Bunnies Available for Adoption

A reader from Bloomfield writes to tell us that she has three rabbits for adoption that she is currently fostering. Two of them, Charlie and Lily, are a bonded pair (altered and litter box trained) and must be adopted together. The third is a neutered male named Henry (pictured) who is also litter-trained.

Charlie and Lily love being out of their cage but need supervision, as Charlie can be a bit mischievious. Like most bunnies, he likes to chew and would benefit from being with someone who is willing to take the time to bunny-proof his immediate area.

Henry is the youngest of the group, under a year old, and was likely an unfortunate Easter present gone wrong. He was dropped off at the shelter with his brother but they did not get along and had to be separated. His brother has been adopted.

This is Charlie and Lily’s link on Petfinder: Charlie and Lily

If you are interested in learning more about these bunnies, please contact Lisa at stargazr38@verizon.net.

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