe he is the devil is inncorrect. I’m not sure if you were just throwing me in there because you wanted to appease others by saying ‘hey, both sides do it’ . However,I am right on this issue and the fact that not a single Oamabot can find anything wrong with this administrations actions over the past week and half shows no matter what he does he will get a pass from them. It’s quite humorous and sad at the same time. Have a nice weekend and let’s hope the Yanks winning streak continues.

  54. I must have missed part of the story where Obama produced the movie that is being used to incite violence.

    I also must have missed how W was responsible for that cartoon that made the round of hate a few years ago.

    Oh wait, neither men were actually responsible or the actions of radical artists trying to cause global trouble. More conservative hypocrisy from those so desperate to hate Obama that facts and history don’t matter.

  55. ahhh hrh..you still don’t get it..let me explain one last time before I dart for the 4 train…..it’s what he did during the time of crisis..the lies and the deflection…not about a cartoon or film. toodles.

  56. Face it herb, no matter what Obama did, you’d find something wrong with it. It’s called framing the facts to fit a pre-existing conclusion. But you’re our herb, no matter what.

  57. herb is wrong on so many levels it is staggering.

    First, the ambassador was taken to the hospital by Libyans. He was not “dragged through the streets”. Second, the Americans were initially taken to a safe house one mile away from the consulate (it was not an embassy) by Libyans, and several Libyans fought to protect them before they were overwhelmed.

    There is plenty to fault the administration with on this. Security should have been stepped up. But ultimately the host country failed to provide security, and even if a Marine contingent was on-site they would not have been equipped to fight off a mob, especially a heavily-armed one.

    Odd that herb finds fault with those that he claims mindlessly absolve Obama while he mindlessly faults him. There is nothing that the president has done that hasn’t, in his mind, been “disgraceful”.

    As for the usual whiney “what if it was a Republican” claptrap well, bodies WERE dragged through the streets in Falluja. Was that Bush’s fault? Marines WERE blown up in Beirut. Was that Reagan’s fault? The ambassador certainly understood the risks inherent in serving in this area, and he accepted and welcomed them. He and the others who died were brave men whose sacrifices are now being exploited by those who want to make political points. Now, THAT’S a disgrace.

  58. Don’t bother herb. He’s seeing his only hope for removing Obama from office slowly imploding, and now he’s fretting over what Obama will do once he doesn’t have to run for reelection: implementing white slavery; forcing everyone to get gay married; taking everyone’s guns away…

  59. herb, my man, sorry you were in a rush before, but as you probably know, the 4 train ( your choice ) was part of the old Interboro Rapid Transit Company rail line ( the IRT ) , a private sector business AKA “job creator” that collapsed in 1940 and was then bought out by the NYC government, or, as you might say, “the taxpayers”. ( Sort of like the GM bailout but even more “socialist”) But hey, herb, at least you don’t take the A – or even the D -those lines were government owned from the get-go.

  60. Walleroo’s Summary of Where Everyone on This Thread Stands Politically:

    herbeverschmel: blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

    Spiro T. Quayle: hoody boody hoody boody hoody boody hoody boody hoody boody hoody boody hoody boody hoody boody hoody boody hoody boody hoody boody hoody boody hoody boody hoody boody hoody boody hoody boody

    croiagusanam: yona bana wana hada wana yona bana wana hada wana yona bana wana hada wana yona bana wana hada wana yona bana wana hada wana yona bana wana hada wana yona bana wana hada wana yona bana wana hada wana yona bana wana hada wana yona bana wana hada wana yona bana wana hada wana yona bana wana hada wana yona bana wana hada wana

    jerseygurl: yinka tinka binka inka yinka tinka binka inka yinka tinka binka inka yinka tinka binka inka yinka tinka binka inka yinka tinka binka inka yinka tinka binka inka yinka tinka binka inka yinka tinka binka inka yinka tinka binka inka yinka tinka binka inka yinka tinka binka inka

    silverleaf: bwerp

  61. And now the he has articulately summarized where everyone on this thread stands politically, where does the ‘roo stand?

  62. “bwerp”

    Seriously Silverleaf, when will you libs wake up to the truth and stop listening to the LAMEstream media??

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