The DNC Opening Night: Did Cory Booker Out Jersey Christie?

Yesterday was Day 1 of The Democratic National Convention. The lineup of speakers included San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who was the first Hispanic convention keynote speaker in party history, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and First Lady Michelle Obama, who ended the night on a high note. But it was an Essex County, NJ man who had the Twitterverse talking. 

Cory Booker, the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey, spoke (yelled) passionately about President Obama and the Democratic Party’s platform and Twitter talked about it:

  • “Never has a platform speech seemed so urgent. Sounds like Mayor Booker wanted the keynote.” ~@mpoindc
  • “Cory Booker screaming every sentence. Maybe he’s mad he’s speaking at 6PM on Tuesday?” @JuddLegum
  • “Cory Booker is lookin like a BOSS at the #DNC” ~@pacnwestdave
  • “I can’t wait until @CoryBooker is Governor of New Jersey.” @lizlessner

But the Tweet that stood out, for me, was this one by Jeff Gauvin:

What do you think? Did Cory Booker’s speech out Jersey Chris Christie’s Keynote Speech a the RNC? Is this another case of Booker telling Christie, “I got this?” 

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  1. hahaha, I just love the slant on the article. “Obama, who ended the night on a high note”Laughable yet predictable.

    Did Booker talk about the state of Newark and what little he has accomplished besides tweeting all day? Or what little Democrat rule has done for inner cities for almost the last 50 years? Nice guy but he’s done nothing and typical of what little the Dems can wheel out there for three nights.

    Did they talk about reaching the $16 TRILLION level yesterday? 5.7 TRILLION under the inept one?

    Did they talk about falling again in global competitiveness for the 4th straight year?

  2. Come on herb,

    Even the Fox News pundits acknowledged how good Michelle Obama’s speech was, whether they agreed with the message or not. She delivered is extremely well.

  3. Agreed she performed well but didn’t offer much. Even CBS stated that Ann Romney gave a “great speech” but for some reason I don’t recall you mentioning that. I’m glad that at least you confessed to your biasness last week.

  4. Herb,

    I wasn’t writing for Baristanet the day after Ann Romney’s speech, so I couldn’t write about it. I agree that, she too, gave a good speech.

  5. Speeches mean nothing. Actions speak louder than words!

    Cory hasn’t done much to improve Newark over his long tenure. Poverty is still a huge problem. Crime is still high(violent crimes too). Property is still undesirable. The city is the biggest leach of state funds. Schools are still failing horribly. The cities budget continues to have MASSIVE holes.

    And corruption is rampant!

  6. Dear Herb,
    When was the last time you “confessed to your biasness”?

    And, if you did or didn’t, so, what? Who cares? Is this news?

    People disagree, and they come from different points of view,
    ….and they always cheer for the home team.

    Best regards,
    Spiro the liberal.

  7. Herbverschmel wrote: “Did Booker talk about the state of Newark and what little he has accomplished besides tweeting all day?”

    Guess you’ve not visited the 07102 zip code in a while, heh, herbie? Best pop yourself on the old #28 bus and take a run down that way before you go shooting off at the mouth and embarrassing yourself!

    “Let him who has eyes, see!”

  8. That the wildly partisan “progressives” post enthusiastically proves nothing. As Herb points out, Mayor Booker has indeed done very litte for and in Newark these last sveral years. But then, it’s also a sort of Jersey political tradition to shout at people by way of avoiding saying anything substantive.

    As for Michelle Obama’s speech, it was effective but also cheerleader-ish. She seemed to be channeling the old opening credits of the Mary Tyler Moore Show amd to have been directed by Toni Basil. (“O-ba-ma, you’re so fine, you blow my mind…”) But it too was lacking in depth. She may think her hubby is the best choice to serve America as President, but many would disagree. Including several million Israelis who have to feel they’re under a death watch given the rhetoric from the very Iranian loon with whom Obama promised to “dialogue” four years ago.

    So no, no “four more years” for either Obama or Booker, please.

  9. Always blows me away when a guy’s wife gets up and delivers a speech someone else wrote about what a good guy he really is. An amazing specacle indeed. I was amazed when Ann Romney said he is actually a decent guy. Blew me off my chair!

  10. Since the whole ‘hope and change’ thing has failed and the nation is worse off than it was 4 yrs ago where do the Dems turn next?

  11. And it’s Courson at his avuncular best, back from his gala tour of Dunkin Donuts franchises where he checked out patrons’ mental health issues!

    I’ve been to Newark quite a few times lately, Courson, and while there’s some glitter dappled downtown, in the Central, South and even North wards there’s not a whole lot else. You certainly don’t ever seem to see much which makes you want to get out of your (preferably armored, with hatch-mounted machine gun) car and admire it up close. And those achievement test scores in the schools! A concentration of Iberian restaurants does not a safe, viable, successful city make. Not even one with a pro hockey team.

  12. Four years ago, Ice, the country was at the edge of a financial precipice, and we were stuck in Iraq. What a lousy combo.
    Neither holds true any longer. So yes, we are better off.

    ( I also like Obama’s choice of Supreme Court justices )

  13. Bill , I am Newark on a consistent basis and it’s not the Shangri-La you claim it to be. I love the place but restaurants that opened in anticipation of the arena are struggling and many have closed. Newark Bears stadium can’t support a team and is a finacial mess. 13 shootings in one day last year. 71 % rise in murders from ’10 to ’11. Crime in general up 25%. Booker has accomplished very little as have most inner cities under dem rule.

    A huge gang problem.

    I think you might be confusing your ride on the #28 today with your rides to get an Italian Hot Dog at Tinga Lings circa 1958. Only thing is Bill, Tinga Lings is long gone and unfortunately so is Newark.

  14. Sadly, both wives of presidential candidates are tightly scripted to do no harm. Anne Romney’s speech was very pleasant. But when she said “he makes me laugh” for the third time, I felt the chill of being in the presence of someone who is blissfully insane.

  15. hahaha Spiro…. you are too far gone. There are fewer people working now than when the inept one took office. 16 trillion in debt after he said he was going to cut it…lies, lies, lies.
    spiro, lets talk about Afghanistan and the US body count that piles up month at the hands of the Taliban.

    This President has failed .

  16. Better off than four years ago?

    Depends who you ask, I guess:

    Newark has a multitude of problems, and will be no easy fix. Booker has had some successes, and some failures. At the very least, he has made the city more receptive to investment than past mayors like Gibson and James and the like did. But whether anyone can turn the city around in a term or two is doubtful.

    As for the speeches, both Michelle Obama’s and Ann Romney’s were fine as far as it goes. We expect them to extol the virtues of their spouses. We expect them to talk about the “real” Mitt or the “real” Barrack. I thought Mrs. Romney was quite patronizing when she talked about the “struggles in the basement apartment”. Everyone knows that both she and her husband came from wealth — they just look silly trying to portray themselves as just folks.

  17. Cro,
    Same with the “struggling Obamas’.

    Michelle of the whitney Young elite school and Barry of an elite private prep school on their way to their Ivy league education and then to law school. Then off to their 275K condo in ’93 a year after they were married. Now that a struggle. Then came their 1.7 million dollar mansion. The struggling Michelle whose 167,000 salary went to 320K after her struggling husband was elected to Senate.

    Yup, a real struggle we can all relate to.

  18. Take it slow, herb –if you burn out, things could get dull around here.
    Jeez, if Obama was so bad, you’d think we’d have a Mitt landslide on our way, but unlike you, herb, your candidates are having a hard time keeping their fire from blowing out. You might have to send them some lighter fluid. To bad your gal Sarah didn’t run again, that would have been fun.

  19. Herb, Obama was raised by a single mother who collected welfare for a period of time. He went to the prep school on a scholarship. Michelle Obama came from a middle class family. Are you seriously suggesting that her background, and his, compares to that of Mitt or Ann Romney. You’re on fire all right. Or at least your pants are.

  20. 167K went to 320K…..

    That’s about equal to the “insignificant amount” that Mitt earned from speaking engagements.

    Look, he’s a wealthy guy and he and his wife came from privilege. Why run from it? If it is such a good thing, why not embrace it and say “yeah, I’m rich. So what?”

    I didn’t see the Kennedys pretending to struggle. Maybe because they knew how ridiculous it would look.

  21. “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” is the political equivalent of “When did you stop beating your wife?” You can argue that with all of your sound and fury either way and convince no one. Even the goniffs that run Wall Street have to say “past performance is no indication of future profitablilty.” The real question is “Am I going to be better off four years from today?” And neither side can answer that one with facts.

  22. Oh pleeze!

    Household debt doubled under Reagan too, and gross federal debt TRIPLED!

    But he’s a saint in your church.

  23. Damn, herb, $136,000 is huge. But so is $68,000, which, according to you,( if I am not mistaken ), was the number in 2008. I’m trying to remember if you said anything about it back then, but my memory isn’t what it used to be. Could you help me out here? Thanks, pal.

  24. Ah! Its the old “herb can’t answer the inconsistencies in his own posts so he’ll change the subject” move!

    Well done, old son!

  25. Cro, the debt is 136K under the inept one, whats inconsistent about that? You bring up Reagan tis not I. I don’t care about Reagan and I dont care about Carter or Bush. I care about the present day situation and that number is correct. I mean what we gonna bring up next Polk’s record?

  26. I see.

    So Obama is inept because he doubled it, ergo Reagan was also inept because he did too.

    Is that it?

    Or is it, Obama is inept because he doubled it but Reagan isn’t, even though he did too.

    Or, is it most presidents double it (at least recent ones), but only Obama is inept.

    You tell me, herb.

  27. Actually, the ethnic composition of republican crowd in the Tampa convention hall looked like it might have been a convention for Polk.

  28. I feel bad that Obama was deprived of proper fitting shoes, according to Michelle.

    As other posters have pointed out, her speech was passionate but there was not much substance to it. But this shouldn’t be a contest about who gives the best speeches. It’s a contest about who can rehabilitate our once-great country (which has the potential to be great again, in the right hands).

  29. Maybe that’s the difference in a nutshell.

    I don’t think this country “has the potential to be great again”, or that it is “once-great”.

    I think that it is a great country right now. A country with problems, for sure, but great nonetheless.

  30. I hope, MM, that you also felt bad that the Romney’s had to glue carpet remnants together to cover up the cement floor in their $62 a month basement apartment.

    That must have been hell.

  31. “I think that it is a great country right now.”

    Truth spoken…. There is no better place to live on earth. No country enjoys such freedoms as we do. Our right to freely express ourselves is most important. Most countries can not same the same.

    But i will repeat my above comment, “Speeches mean nothing. Actions speak louder than words!” Cory Booker has done very little and this is what the thread should be focused on. Newark is full of crime and corruption and will not be turned around anytime soon while residents continue to elect individuals who have only self interest in mind.

    Christie has bipartisan legislative victories to stand on.

  32. I don’t see a great renaissance going on in Newark, either. Maybe in some isolated neighborhoods (Ironbound?) but not a big sweep. Sharpe James couldn’t do it, and ow it appears Booker is in the same boat. Someone mentioned that he hasn’t been at the job long enough. How many terms does one need? How many years was Sharpe James in office. I agree that crime is the number one problem. As long as you have the crime levels that you have, it will be very hard to move forward and get good things done. I will go out on a limb here and say that most of the crime is drug-fueled, too.

  33. I think that Jesus Christ would have a tough time turning Newark around. While her elected officials have been a rogue’s gallery over the years, the fact is that there are so many issues at play in the city that anyone who tries to get in there and do the right thing will still run up against impossible odds.

    Christie has failed to deliver on his big promises, pure and simple. Unemployment is up. Property taxes are still rising. While the parftial tenure reform can be seen as a plus, it was started before he got there. You can argue that he pushed it through, and there may be some truth to that. But all in all, the governor talked a great game but failed to deliver. Many say the same thing about Obama, but they generally excoriate the president while giving Christie a pass.

  34. Well Cro, Since you insist on pressing the point.

    Under Reagan’s recovery: family income rose $4,000, economic growth of over 7& compared to Obamas 1% , the total economy grew by 1/3 !! 20 million new jobs . Unemployment went from 10.8% to 5.3%. Oil decreased by 50%. Disposable income grew by 18%. Standard of living increased 20%.

    Comparing the great Ronald Reagan to the inept one? hahahah you must be having laugh.

  35. Cro,

    We have a 2% Cap on Property Taxes(with holes though) instead of 4%
    Public Pension & Healthcare Reform
    Tenure Reform
    Arbitration Rules Reform
    Drug Courts for Addicts/low end offenders
    Solar Bill Increasing N.J. Energy Requirement for public utilities
    Higher Eduction Reform
    Largest Payment in Pension System in NJ History

    All while having Democratic Controlled Legislature… Both Houses

  36. I remember the Great King Kong Bundy single handidly demolishing Hillbilly Jim and Uncle Elmer in seconds. Thats what the Great One’s record is like comapred to the Inept One.

  37. I must be alone in not liking Michelle Obama’s speech. Her delivery was so contrived I felt like she was acting. The constant stammering for effect drove me crazy. Unfortunately I did not see Ann Romney’s speech so I can’t compare the two. As for substance, I think she did her job, which was to be warm and fuzzy and say how wonderful her husband is.

    As for Newark. Sigh. Today, I left my house twenty minutes early and I still got here late. I live in Montclair people, and commute downtown using various Google Maps-tested methods. It amounts to roughly 8.5 miles. It took me SIXTY minutes. At one point I was DEAD STOPPED for 10 full minutes, which is when I veered off and wandered around on roads I’d never even heard of. The infrastructure in this city is Abysmal. No wonder the Bears can’t support themselves; the Nets have moved away; and big companies have to be bribed with “Economic Development Grants” in order to stay or relocate. First up will be the influx of Panasonic’s 800+ employees once their new (EDC) building is completed. Next, Prudential got a ‘grant’ to keep its employees here and simply relocate them from another building in Newark. The benefit to the city is that they finally get rid of the J. Klein building (which has been sitting, empty and derelict, for many years). In the meantime, downtown workers just lost yet another parking lot which in turn, increased my monthly parking fee – ya know, supply and demand. Whoopdee-dang-doo!! Finally, who knows how many more college students the big Rutgers-UMDNJ merger thing will add to the commuting masses. Anyway, my point is, Unless you make your city Inviting and Accessible, people like me (who cannot take the train because (a) I need the car to get to after-school stuff right after work, (b) it would require a 15 minute layover before catching the trolley at the Broad Street station, ugh! and (c) the fare would actually cost me more than driving + parking) do not like coming here. You would never find me down here in my free time for dinner, shows, museums or anything else. Sorry, but that’s just the way I feel. It is so danged difficult to get around anywhere (including the Courthouse, which really makes me feel great about jury duty) that I am now thinking about a different line of work or at least, a different employer. I might need to start being like Latebloomer’s friend and take a xanax every day before driving.)

    Maybe I should tweet this to Mayor Booker!

  38. Herb, “The Great One”‘s administration was riddled with corruption. Unemployment reached 9.8% during his term. Marines were bombed in Lebanon and he had them slink away while the French — THE FRENCH!— at least made a few token bomb runs in the Bakkaa Valley in retaliation. The gross federal debt tripled, and as mentioned household debt doubled.

    You and I can cherry pick facts all day long. It is clear that Obama could change water into wine and you’d complain about the bouquet.

    It will all be decided in November, and life will go on.

  39. Have YOUR property taxes risen only 2%, kyle? Mine have gone considerably above that point.
    Was that “largest pension payment” the amount due? Was it made over all the years of his term? Is the system OK now?
    I’ll give him kudos for tenure reform. He got the best deal that he could.

    All in all, however, he overpromised and underdelivered.

  40. The inept one just moved his speech from 74,000 seat stadium to 20,000 seater because concerned about ‘lightning’. We all know the real reason is that the love affair is over and he can’t fill it. Gone are the great Greek columns , they only thing left are some hallow speeches and the tingle down Chris Matthews leg. Even the college kids won’t show, maybe they should have offered free beer. It’s over for the inept one and I think most people know it, even those of you in Baristaville know it deep down.

  41. Cro, your either lying or you just dont know…so I’ll help you along.
    Here is the historical unemployment Chart from 1948 to last month.

    If you can focus your keen eye on Nov 1981 when he was elevted (10.8%) until he left office in jan of 1990 (5.8%) i’m sure even you can see the Great One put people back to work. Corruption? It happens in all administration and with the inept one’s administrations record at the GSA, holder and fast and furious, solar fraud…it’s just beginning for this guy. As far as slinking, yup as Khadafi’s (and his kids )about that one. reagan kept his arse in line for a long time.

  42. Well, I hope you’re right, Herb. Still, I don’t see droves of college students and young adults rushing to polls to vote Romney/Ryan, either. We shall see, we shall see.

  43. The cro I miss:

    “I thought that the president moved the venue because Christie told him to get the hell off the beach.”


  44. Not a peep about “Fast and Furious” or “Solyndra” at the RNC convention, herb. You’d think they’d make a point of bringing them up if they were real hot button issues. They must have determined that neither issue has any legs with the undecided swing voters. ( or for that matter, with the Jews and HIspanics who will overwhelmingly vote for Obama no matter what )

  45. “Not a peep about ‘Fast and Furious’ or ‘Solyndra’ at the RNC convention…”

    My husband said the same thing. Why are they holding back the big guns?

  46. spiro, or the dead voters in Chicago. Wait, i can’t say Chicago anymore because thats racist according to chris matthews, hahahahah.

  47. You’re daft, herb.

    Unemployment averaged 7.5% over Reagan’s 8 years. It was at 7.5% when he came in, and it declined to 5.4% when he left. It hit 10.8% in 1982 and 10.4% in 1983. Inconvenient truths, I know.

    Corruption in “every administration”?

    Well, not “every administration” has Lyn Nofziger, James Watt, Michael Deaver, Elliott Abrams, Robert McFaralne, Oliver North, John Poindexter, Richard Secord, Iran-Contra and a host of other shady characters. Reagan himself was, I’m sure, untainted. But his laissez faire way of doing business enabled plenty of people with less noble characters to do their worst.

    Khaddafi? Are you serious? Reagan “kept him in check” but it was the “failed” administration of Obama’s that put in motion the ultimate recall for that tyrant.

  48. My husband said the same thing. Why are they holding back the big guns?

    Because, outside of a very select group of folks, no one cares about those things, and I think some on the GOP have figured that out. They’ve been pounding those issues for what seems like years, and no one takes them seriously. Forbes a few months ago printed an epic story on the Fast & Furious that debunks the theories of practically every right-wing crackpot who thinks this is on par with Watergate.

  49. Rasmussen has Romney up 3 and Gallup his ineptness up 1, CNN a tie nationally. Romney up 3 in ohio and up 1 in florida, North carolina Romney up 3. He’s down 7 in Michigan and 3 in Colorado.
    Knowing that the independents overwhelmingly vote for the challenger, it’s not a very good for a sitting Prez to be in .

    BTW- Akin despite his idiocity is trailing McCaskill (Not Kirk the old Angels pitcher) by one.

    Not looking for the Donkey’s.

  50. Oh good. I like when we get to polls. Since there are about 1000 of them, and about 990 of them are, shall we say “suspect”, the upshot is that for every poll that “proves” my guy is in trouble, there is another that “proves” yours is.

    Citing polls is ridiculous. It will be, I suspect, a close election. And look at it this way — if its real close, you guys can steal it again.

  51. ( or for that matter, with the Jews and HIspanics who will overwhelmingly vote for Obama no matter what )

    If you want Hispanics to vote for Republicans, you should tell your elected leaders to stop acting as if every person with brown skin is an illegal immigrant. They aren’t voting for Obama “no matter what” — they vote for Obama because, even despite record deportations under his watch, he doesn’t want to toss a 16-year-old who has lived here her whole life back to Mexico just because her parents brought her here as an infant.

    Just as rich old white dudes have reasons for voting GOP, Hispanics have reasons for voting Dem.

  52. ahhh Cro, while i do stand corrected on my RR start date. One cannot deny success of his policies that resulted in 5.4 at the end of his term. The largest expansion of economic growth in peace time and personal wealth. Once again, The inept one is a neophyte compared to the Great One.

  53. Yup nick, thats exactly what mccain and bush wanted to do and reagan who gave them amnesty, check the record before you continue to say silly things and make generalizations.

  54. Yup nick, thats exactly what mccain and bush wanted to do and reagan who gave them amnesty

    Bush didn’t do bad with the Latino vote, actually, and I wasn’t referring to anyone as far back as Reagan. He wouldn’t get make it through a GOP primary today. I was referring to TODAY’S GOP, where brown skin = illegal immigrant.

  55. Back in the 60’s we all tried the Zen trick of imagining what the sound was of one hand clapping. But now I think we all know what the sound is of one dimension posting.

  56. Not looking for the Donkey’s.

    No apostrophe necessary there, herb. Maybe a little less Drudge Report viewing and a little more education?

    Besides, anyone who looks at polls during the conventions is a fool. Bill Clinton got a 20% bounce in 1992 but didn’t win by that much. Bush Jr. got a 10% bounce and ended up losing the popular vote.

  57. Nick – Making fun of Herb’s grammar after saying the below in the same thread makes you the fool!

    “He wouldn’t get make it through a GOP primary today.”

    By the way, Latino voters in Florida went overwhelmingly for the republican candidate in 2000, giving him the state and ultimately the election. Your assessment that “TODAY’S GOP, where brown skin = illegal immigrant” is the stupidest analysis I have heard on this or any other site. Get out of your liberal bubble and educate yourself.

  58. I actually don’t mind Booker. His unguarded comments about the value created by PE (that’s private equity, Nick) firms indicate that that beneath the facade he gets the joke.

    As an aside, my favorite factoid from last night, that must have surprised even the likes of Paul Krugman, came from the comedian/actor John Leguizamo. In short, he declared that Republicans are choking off potential economic growth by not supporting more funding for The Arts, since “every dollar spent on The Arts returns $7 to the economy.” Just picture the viewing audience doing a collective Homer Simpson palm to the forehead, “DUH!”

  59. …To be more precise in my above comment, Cuban-American voters in Florida went overwhelmingly for Bush in 2000.

  60. ROC, that showed bad manners on their behalf
    ….by the way, God has no place in any political platform in any country that separates church and state.

  61. I believe the boos were coming from delegates who objected to the repeated rounds of votes before Villaragosa made the dubious declaration that the motion passed with a two-thirds majority.

    There was no bad manners here, and certainly nothing like the boorish behavior displayed by the audience who cheered when Ron Paul took the position during the Republican debates that people without health insurance should be left to die.

    And not only should religion be kept out of the party platforms, but so should any positions that declare what the capital of any nation should be, whether that country be Israel or Freedonia.

  62. Anyway, it’s worth knowing that every president since 1948 has promised to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem and then broken their promise.
    And ROC, I’d go on Youtube to find you some tasty booing of the candidates by the base during the GOP primary debates, but I’m sure you’ve seen it anyway. You might have even been booing at home along with them!

  63. Record amounts of people on food stamps, ever increasing foreclosures, a completely stalled jobs market. The US becoming less and less competitive in the global economy by nearly every measure. A completely dysfunctional congress. How does this not outweigh his limited list of successes??? A few more significant foreign policy achievements but not nearly enough.

    I can maybe understand indifference between Romney and Obama, but there is literally not one GOOD reason to vote for Obama, not one. Unless you had the capital and foresight to get massively long equities or risky assets in early 2009. In that case maybe you can give him some credit. 401Ks also have rebounded nicely.

  64. Remember that whole schtick the republicans had going 4 years ago, when anyone (the democrats) spoke out against the president (Bush) they were labelled traitors, unpatriotic, anti-american, should be tried for treason? If that is still in effect, shouldn’t herb be tried for treason and deported to some nefarious european country?

  65. (This bubba fan is bored and reminded of his old DNC Keynote where the biggest line was, “In Closing…” Hell, I’m waiting for Sandman to come give him the hook!!”)

  66. Everyone knows that Clinton detests Obama. This is purely a exercise in statesmanship. Party first, blah, blah, blah.

  67. Record amounts of people on food stamps,
    Yes, sadly this is true, as recently reported, but credit goes to the Democrats for establishing and fighting to preserve this vital safety net program. Romney and Ryan will gut SNAP (what food stamps is now called) if elected. It’s in Ryan’s budget, go ahead and look. If you vote in Romney, there will be no “food stamps”.

    ever increasing foreclosures,
    Not necessarily, they seem to be dropping in some areas, increasing slightly in others, but the overall trend suggests a gradual decline in the foreclosure rate.

    a completely stalled jobs market.
    Not true. Tens of thousand of new jobs are being created each month. Granted, we need even more new jobs, but this statement is simply false.

    The US becoming less and less competitive in the global economy by nearly every measure.
    Not true. The US is creating new manufacturing jobs for the first time in decades. Our domestic auto industry has rebounded. Domestic energy production is up and oil imports are down. Heck, my company even brought our help desk back to the United States from India!

    A completely dysfunctional congress.
    And how is that Obama’s fault? The congress is elected by the people, not appointed by the president.

    How does this not outweigh his limited list of successes???
    Given the hand he was dealt when he took the oath of office, I think the president’s successes far outweigh the work that is yet to be done. He has laid the foundation.

    A few more significant foreign policy achievements but not nearly enough.
    Ending the Iraq War, winding down the Afganistan War, killing Osama Bin Laden, taking out more terrorists than his predecessor…yeah, just a few.

    I can maybe understand indifference between Romney and Obama, but there is literally not one GOOD reason to vote for Obama, not one.
    There are dozens of good reasons to vote for President Obama, but you are, in Internet parlance, a “hater” and just can’t bring yourself to acknowledge any of Obama’s accomplishments. You come across as silly when you write that as another of our regular posters here, a particularly obsessive-compulsive one indeed, who regularly shrieks about how the president is a “total failure”, etc.

    Unless you had the capital and foresight to get massively long equities or risky assets in early 2009. In that case maybe you can give him some credit. 401Ks also have rebounded nicely.
    Well, there you go! You just came up with “literally” one good reason to vote for President Obama!

    There are dozens and dozens more reasons to vote for Obama. All you need to do is Google it. I’d even list my top 10 here for you now, but something tells me that you really wouldn’t be interested anyway.

  68. This is purely a exercise in statesmanship.

    Well how about that, two men putting aside their personal differences to achieve common goals. “Statesmanship” – something we need more of in Congress especially.

    The problem, as President Clinton pointed out tonight, is that the radical right-wingers in the House of Representatives severely punish any members who dare to dabble in “statesmanship.”

  69. But Pork (Mr. Roll?),

    It’s been widely reported that Obama is not a good “retail” politician. THIS is the problem.

    Implicit, but unsaid in Clinton’s speech was, “Obama is not as good at this as me. I was able to at least work with the crazy Right Wingers.”

    Clinton, Reagan, Nixon, LBJ ALL knew how to slap a back, call someone, go out for drinks, and do, well, what Clinton described in working with the opposition.

    Instead, it’s MUCH easier for Obama and the Dems to claim: “THESE Right Wing Republicans.” The truth is, that Obama failed to work with them. In fact, he “spiked” the ball early by claiming, as reported by Politico citing Bob Woodward’s new Obama book:

    “In one passage in the book, Rep. Eric Cantor presents a recovery draft that doesn’t meet the demands of Obama and Democrats. Obama responds, “I can go it alone but I want to come together. Look at the polls. The polls are pretty good for me right now. … Elections have consequences and Eric, I won.”

    Negotiation? Sure. But it was an arrogant threat. Clinton was too smart to even say this kind of thing.

    But then again, we know Obama ain’t Clinton. And while he might not be Carter…. yet… He just might end up like him.

  70. Negotiation? Sure. But it was an arrogant threat. Clinton was too smart to even say this kind of thing.

    First of all, prof, what is the sourcing for that quote? Is it Eric Cantor’s aide? McConnell’s aide?

    Second, there’s no context there. Here it is: Obama and the Democratic Congress had proposed legislation after just winning in huge landslides, and Republicans were already planning to block it. Someone had to remind them who won the election three months before. Bush Jr. said something similar the day after the 2004 election.

    I saw Boehner complain about this on CNN the other day as if Obama had told them to go eff themselves. This is the reason they blocked practically every piece of legislation he proposed? Because he was cocky after his party destroyed theirs in the previous election? Please.

    Third: how hilarious that you think Clinton was too smart to say anything arrogant. CLINTON, the guy who wagged his finger in the face of America and told a bold-faced lie, and then sent his wife to the “Today” show to blame Republicans.

    Oh, how history is rewritten…

  71. Oh man what a complete embarassment that was last night.The only thing missing was Benny Hill running through the room chasing that bald guy. Right Now I’m watching that disgrace wasserman schultz,she talks like someone from Beavis and Buthead, haha.
    I tried watching the The Great Stain Maker and former Liar in Chief , he can still bring the lies with a smile. Looks like a used car salesman. There is no way he believes that crap he spews, kinda funny watching him.
    The Dems , The party that booed God. That one will do wonders with the undecided, haha. The Anti-God ,Anti- Israel party. You people should very proud to align yourself with these haters. I actually felt for bad Villaraigosa trying to keep his composure while watching his party of combust.

    So much for those racist R’s.

  72. Herb, take a xanny. You’ll feel better. It’s very unfortunate that the democrats have to get you all worked up like this.

  73. I agree that Obama is not the type of “natural” politician that Clinton is. He seems much more the solitary type, and at times seems actually pained to have to do some of the things that candidates are expected to do — kiss babies, etc. So, by the way, does Romney. The only one on both of thse tickets who appears to be comfortable in that sort of role is Joe Biden.

    However, while it is true that Clinton was able to reach out to Republicans and slap backs, etc., the reality is also that those in Congress were willing to take that call or have their backs slapped. The current crop of Tea Party reps and hard core conservatives have no interest in compromise. They were elected on the promise that they WOULD NOT compromise, ever. They signed pledges that the WOULD NOT even consider raising taxes, ever. So it seems to me that Obama at some point said the hell with it — if they aren’t going to make even a bit of a move out of their zone, then neither am I.

    Perhaps this is not the bigger man move, but I think that is where we are. And the country is the worse for it.

    “Booing God”? Ridiculous, as usual herb. Quite frankly, NEITHER party should have God anywhere in a platform unless it it to reaffirm their commitment to freedom of religion. This is America, not Iran. As for the Jerusalem capital nonsense — more hot air. That will be decided by Israel and, of course, those of her neighbours who will weigh in. American presidents always say they’ll move the embassy, and they never do. Why do you suppose that is?

  74. Speaking of which, herb, here’s a combo for you –

    “Obama threw Israel under the bus”

    – Mitt Romney

    “I should tell you honestly that this administration under President Obama is doing, in regard to our security, more than anything that I can remember in the past. In terms of the support for our security, the cooperation of our intelligence, the sharing of sorts in a very open way even when there are differences.”

    – Ehud Barak, Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister in Binyamin Netanyahu’s government.
    He is a graduate in physics, mathematics, and economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Stanford University. He served as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces. Following a highly decorated career, he was appointed Chief of General Staff in 1991, serving until 1995.

    So herb, who are you gonna believe? Mitt or Ehud? Wait, let me guess !

  75. Pork Roll, forest for the trees, come on now. Touche, I did name one good reason, I should have said not one good reason for most Americans.

    Obama offers short term solutions and doesn’t seem interested in fixing any of our long term problems. This sort of thing appeals to us though and especially to seniors, its populist but a terrible strategy for long term growth and stability.

    Someone who had absolute control over the entire government for 24 months should have much more to show for it.

  76. Someone who had absolute control over the entire government for 24 months should have much more to show for it.

    Al Franken was seated late, and then Ted Kennedy died. Obama had a filibuster-proof majority for all of 10 or 11 weeks.

    Now, if Congress worked normally, with the minority allowing bills to pass with a simple majority, that wouldn’t be a problem. But even judges who ended up getting approved by a 96-4 vote were filibustered by the GOP, so we’re not talking normal here.

  77. herbeverschmel – You just finished connecting the racist dots between your posting of the “One you vote black you never go back” photo and your recent comments on the “Montclair Makes Administrative Decision to End Annual 9/11 Ceremonies at Watchung Plaza” piece . . . “I wonder what the reaction would be if towns decided to start “winding down” MLK Day ceremonies.”

    Your tendency toward verbosity betrays your true self; you are a very angry and ugly person.

  78. ahh, silverleaf actually your jumping to conclusions. I’m quite handsome and I’ve been known to crack a smile once a day. I enjoy walks on the beach and soft kisses. I love puppies and roses, the smell of freshly cuts grass and frolicking in the meadows. I enjoy the wind wailing through whats left of my hair and hearing the sound of the ice cream truck coming down the road and hearing the childrens laughter. I always laugh at a good f_rt and enjoy making snow angels and then hot cup of cocoa to follow. I enjoy savoring that warm cup much like scene from a 70’s Maxwell House commercial I enjoy the back and forth banter , libs-f- conservatives, R’s verse D’s. I enjoy the wit and humor of my good natured nemesis spiro and Cro and yes even Nick Charles who likes to go for jugular as much as I do. Knowing at the end of the day not to take eachother all that serious. I enjoy the readings my favorite lib Georgette and if all that makes me angry and ugly then I plead guilty. Hopefully one day those of you have that have recently joined us here in this community we call Baristaville or been here forever will come to see me as your friend and yes even your confident, much like Sgt. Hulka in Stripes , I want to be your big toe.

  79. whoa a gramatical nightmare, “cuts” and “readings” …sorry for that one.
    Signed, Angry , Ugly Herb.

  80. Clinton was correct on a number of accounts.

    -Almost twice as many jobs have been created when Democrats have been in the White House as under Republican administrations.

    -Republican policies quadrupled the national debt in the 12 years before Clinton took office and doubled it again in the 8 years following his presidency.

    -In the last 29 months the economy has produced about 4.5 million private-sector jobs.

    -Republicans blocked the president’s job plan, costing the economy more than a million new jobs.

    -Obama’s 2009 stimulus bill cut taxes for 95% of workers (those with earned income). The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center estimated in 2010 that it benefited 76% of all families and single individuals.

    Larry Bartels talks about this in Unequal Democracy (an good read on partisan economic politics). As history has shown, every demographic sees more growth under a Democratic White House. Under a Republican white house growth is very low for everyone but the incredibly rich (companies included in “everyone but the very rich”). The very rich still seeing less gain under Republican administration, but comparatively greater to the lower classes.

    Dems de facts.

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