We Bought a Frat House

Here’s an event that sure to appeal to the many historic preservationists in the area, as well as to anyone who likes a good yarn.

Preservationist and award-winning writer Ron Tanner will be at [words] bookstore in Maplewood on Sunday discussing his new book, “From Animal House to Our House: A Love Story.” The book details his comical adventures attempting to restore a condemned Victorian home that had previously housed a notorious (and very destructive) fraternity.

Ten years ago, Tanner bought the destroyed property with his then-girlfriend, whom he had only been dating for six months. Over the decade, in spite of warnings from friends who said the experiment would fail, the couple (who married in the house in 2003) lovingly restored the historic Baltimore home back to its former glory. The story has also been chronicled online here, where you can view before and after pictures.

Tanner will be at [words] at 2pm to discuss the house and his book, show pictures and offer some advice on fixing up old houses. You can bet his advice won’t be “Don’t do it.”

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