Ask Holly: Pine Cone Owls and Acorn Bats

Your kids will love playing with these super easy-to-make owls and bats.  They have Velcro on the bottom so the kids can move them everyday. Think of them as the Elf on the Shelf  for Halloween,but your kids have to move them. None of the 3 am panic to move that thing.

Here is what you will need to make Pine Cone Owls and Acorn Bats:

  • Small pine cones
  • Acorns or hickory nuts
  • Felt-Yellow, white, black and brown
  • Black Paint
  • A paint brush
  • Google eyes (optional)
  • A branch
  • Black Velcro
  • Hot glue, white craft glue  or Crazy Glue
  • Red and white extra fine paint markers or a fine brush and red and white paint

Step One: Cut out all your felt pieces pictured below and glue googly eyes onto orange felt circles. CRAFTER’S TIP – You may want to use tweezers to hold the small pieces while gluing.

Step Two: Glue the horns, eyes, beak and feet onto the pine cone.

Step Three: Cut a small piece of Velcro about 1/4″ x 1/2″ and glue the prickly side to the bottom of your owl. Try to glue it close to the feet so when it is sitting on the branch the talons hang over. Next glue the fuzzy piece of Velcro on your branch. Place your owl on the Velcro.

Step One: Paint your nuts black. (I mean your acorns, get your mind out of the gutter!)

Step Two: Glue the wings onto the back of the acorn with the point at the bottom. Glue on the eyes and eyes. With a red paint marker draw on the mouth and either with a white paint marker or a white paint and fine brush paint on fangs and eyebrows.

Step Three: Follow Step Three for owl above. Glue strips of the fuzzy sided Velcro on different places of your branch or more than one branch. Let your kids move the owls and bats around and let them get silly with it. The prickly side of the Velcro should also stick to things like wool so you may find a bat or owl on your coat one morning.

To make it even more fun, place some branches in vases around the house and glue Velcro here and there on the branches. See where the critters turn up!

Crafting questions? Just Ask Holly in comments or email her at

Materials available at A.C. Moore and Michael’s

Here at Barista Kids we are just batty for owls, but I think it’s sad that our little owl has no name. Very sad. My son things we should call him Charlie. What do think his/her name should be? 

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  1. These are adorable, Holly! Ella says how about naming the little owl “Cleo,” or “Cowell the owl.”

  2. Holly, you are more than ready for your own tv show.
    these are awesome. I’m stil marvelling over the goddess costumes, actually.

  3. I stopped by Holly’s house yesterday and you should see how it’s decorated. I’m not even talking about the outside. Inside her home, there are black raven’s perched all over, these adorable owls and bats, and other creepy things.

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