VersaFit Opens in Montclair

VersaFit, the new fitness and spa studio that recently opened its doors on Grove St., is not your typical health club. Sure, it’s got workout equipment, but the machinery here doesn’t resemble anything like you’d see in your standard gym.

The state-of-the-art equipment includes the VacuFit, a treadmill that’s been pressurized to help burn more fat than a regular treadmill. Twenty sessions on the VacuFit over a 4-week period can supposedly shave inches off areas with the most fatty tissue: the thighs, abdomen and buttocks (you had me at “thighs”).

VersaFit also has PowerPlates, which vibrate the muscles as you train, Rollfit massage consoles, and a personal spa capsule, which you may need after all that working out.

The fitness studio is also not typical in that there are no walk-ins. Anyone can sign on for a 30-day introductory conditioning program, however, which consists of 30 minute workouts, five days a week for four consecutive weeks for $275. After completing the program, you qualify for one of only 45 full-time memberships.

For more information log on to the VersaFit website or call the owner, Kate Saab, at 973-746-0323.


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