Owner Seeks Home for Her Dog and Two Cats

PAWS Animal Shelter received a call from a West Orange woman desperate to re-home her animals. Her husband, who has been out of work for two years, finally got a job but in South Jersey where they are renting an apartment. Her Bull Mastiff, Mimi (pictured), weighs 100 pounds, which puts her over the size limit for this apartment. Her two cats are also in trouble as no cats are permitted.

If you know of someone who can either foster or adopt Mimi or the cats, please contact pets@baristanet.com. Mimi gets along with cats and is comfortable around other dogs.

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  1. Here’s an idea….the pet owner can show some responsibility and rent a pet friendly apartment. They are out there. I have managed to make several moves without dumping my animals, and know many others who have done the same. It doesn’t take a genius. I guess it’s because we don’t view them as accessories…

  2. I’m so sad for the animals. Pets are a part of our families and I could never understand how under this kind of circumstance anyone would part with them. There are MANY places that are amenable to having pets. Usually it just takes a little research to find them. Too often, that’s only a convenient excuse for not wanting the responsibility.

  3. Was it PAWS or the Montclair Township Shelter that got the call? I know people mix the two up-

    Agreed- I see they have had hard times, but animals are part of the family. Would they dump their kids if they had to move and could not find a kid friendly apt? Very sad for those poor animals, but sadly, I get calls like this every single day……

  4. As a Realtor, I ache for folks with pets trying to find compatible apartments. Most apartments in our area that we find on the MLS are 2-3 family owner-occupied listings. Only 5-10% allow pets of any kind. Even then, there may be a weight limit — usually around 20-30 pounds. They’d have better luck with larger privately listed apartment complexes.

  5. I could never understand a weight limit regarding dogs. Do people actually think that dogs who weigh more are more ill-behaved or cause more damage? I challenge you to visit any dog park on any given day–one that has separate areas for large and small dogs–and observe where most of the doggie altercations take place.

    If a landlord, condo board or whatever wants to put restrictions on dogs, they should concentrate on the dog’s demeanor and not its size.

  6. As the proud owner of a ‘plus size’ dog, I can say it is extremely difficult to find a place to rent – and on a tight budget and non-negotiable timeline, it can be nearly impossible. This is a good reason to resist judgement, another is that given 2 years of unemployment, this couple may not have enough money to properly care for their pets. And cuddles: unless it is a designated 55+ community, it is against federal housing law to discriminate against families with children. Sadly, there is no such protection for our 4 legged friends.

  7. Nope. Judgment is rightly deserved in this case. My husband has been unemployed for more than two years. We have four pets. We rent. We accepted the responsibility to care for them (although I had one before the marriage). We love them. They are not disposable. We plan ahead. We have taken on only what we can handle.

    Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    I have a weekly shift at an animal rescue, and I see this way too often to defend it.

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