Stop For Nikhil 2nd Annual Run/Walk 5K

Nikhil Badlani‘s young life was taken in June 2011 after the car he was in was struck by another car that failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign on Wyoming Avenue in South Orange.

The community grieved for the 11-year-old.

Nikhil’s family and loved ones decided to remember him by sharing his love of music and reading with others. They started with a collection for West Orange Public Library to fund an entire section of YA books. Next they created the Nikhil Badlani Scholarship Fund with the goal of helping children pursue their dreams in music and academics and raising traffic safety awareness.

In order to raise funds, the family organized a Stop For Nikhil 5K Run/Walk last year. The 2nd annual Stop For Nikhil event takes place this Sunday, September 16. Kids under 8 will have their own Kids Run and other fun activities:


Stop For Nikhil 5K Run/Walk
Who: All ages.
What: A 5K, 1.5 Run/Walk and Kid’s Run to raise money for the Nikhil Badlani Scholarship Fund with the goal of helping children pursue their dreams in music and academics and raising traffic safety awareness.
Where: West Orange High School, 51 Conforti Avenue, West Orange, NJ.
When: Sunday, September 16. Registration begins at 7:30/ Kids under 5 free. Same day registration: Adults $20 / Kids $15. Register here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Georgette. Sadly, people don’t learn. Of the five days I’ve waited for the school bus, two of them have included people driving right by the flashing stop sign. Forget about stopping for pedestrians in the crosswalks.

    And I have lost count at the amount of people casually talking on their phones or staring into their laps (I can only assume it’s reading texts or the WSJ and not gazing at their genitals), even while making turns. I’m going to start taking photos of people and sending them to the PD. It won’t do anything but make my passive-aggressive self feel better. But in my little world, that counts for something.

  2. Kristin – I couldn’t agree more. 9 times out of 10 I see some terrible driving from afar, and when the car gets closer I see the person on his/her phone. I write down the license plates and then do nothing, but I am going to start sending to the PD, too.

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