Bloomfield Hurricane Sandy Status Update

Police directing traffic at corner of Broad, Bloomfield and Glenwood where lights are not working.
directly traffic
How is Bloomfield faring after Hurricane Sandy? A tipster writes:

Troy Towers has power, but the signals at the corner of Broad, Bloomfield and Glenwood are not working. There’s a tree down in Watsessing Park that took out part of the sidewalk on Conger St. and it’s leaning a bit on a tree that’s next to some power lines. There’s another tree blocking a lane of Glenwood near Second St. The Glenwood diner is open and bustling, as is CVS, the grocery storeon Bloomfield Ave and the delis on Glenwood near Washington and theone near CVS.

Tree in Watsessing Park took out part of Conger street sidewalk.

Meanwhile, this reader, with a tree on her house, tweeted that she had not received help yet from the town.

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