What’s for Dinner?: Healthy School Lunch Potluck Recipes

It does not seem like a year ago since I wrote about my dread of packing a school lunch but you know what they say: time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana…

That year has been a year of making school lunches for two 5 year olds, so you could say I’m a bit more realistic now. While I would love to make an exquisite, fabulously creative bento box each day, my expectations are somewhat lower.

And by “somewhat”, I mean “considerably”. I now know that the mark of a healthy school lunch is not a published photo on Foodgawker.com, it is when two lunch boxes come home empty. Through regular routine and the hard knocks of experience, I have come to learn that simpler is better.

To ensure a modicum of creativity, variety and healthiness, my simple approach comes with one simple rule: I try to ensure they have one of my lunch box food groups every day and then mix and match the combinations.

Here’s my lunchbox planning grid:

This simple grid allows me to mix, match, pick and choose four different options in each of the key categories Monday through Thursday and then depending on what is left in the fridge and what needs to be used up, get me through Friday! It makes packing a healthy school lunch easy.

So Barista Kids families—what is in your lunchboxes?

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