Activist Girl Maggie Doyne Visits Lacordaire Academy in Montclair

Maggie Doyne is only 25, and this Jersey girl is changing the world. She came to speak to some lucky Lacordaire Academy students a couple of weeks ago, motivating and inspiring them.

What Maggie Doyne has accomplished is beyond impressive. After she graduated from high school, she took a year off to travel the world, backpacking alone through four countries. One of those countries was Nepal where she was struck by the hundreds of orphaned children she met. Her life changed forever.

She came back home to Mendham, NJ, with a dream to build a safe home for those Nepalese children and received an outpouring of support from her community. Three years ago, Doyne opened Kopila Valley Children’s Home in Nepal where 40 children currently live. She didn’t stop there. In the spring of 2010, Doyne opened Kopila Valley Primary School (built out of locally harvested bamboo–I’m not making this stuff up) and is educating more than 300 children. She also provides them with a daily nutritious meal.

On her website, Doyne writes, “I truly believe that if every child in the world is provided with their most basic needs and rights–a safe home, medical care, and education, and love, they will grow to be leaders and end cycles of poverty and violence in our world.”

Doyne, who now lives in Nepal, was in New Jersey along with a few of her children from the orphanage. That’s when she stopped in at Lacordaire.

Extraordinary. Inspiring. And timely. Half the Sky just blew me away on PBS–if you didn’t see it, watch scenes from it right now online. And our Montclair girls who petitioned for a woman debate moderator? We have them to thank for the wonderful Candy Crowley. (Well, I thought Candy rocks–I know that’s a matter of opinion.)

The point is, we can all do something. Anything. And it will make a difference. Donate to Doyne’s Kopila here. Or find another way to empower the world–or our community. (This gentle reminder is mostly to me.)

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